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    Rattenkrieg reacted to Erwin in Is there anything that comes close to the CM games?   
    Absolutely fascinating as I used to be involved in creating AI for Counterterrorism strategies, Cyberwar and other DoD sims.  Nowadays, I barely understand a word lol.    But, thanks for posting...  
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    Rattenkrieg reacted to Frenchy56 in Aris M4A1 "Mid" not appearing?   
    Aris did not create a Sicily (tan) version of the M4A1 Mid. Only a mainland (mickey mouse) camo and an OD scheme exist.
    Personally I had noticed this a while ago and did some switching and stitching to fix that. Unfortunately I won't have my home PC until the end of the week to share it with you.
    Also, here's to hoping he'll be back for R2V. Right now the Brummbars are sticking out like a sore thumb, and so will the new 76 Shermans and StuG IV.
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