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  1. Sorry guys have to ask I love the new textures BUT so many download links. Which ones to download?
  2. @Fuser Hi mate LOVE the mods mate. Couldn't play vanilla if you paid me enough Question on the Mod front though. You made for CMFI Aris German Uniform Mod. Will you be looking at some point to make the same for CMBN per chance? I ported over the Aris German Uniform Mod from CMFI to CMBN works fine except the Sand covered Helmets look outta place Regards Mike
  3. Ok fair enough mate. Sorry don't read all posts in all topics etc. I was just saying from an outside view. BUT i think my point on the Graphic engine is STILL valid. It is out dated and needs a fresh coat of paint:). It has served you well, needs an overhaul.
  4. I think it has come that the Graphic engine being used is not doing BF any favours. Buy looking at some of the posters Specs its becoming laughable I REALIZE that the bulk is CPU intensive with all the calculations the AI does but on some maps BEFORE i even press play some maps Chug like old puffing Billy. Look at Achtung Panzer Operation Star. LOOKS wonderful and seems to generate the same sort of Calculations to determine hits etc, Runs GREAT on my rig. Not sure of how bigger differences there are. I'm a noob in that area.
  5. @Aris Mate i love you're Vehicle repaints. Just 1st class jobs all round Have you thought of doing the Infantry? Or maybe the Buildings? Seeing as you have done the terrain as well and all Regards
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