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  1. Hi, I decided to head for Munster and after a very speedy drive (Holland sucks in this respect and German autobahn definitely rulez arrived in Munster. Okay, some problems in Oldenburg when going east due to some annoying maintenance, but other than that a very nice drive. Munster museum is not very big, but once inside, you won't be disappointed. They have a nice ww2 collection of some very nice German tanks. It was a long time I saw some serious stuff like this and was really surprised by the size of the Pz. IV and Panther. I was really surprised and highly impressed by the Panth
  2. Sneaksie, "We plan to improve vehicle path finding behavior in addon, but, as you can see, each way has it's problems." Waiting for patch/addon, but good to hear it will be improved "Currently, if we set their behavior to drive around trees as armored cars do, they will start to turn and expose their weaker sides to the enemy, which i'm sure everybody will not be happy with:) It's a pity, because non-aggressive movement mode took much time to develop (driving along roads priority, avoiding obstacles, etc.) and currently is not being used." I certainly would have liked to seen thi
  3. Sneaksie, W.r.t Vista support": Okay. I understand this WinXP decision, but was wondering about latest Vista developments. W.r.t. "Running down trees": I'm not sure if this is the right way because it leads to, among many other things, some very unrealistic and very illogical situations like panzers crushing every tree along a road just to get from A to B. I understand tanks sometimes need to crush trees when they're in immediate danger or plan a surprise attack (i.e. a high threat level), but when they only maneuver and are not in immediate danger (e.g. pre-combat) they usually avo
  4. Sneaksie, Maybe I missed it in the list of changes, but will the 'running down trees' (when not needed...) be fixed as well? Mark
  5. Sneaksie, I know some may consider this a 'unnecessary evil', but will the patch also better work with Vista32/64? map editor: starts, but switches resolution and never completes initialisation. Vista remains a resolution set by editor and must be manually reset after closing application; mission editor: fails to initialize all together; ToW: real slowdowns with multiple cores unless single cpu is chosen. These slowdowns do not happen when app. is set to run on 2 cores when using XP32. My system: C2D E6700@3Ghz, 2 Gb 8500C5 GF8800GTS 640mb (latest 163.69 drivers) Samsung 22
  6. Uwe, Nein, kenne Ich nicht Hmm, I see Koblenz is not very far from Munster and must say, that Panther G is looking very, very nice indeed. I'm having some doubts about going to Saumur right now. Maybe a trip to Germany will be a nice alternative. Thanks, Mark
  7. DeLaVega Thanks for the 'url', I didn't have that one Yep, I've travelled a few times through the Ardennes (last time on a bike 'Luik - Bastenaken - Luik') and saw the big one in La Gleize. Also seen Bastogne and Overloon, but that was a long time ago. Luckily for us, Hitler was still in command and there was an east front as well otherwise we'd now be speaking German over here Mark
  8. DOBERmann, Yep, I saw site of the one in Munster, but is it any good? I know it's a lot smaller than Saumur and has less verhicles on display. On the other hand it's a lot closer to home Still thinking.... Mark
  9. Slapaho, Good to hear Saumur is worth the trip. I live in the northern part of the Netherlands, so just to get there will mean a 900 km drive At Kubinka they really have some extraordinary stuff I see, but a quick trip to Moscow is a bit too much right now. Besides that Wiki mentions: "As of August 2007, the Museum website states that it is closed to foreign visitors: "Attention, please! The museum is the military subject and temporary closed for the foreign visitors till the special command". If this is true, I think I will head for Saumur then... Thanks, Mark
  10. Hi, It's a bit off-topic, but can anyone make some recommendations or know which tank (preferably the main ww2 armoured verhicles) museum is the best on the European main land? I've found sofar a nice one and close by in Muenster Germany, but it's not very large and only has some ww2 tanks. Another one, a long 900 km drive , seems to have a lot of armoured vehicles, i.e. Musee de Blindee Saumur in France. Has anybody recently visited the Saumur museum? Is it a good ww2 tank museum or are there other ones that are better and have more vehicles on display? Would love to hear your o
  11. Sneaksie, "Option for 'hold' being default stance ======================== Maybe, in wishlist now." Good to hear it's in the wish list "Return to previous camera position after unit view ======================== Problem is, it was that way and was found uncomfortable by Battlefront and 1C before release." Okay, understand. Maybe if a smart LOS/LOF tool will be added a lot of camera movement to check units' positions can be avoided. It will likely lead to less zoom-in/out camera movement and player will have a better overview. "Make camera travel further =================
  12. Sneaksie, "Make 'hold' default command, keep hold after other orders ================= Probably no. Considered as part of unit's initiative. Remember CC, when units sometimes decide to attack by themselves? It's somewhat similar. Btw, in TOW they can't ignore your hold order, while in CC they could. " 1) Could this please be looked at one more time? To me, this is perhaps the most annoying and most tedious issue with ToW right now. If AI tactical behavior and their sense of LOS/LOF and overview/memory of enemy units is greatly improved in the add-on, this is a very nice option,
  13. Tyrant, - keep pre-set formation unless defined otherwise; (esp. infantery line, wedge etc, etc.) - shoot & scoot - always turn to direction of enemy positions (unless hasty retreat) - when 'on hold', keep it that way. Even when defining multiple waypoints for objects - option for pre-defined firing/kill arcs/zones - infantery should be able to use/enter buildings - 'dynamic' i.e. real time in-game LOS tool - more freedom in placing units before game starts (I know this is a mission designers' choice, but I just like to have a little more freedom to place my units) edi
  14. Dmg, That's exactly what I did But.. I thought ToW multi threading was meant to work on any flavor of Windows. On windows xp 32 using both cores works with the newly compiled code, but choosing 'threading optimizations = on' with vista64 seems to mean the opposite; it gets incredibly slow. Using only 1 core works on vista however works. Mark
  15. Madmatt, "One of the big changes in this patch is that it was compiled with some updated software that should better support multicore CPU's as well as those that support hyperthreading." I have run the game both with XP32 and Vista 64 (Ultimate) and have found that multi threading only works with XP32. A bit puzzled that the multicore CPU only works in XP while using Vista64 leads to stutters very low fps. System: E6700@3Ghz 2 GB ram GTS8800 Mark
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