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  1. Antman , "The enemy is dumb : he thinks we are the enemy whereas it's him." I don't need a reason , we all have our reasons to postpone our turns , just send the bloody thing . Happy Christmas .
  2. Would you mind focusing a bit on the St Lô campaign , we've been waiting for more than a month now . Thanks
  3. Just play drunk , you'll find the AI amazing and fun too !
  4. I opened the scenario in the editor , so you got the info but preserved FOW .
  5. CASTLEFORTE SUPPLY SPOILER ALERT****************************** designer has set the supply level on " adequate " for the allies' side . So you need to spend the appropriate number of arty rounds otherwise they are wasted ( I've not extensively tested and it was in CMBB so takethose numbers as an estimate ) Don't fire on turn 1 because the fire order won't be cancellable and all rounds will be fired ! Enjoy your game ! [ December 11, 2007, 09:30 PM: Message edited by: Baron Ritzner Von Jung ]
  6. Ample =100% Full=75% Adequate=55% Limited=40% Scarce=25% Severe=12% This is for CMBB . I've never noticed any difference in resupply terms between "all rounds fired" or just "partly fired " . Maybe because the most common setting must be adequate , it gives that false impression .
  7. If it is the scenario I'm thinking of whatever the russians get , it can't really hurt you . Did you find it tactically challenging or was it just "click go , sit back and watch the Apocalypse " ?
  8. Thanks for the info . What ATI card do you own ? edit : I have the Radeon 9800 , and have just downloaded the latest driver . I can see the FOG ! Excellent news !!! Thx again for that . [ October 21, 2007, 02:40 AM: Message edited by: Baron Ritzner Von Jung ]
  9. Great news ! I'll practice and shut up for a while ...
  10. OK thanks . BTW did you get information about the weather conditions in St Lô ??
  11. I've frequent contacts with Kilian , no problem about that . It's just that you can't discuss general tactics with 5 different people by e-mail and hope that you will get something coherent out of it ! I need a map ( or at least the probable parameters ) , units and an objective with some intelligence about the enemy's strength then I can talk about tactics . You know how CM works Adaml , a single landscape feature on the map can change the game . I think each sector should be discussed "privately " at least in the beginning (just CO-BC) to avoid email cacophonia and once we've started ,
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