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  1. ...and now I do have both of them and certainly not regretting it so far. Also there's CMSF2 just over the horizon.....fortunately I've got all the CMSF1 modules so not painful financially. Now all I need is the time to play it all.
  2. Thanks guys, that's helpful. I'm not a beginner, have been around since CMSF 1.0, but I'm well out of practice! I found the answer on map sizes in the manual for the CMBS demo, it's a max of 8km x 8km, which isn't at all bad. I see that's double what it used to be (bravo Battlefront). I think I may have to get both because I just can't decide. I tell myself this is a small company that deserves support: and as an old friend of mine used to say "there are no pockets in a shroud". 😊
  3. Trying to decide between CMBS or CMFB, unfortunately I can't afford both at once, but wish I could because they both look great. One factor that may influence me is map sizes in CMBS so I was hoping someone could give me a broad idea of how big the maps are. I'm not so keen on the "knife fight in telephone box" type scenario on a small map. Is there much scope for manoeuvre on the bigger maps? Are there any maps on which heavy weapons are at maximum or out of range? Demo maps seem quite small. Any advice will be much appreciated.
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