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  1. Thanks all that's great information. I guess I was hoping for a little more control over how my pixel troops respond but I completely understand the limitations of the game. Also to clarify, If my units are in hull down fighting positions and they get lased will they also be popping smoke and backing away?
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I think this one will generate some discussion. Just curious if that is current US Army Doctrine? If it is then one guy with a laser could halt a Bde of heavy armor in its tracks. Just seems a little unrealistic that 60 ton tanks would stop and start backing just because they are being lased? Thanks
  3. I've read the manual and all it says is that: Vehicles with laser warning receivers will display hit text warning, rotate toward threat, deploy smoke and back up. You might find it hard to believe in such a short time since release that you can find something but I'm finding this laser warning action a pain esp. when your issuing multiple waypoints. So you issue your move orders and the tanks move out then bang you've got one or two lased which cause those units to do the above (stop pop smoke and back away). To get them to move again you have to reissue orders then bam laser warning sends them backing this way and that. While your adjusting those units maybe one isn't effected and it continues moving until it is way ahead of the others doing the laser shuffle. You end up with this constant micro management of units in order to try and get them moving. Maybe its me but as people play the game I'd be interested to hear the feedback on this? I can understand stopping and popping smoke but even that might get old if your trying to move a formation and giving multiple units multiple move commands? Maybe an command to ignore and report? The game otherwise is another excellent BF game. Still Happy though!!!
  4. I've managed to get to the second battle. SPOILER ALERT I've come to the conclusion that you cannot cross the bridge with infantry. The germans have it pre registered and you get creamed with deadly arty yanytime you try and get close. Tried using smoke from the 81mm but it seems to windy for any screen to last more than a few mins. A couple of mins of smoke will not allow your engineers to clear the choake point for your follow on forces. After total failure to get even one squad of inf across 4 times(reboots). I'm almost content to hunker down and conserve forces for when support arrives. However I'm not sure my tanks will last very long in that very open ground with the germans having the advantage with the high ground. I'll be interested to hear some tactical plans for this meat grinder.
  5. Congratulations Battlefront! Looking forward to another great title. Now, no rest for the weary as we need to get the NATO release fixed.
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