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    Well I figured it out. After finding out about MajorH view on messy DRM copy protections, I decided to give it a try and support him. Boy was that a good decision TacOps is unusually easy to get into and the tactical AI is way better then I expected. I started out with Team Savage and had to try it three times before winning. I didn't do the tut (yet) but I'm no wargaming n00b either. Hot damn the M1A1 kicks butt in this sim. At least until OPFOR flanked me with ATGM units *DOH* Overall, great wargame! I salute you MajorH.
  2. JOGR


    Hey Redwolf. Care to elaborate a little regarding the AI? Is it similar to CM:SF with a preplanned scheme, but with tactical AI adjusting to changing battlefield conditions? I feel like digging into a some old school 2D tactical wargame and I figured purchasing TacOps 4 would be a good idea. I wonder though, what can be expected for single player scenarios? Can you set up any kind of forces and pit them together? Can you specify objectives for the AI (like capture and hold)? Some insight would be much appreciated. Best regards.
  3. How about grouping a ton of vehicle IED in the editor and then set them off. Maybe you will get a similar result? Controlled demolition. Just like 9/11.
  4. Actually I normally open a QB map in the editor and select both red and blue forces (thus balancing it) and then play it from both sides and adjusting accordingly. Funny thing is, even if I only use one AI plan the battles play differently each time. TacAI in 1.08 is more aggressive and flexible. Not so frustratingly passive anymore.
  5. Wow really? I didn't think those battle plans was compatible with QB. In what way do they need editing (if necessary)? Thanks for the tip Mishga! This flexibility is what made the CM series so good in the first place. Once I had some free time I preferred a quick random fight before digging into lengthy campaigns. Looks like it will be possible once again I'm also really eager to see those QB improvements in upcoming releases. CM don't really got any competition in the 3D wargaming genre IMO. I few come close, such as Matrix Panzer Command but it's nothing compared to CMx2 potential.
  6. Default QB in 1.08 works surprisingly well. Both challanging and enjoyable (playing as Syrian). Just like the Good Ol' Days Nice work on the TacAI *thumbs up* Can't wait for the Marines Module. Is hoping for a july release to optimistic?
  7. *NUTS* had trouble focusing at work the whole day because I was so looking forward to try 1.06 And now, after installing the patch I can't even deoply before CM Shock Force.exe crashes :eek: That was fun.. NOT well at least I can get something done at work tomorrow. Thanks BFC.
  8. NUTS.. patch downloaded and awaiting install, but not until after work. Good to hear all those positive comments though *thumbs up BFC*
  9. It’s my own large-scale battles done with CryEngine 2 aka Crysis. Love this engine, infantry A.I. and physics. Some great firefights are to be had (action oriented) and with a few supporting vehicles things sometimes get hairy
  10. I have done that, but in the editor. I mostly create my own scenarios and don’t touch QB much. Still no haze effect though. Thanks anyway.
  11. *kidding* Question is: Is spotting announces completely random? It seems I get the "enemy vehicle spotted" on infantry only maps :confused:
  12. - left click on squad - move mouse cursor over the vehicle and right click when the proper mount icon is displayed (must be green)
  13. No problems with smoke: But fog? :confused: Maybe this should have been posted in Tech Support?
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