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  1. I've often wondered about this too.Reading Evgeni Bessanovs book Tank Rider gives some insight as to supply being almost non existant.He makes reference during the fighting for Kamenets Podolsk that ammunition actually ran out for PPSH and his men had to use German weapons.Also they lived on flour and water for an extended period.This was at a time when his battalion was down to 30 men with no heavy weapons.Perhaps this unit was so reduced as to be written off therefore intentionally not supplied ? Bessanov also writes that food was'nt too much a problem in the Eastern Ukraine,where they were
  2. I had this trouble a couple of years ago and I found that older drivers ran the game better with less trouble. AFAIK 169.21 are the latest,or thereabouts,available,try going back to 81.95 and see how things go as those drivers came out when your graphics card did and may be optimised for it as 169.21 are for the 8800 series.
  3. I get this problem at random,sometimes the game file gets truncated or corrupted in sending.Zipping sorts the problem 100%.
  4. If you have a relatively modern pc with vista then I would not expect BO,BB,or AK to tax the cpu sufficiently to cause damage. Its more likely to be a case of cheap components. What cpu have you ?
  5. good thinking.i took the trouble to download your hard work and have been playing through some but i never thought to go by date.thanks.
  6. just read my first Glantz,"Zhukov's greatest defeat" which is on Operation Mars the Soviet attempt to pinch out the Rhzev salient. was wondering if there were any scenarios on this operation.tried search on SD11 and TPG to no avail.
  7. i've had exactly this problem for some months now.it started with white mortars,then sdkfz interiors,HT guns and went on from there. i asked in technical but no one had any solution. i've tried reinstalling CMBB including deleting registry entries but that fix is very temporay because i still cant click on any soviet AC or HT and many bmps appear to be missing. my troubles began shortly after a mass mod/map downloading session.far too many to even begin to point a finger. having been extremely careful with several pbems i'm right at the point where a HD format is on the cards out of despe
  8. Sudowudo, Who was it that you played in that battle, that is someone worth avoiding and wasting time with </font>
  9. thinking about it,i may of had this tactic used against me. it was a battle where i had infantry reinforcements appear on the map in the same place at intervals.the first two were in instant 120mm mortar fire that lasted for one turn.the third reinforcement was larger and they got what i imagine was the remainder of the spotters allocation that lasted a couple of turns. obviously my opponent had opened the battle in editor and plotted the strike to coincide but i always wondered how it stopped and started without TRP's or LOS.
  10. all i can say is that i must of been incredibly fortunate,over the years i have been playing,to never have had a vehicle bog in reverse until now.
  11. not necessary.i used the power of google and read through this page........... http://members.shaw.ca/grossdeutschland/sajer.htm certainly an entertaining book even if it is fiction.
  12. just finished and can recommend "The Forgotten Soldier" by Guy Sajer a mid war Gross Deutchland recruit who somehow survived until the end.not a book to read if you are depressed or have suicidal tendencies though.
  13. i cant say too much on the vehicles in the trees as my opponent will be reading this but suffice to say that i'm fairly certain that he does'nt know exactly whats there and reversing is by far the safest option in this circumstance. the 251/2 had a platoon HQ spotting but the position was flanked and became untenable.it was backing into relative safety when it bogged.and the law of sod prevailed as the 251/2 is out of command range and cant see anything either lol.
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