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  1. The Hornet Leader game I mentioned in my first reply is somewhat abstracted compared to a computer flight sim, but makes up for it with decisions like which type of plane to choose (you have the choice between F-14, F-18, A-6, A-7, Prowlers, E-2C's to name a few) then which pilot to choose to fly it. Add to that which ordinance to pick to complete the mission and it gets fun (in my opinion). Any board game will have to sacrifice some aspect of accuracy for gameplay. Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) probably tries to make things the closest, but then you end up with a rulebook that comes in a r
  2. Not exactly sure what you mean but WaW has a lot of expansions that cover a bunch of different things -- some are soviet US, others are other NATO members. I just noticed that LnL has come out with a "mordern" version of their "Lock 'n Load" squad based game system: "Heros of the Gap". Check out their website to see if this is what you are interested in. I have their "Lock 'n Load: Forgotten Heros" Vietnam game on pre-order and am eagerly awaiting its reprint!
  3. Having gotten back into board wargaming a couple of years ago I feel I can help. For modern (late cold war) platoon level combat in a fairly easy to learn format (especially if you have played this type of game before) is the Lock ‘n Load “World at War” series of games. Most of these are hypothetical conflicts between NATO and the Soviet block set around 1985. They play fairly fast and are fun (I have a couple of them). They also look really nice. Since we aren’t supposed to post commercial links here just google lock n load and the company’s page comes right up. Choose the “World at W
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