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  1. I would be in favour of another 10% unit morale drop when NM hits 50% of starting value, with perhaps another 10% unit morale drop at 25% of NM. A more consistent rule would be: * 10% drop at 75% * 10% drop at 50% * 10% drop at 25% These would hurt the side with poor morale, but would not make their combat values too poor to defend or counterattack.
  2. Will there be any provision in the new game to build airbases or ports on smaller islands, so that air units can be based there in some useful supply state? If not, what other provisions will be made such that air units will be able to base on islands without a port? An engineer unit would be nice to have, to be able to build ports and airbases. Thanks
  3. Hi Hubert, I am playing Pacific Theatre PBEM as the Allies - it is now Feb 1943. When I tried to buy a US carrier unit, I got this error. When I clicked OK I crashed to the desktop. I am using XP and have been running SCII and its expansions for several years now. I sometimes get a different error dialog box and crash to desktop when I use the N key to identify unmoved units, so I don't use the N key anymore. Any suggestions? Thanks. Doug [04/05/2009 8:28:10 DIRECTSOUND FAILED(purchase_unit_dialog: draw_unit_counter_to_buffer): dserr_invalidparam
  4. Thanks, Hubert. I now realize that the green target cursor is for movement and the red one is for combat. That's what I get for playing this excellent, addictive game so late! I attempted to attach a file to my original post but I got an error message, so I emailed it successfully to you.
  5. I am playing Plan Z as the Allies. In May 1942 the Japanese do a single bombing attack on the Tarakan resource hex which has a value of 5, but cause 10 points of PP damage to the Allies. In this case, the Allies should not lose more than 5 PP's. I have seen other examples of bombing losses exceeding the current value of the resource or city hex. Bug? Thanks.
  6. I am playing Plan Z as the Allies. I attach my saved game from Fall 1942. I have two examples where Allied carrier units are not permitted to attack Japanese tac air units: 1) British carrier in NE India wishes to air strike Japanese tac air just W of Rangoon, but is not permitted. Weather is clear. 2) US has three carriers around the Marshall Islands, who wish to strike a Japanese tac air unit in the fort hex in the Marshalls, but are not permitted. One carrier is in clear weather, the other two start in rain but can move to a clear hex to strike. Tried to upload zipped saved game bu
  7. Please clarify the Pac War amphib rules for army units vs special forces: 1) To invade (debark from an amphib unit) onto an enemy unoccupied coastal hex - same rules for both. 2) To embark on an amphib unit: the army must be in a port, while the special forces unit can be in any coastal hex. Any other differences, besides the amphib cost itself? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the replies, Guys. Does this game model the fact that the Japanese never had enough oil to allow unlimited movement of large fleet units like BB's and CV's? If not, then the Japanese player would have an ahistorical flexibility with his powerful fleet units. During the war, many of the BB's did not move because they used so much oil. An interesting rule or mod would be that it would cost the Japanese player 1 PP to move a BB or CV unit.
  9. When the Japanese conquer the NEI oil fields, do new convoy routes appear from the oilfields to Japan? Thus Allies subs could interdict these routes, as they did historically. If not, how does this game simulate this, besides forcing the Allies to physically occupy the oilfields hexes? Thanks.
  10. Hi Bill, Shouldn't subs in silent mode be unspotted unless an enemy unit is adjacent? I don't think that Japanese ships had sonar in 1942.
  11. I am playing the Midway scenario as the USA. I start with about 6 subs in silent mode west of Midway. The first Japanese turn these subs are attacked at several hex range by Japanese ships and aircraft. As they are in silent mode and not adjacent to any Japanese ships, they should not be spotted nor attacked, unless I am reading the rules wrong. Thanks.
  12. Hubert, Will this game be available this Fall? If so, early or late? Thanks.
  13. Will there be Marine/SNFL units that can amphib directly onto enemy held land hexes (ie one hex islands), or have all the islands (even tiny atolls) been unrealistically made 2 or 3 hexes in size to allow attacking units room to invade without killing all defenders first (which never happened in the Pacific War)?
  14. It appears that the downloaded and installed PDE manual contains no new information concerning the PDE game. It seems to be the same as the old WAW manual except for replacing the title WAW with PDE throughout. Where is the real PDE manual listing the changes and additions to the game engine? Thank.
  15. OK, SeaMonkey - how about 4 hex island groups: three land (one kept vacant), plus 1 port. Now all we need is a larger map so that we can have larger island groups.
  16. Hey Sami, I was thinking about the fact that you cannot amphib onto an enemy-occupied hex, which makes recreating the Pacific campaign difficult, using this game engine. A solution would to make all important island bases multi-hex island groups (i.e Truk or Guam/Saipan would be two island hexes, and an island hex with a port. A house rule could be that no unit larger than a corps could garrison an island group and that one clear hex must be left unoccupied to allow amphib assaults. The other, occupied hex could be fortified, either at the start of the game, or via engineer.
  17. Edwin, Austria-Hungary should be the 2nd Axis major power. It had a much greater impact on the war than Turkey, which mostly defended. If Turkey comes in the war, its PP's would go to Germany. A house rule in PBEM games (or playing as Central Powers vs Entente AI) could be that Turkish PP's would be only spent on Turkish builds. I would like to see the unit scale at Armies (3 corps) and Corps. In the Middle East theatre, for example, small formations were used. [ April 26, 2008, 02:57 PM: Message edited by: dgold07 ]
  18. No problem, Edwin. Let me know if you need any data that is already in 'game format', such as relative strengths of units or set up for scenarios. Thanks for taking this on - looking forward to this campaign.
  19. Edwin, I can assist you with the relative production capability of the belligerants in WW I. I have the excellent Decision Games monster game: WW I game Storm of Steel - it has a great production module. I can send you a list of the production cities and the production multiple (which varies) for each country for each year. I can send a list of the fortified cities vs. production cities (some overlap). I can send the unit production costs relative to the overall production for a country. I can send you the relative combat values per each type of unit per country.
  20. Great work, Sami. How about adding a few more key ports/bases: Japanese Truk Japanese Kwajalein Allied Tarawa Thanks.
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