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  1. 1.5.1 update is just fine with my iPad Air. Everything seems to be working now. Thanks for this rapid response. :-)
  2. It craches after 1 minute of the tutorial. It craches after 1 minutes of any scenarios. Very disappointing...
  3. Hi. I own the full Mac version of CMBN and I want to play the "Busting The Bocage" demo scenario with a friend who has only the PC demo version of CMBN. He played the first turn (giving its password essentially) and sent me his Outgoing file. I put that file in my Incoming folder and put the scenario "DEMO Busting The Bocage.btt" in my Scenario folder, but I still don't see the Incoming file (Busting The Bocage 001.ema) in my "Saved Games" list at the start of the game. We tried the other way (me playing the first turn) and it doesn't work either.
  4. Mmm, I think I should have entitled my post "New CMx2 business model" instead of "Too much money". All my statements are about that new model that appears not convenient for me. I don't bother about spending money for worth value. But no I don't have an iPad, my wife does, so I play sometimes on it. And 10$ for CM Touch is worth value, 55$ for CMBN is worth value, 65$ for Battle from the bulge is worth value, even 85$ for GGs War in the East may be worth value (not quite sure about this one). Their extensions are also worth value because they are less than half the core game price. If I was a totally newcomer to CM series and if I had to estimate the value of a game like CMBN, I would say it's 150$ worth, at least. I suppose that a WoW fan would pay 200$ for his beloved game. Anyone can trade its whole heart (and family life) for a very good game, CMBN being the best tactic level game of all time. But that is not the purpose of this post. Here, I look at CMFI as a very long time CM products buyer and I draw a conclusion from this point of view : for a CMBN owner, CMFI can't be considered as a new family core game. It obviously belongs to the CMBN family games and should be sold at an extension price. But I already said that.
  5. Of course. But I suppose that there some sale watchers at Battlefront who try to get as much information as they can on the consumers intentions, not only after they got the sales results. My opinion reflects the ones of a whole bunch of CM gamers (game partners that I'm not familiar with and that I never met) and who would not make any statement on this forum (I understand now why...). But anyway, I assume, and I wish that Battlefront's leaders will keep parts of my statement in mind. It is worth a try. Is this the only way anyone should react to a business or commercial situation with which he feels uncomfortable : accept the product as is or make it himself ? Everyone is buying lots of goods every day and the business rules allow us, as consumers, to ask for better product or price. This is also part of the day-to-day business, isn't?
  6. I'am only talking about new v2 features. Well I don't share your point of view. The "true situation" does not appear the same to me. Am I allowed to keep a different opinion than yours?
  7. I think special package offers could be a good path forward.
  8. CMBN owners will get all those new v2 engine features with the oncoming update and all future families-modules will have them. So the CMBN owners don't have to consider it in their future purchases. I hope my poor written English do not prevent people do understand what I mean.
  9. I don't even know what you mean by "fan boy". I'm surely a true fan of CM since the beginning, as probably you do. I say here what I don't like and why I don't like it : offering extensions as if they were whole new games and ask a whole game price for it. My constructive point is this one : please everybody, ask Battlefront to be more reasonable and to not modify the business model they carried on till now since the first release of CMx2. Because with this way of offering extensions at the price of whole games, the strong bond linking the CM fans and the company since 15 years wil be disrupt, certainly for a part of the fans. That what I think and believe, and I still hope that Battlefront will change their mind. A good way to do so would be to ask 55$ for all contents related to the Italy theater (CMFI and all future modules). That would be acceptable. But you are free to have a different opinion and express it. The forum is the place for it.
  10. Mmmm, I see that everybody don't bother about the business model of their beloved developer. What I point out is that Battlefront is making a particular commercial choice with the suites of CMx2. I agreed to their choices till CMFI. Now I don't accept that special way of pumping money from their fan, as they did with the WWII Strategic Command series. I wish you guys a lot of fun with the future families and modules, being worth around 500$ over the next 2-3 years if my calculations are correct, based on 4 families with 2 modules each.
  11. I'm used to buy every games I like. I already own the three CM2 games (Shock Force, Afghanistan and Normandy) and all the modules, and even Normandy Touch. I accepted to buy them as totally new games because those three games are very distinctive (different times, different theaters, different doctrines and armies). Now it looks that if a want to continue to support Battlefront and enjoy CMx2 games, I'll have to pay a full game price (around 55$) for every "big modules" (called "families") to come, starting with CMFI. [i know that CMFI comes with the new v2 CMx2 engine, but I will pay for it when I'll get the CMBN update.] At tactical level, like in WWII CMx2 series, the work to model a new theatre is about the same than creating a new module (ex. Commonwealth Forces for CMBN) : this mainly relates to new units-weapons and new maps-scenarios. This is specially true if the game covers only a part of the new theater (like CMFI) and hold some contents for future modules (may be British Forces or paratroopers?). Of course, it needs hard work to make a big module, but IMO it does not, in the WWII CMx2 context, constitute the equivalent of a new game nor justify its price.
  12. I would say : - A way to make infantry moving stealthily. - A better AI : I see too much infantry enemies walking beside my tanks as if they didn't exist. - A slow camera at the ground level.
  13. Battlefront being once again on the Mac is a GREAT event ! Thanks thousand times !
  14. You mean playing on LAN network, not through Internet. I did not specified that I was thinking about Internet multiplayer feature. So I understand that South Gambit will allow LAN multiplayer, but no TCP/IP, like Knights of the Sea do.
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