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  1. Hi, im playing the global conflict gold version world at war campaign.

    When I press the S key to see the supply on the current turn it works ok, but when I press it for the second time it doesn't show the numbers for the next turn. The numbers just disappear.

    Any clues?

    Many thanks!

  2. So, does that mean the little green squares next to squads 1, 2 and 3, down there on the right, mean they are in C2 with the Hq? If so, that will stop a lot of the command line arguing...'cept I tested it once and never managed to get those squares to turn red.

    It would be a nice, quick way to simulate C2 quickly across a platoon.



    Hi, according to the manual the squares under Unit or Formation shows you the units and formations under the HQ and the current status (ranging from fully opearational to fully depleted to eliminated (red x)).

    They are not to C2 as far as I know.

  3. In addition to what Jonny said, assault order is good together a "Target" command, since soldier on the same Squad/Team are not subject to friendly fire.

    If you manually split the squad, AFAIK, the assault team could be hit by the fire team (especially if they are using bazookas or grenade launchers).


    You can use target light to avoid friendly fire.

    If you use the assault command and the target command you can suffer friendly fire too I thnik. At least on CMSF happened.


  4. Hi, I think the only way to do it is to, on a particular waypoint set a target, give a pause command for 10 secs then make a short move, give the target command to the area or unit you want to hit (you need to click on the on the globe of the waypoint and set the target from there), pause for another 10 secs, give another short move waypoint and repeat the process.

    Hope it helps.

  5. Hi, just a question. Im playing the Dutch campaign on Nato and in a mission that you also have US Forces noticed that a squad that had a target light against an a recoiless AT fired the javelin against it. The same against a bunker.

    So to avoid this to happen we need to place a target arc?.

    Target light doesn't prevent to use the grenade launcher that comes with M4 or it does?

    Thanks for the help


  6. Ahh, if I'd known it were coming from a PCO devotee who has only played the CMBN demo that would have made more sense.

    Yes, we don't use abstractions like PCO, which means things that are abstracted away (an AT gunner being in the wrong spot, the effects of fortifications, kneeling vs. prone) in PCO are represented explicitly in CMBN and therefore are apparent problems to people used to abstraction, when in fact, and in most cases, they're just slightly closer to reality.

    Yeah, we model the fact that soldiers have to rise up to fire their weapons from behind a wall... the wall isn't just a bonus to their defense rating, it's in the way and has pros and cons to being behind it. It's cover, but you can't kiss the dirt and still defend yourself. Obviously BFC prefers explicit modeling which, in my opinion, leads to more emergent behaviors.

    I don't see one approach as right or wrong, but more experience with / enjoyment of one or the other would certainly color one's opinions of the alternative.

    And yes, the fellow who made the comments needs to spend a bit more time with CMBN before he makes grand pronouncements about the system.

    Thanks for the reply Phil.

    Much appreciated.

  7. Sorry MikeyD but I don't follow you. Maybe it's my English. What exactly do you mean?

    And I find these impressions on the matrix games web page forums; on a thread were some folks were comparing the game with PCOF.

    I love CMBN, Cmsf and many other games of Battlefront that I have. I just asked my question to have some feedback of people who probably had spent more time playing the game than me.


  8. Hi,

    I just found these impresions on another forum and I was wondering if you guys think they are correct:

    "The soldiers do not really use the terrain like real soldiers and there are problems with getting them in LOS/LOF because of the grid system they use. In hedgerow country this gets insane. I've had Panzerschrek teams that can't fire, because the soldier is the only one that has LOF while the anti-tank 'man' is in the wrong spot -- all within a single grid. You'll find your ambushes falling to pieces because of subtleties in the LOS/LOF system.

    The system is also mismatched between the 1:1 and the abstraction. Essentially, squads have enormous amounts of firepower available in terms of small arms without being appropriately penalized for concentrating due to the generous bonuses they get against area fire effects. You can often win any CMx2 scenario by concentrating all your forces and overwhelming anything they come across with small arms fire.

    There is also no such thing as a covered fire position in CMx2. Any unit that is firing is vulnerable to fire as much as you can see their body exposed. Men can't go prone against cover, but have to kneel, making them more vulnerable to small arms than normal (which only aggravates the problems already) and makes automatic weapons like LMGs difficult to control.

    Foxholes and trenches have been added, but they can't be placed wherever you like. They have to be in the center of a grid, and since terrain like hedges and walls align along the edge of a grid, means you can't have infantry dug in along lines oriented to cover or concealment. Your men also can't see past the terrain, since they are too far behind it to get a view. Foxholes have problems because they're stuck in square formations of four, which means the back foxholes won't have the same LOF as the front foxholes. (No you can't control orientation.) The effect of this is that you only benefit from entrenchment in open terrain along the axis of fire.

    In addition, they've made all hedges (not just "bocage") into significant positions by adding terrain elevation lips to those features, making attacker cover unrealistically available and melding concealment with cover in ways worse than they already did in the original series. (that is, "exposure")"

    Thanks for the help,

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