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  1. Thanks Mord, I feel like such a dolt, not sure where I missed the new activation key, but your advice fixed things, I got into CMSF2 and all modules are active. A big thanks!
  2. I'm having some upgrade licensing woes. I owned the original CMSF and all modules and have valid keys for all, since I did a complete reinstallation of CMSF1 last summer without incident. I downloaded the CMSF Big Bundle installer, and when I installed the game and fired it up, the usual Activation screen appeared, I entered my license key for CMSF1, which it accepted. I then tried to start the game and got the Activate New Products web applet. So I figured, what the hell and entered the license key for the Marines module, which was accepted. I did the same for the British and NATO modules a
  3. Here are specs of what will be my "last" gaming system, built just over a year ago. I was looking for an air-cooled solution that would play my Battlefront games at native 1080p with all graphic details turned on and DirectX 11 games on Windows with minimal lag. This machine succeeds on both counts, and the air-cooling works much better than I expected. The Corsair case is the way to go for air-cooling, looks pretty cool as well. G.SKILL TridentZ Series 32GB DDR4 (PC4 25600) ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX Intel Core i7-7700K Noctua D-Type Premium CPU Cooler, NF-A15 PWM ASUS M
  4. I know this topic has been trodden heavily, but I've been playing Battlefront games for 20 years and here are my observations regarding getting the most bang for your buck, hardware-wise: Remember that Combat Mission (even iteration 4) is a single-threaded executable, so no matter how many CPU cores you have, the CM exe will only attach to a single core, and it's core 0 so it's competing with the operating system. (thank God the Windows 10 core is multi-threaded) With this in mind, front-side BUS and CPU clock speed is a significant factor in overall system performance. You'd be better of
  5. Really nice work Kieme, adds a lot to the immersion factor. Thanks a lot!
  6. Guys, I should have said my video card is a Geforce GTX680, not 650. It's still very capable for vintage 2010 hardware. Thanks for the feedback, Kip. I had assumed the performance penalty would be similar to what you describe. I tried SweetFX with the GTR2 racing sim and got similar results, it was great for screenshots, but not much fun to play, reduced the framerate from 80+ fps to about 24 fps. Mark G.
  7. Kip, In your testing of this shader mod, how much degradation of frame rate did you experience? Have you tried SweetFX with CMBS with HDR enabled? I have an older GeForce 650GTX card, though in CMBS with all details set to high, I can still get 60+ FPS. I'm afraid that this mod will turn my CMBS experience into a slide show. Thanks in advance.
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