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  1. On 2/20/2021 at 6:36 AM, chuckdyke said:

    Politically correct societies can't do anything without organizing a talkfest is the perception. I am afraid there is a ring of truth. In Indonesia I am called a Bule which is derogatory if you single out a person based on race in Europe. Over there it is completely acceptable. Nice people don't understand me wrong. The NATO joke comes from my Indonesian language teacher at the time. 

    Youre damn right! Germany just transferes into a Politically correct Country! I see this transformation brutally! Got a high Depression because of this and am at the Point, where I say:" **** this, I am out! **** yourself Society!" Thinking about going into early retirement! I have really enaugh of this, since I always say what I think and I never had any problems with that but some idiots! But today? It hase gone out of Hands here!

  2. 20 hours ago, Aragorn2002 said:

    I'm also an Ostfronter, but the fighting at the Western front is also fascinating. Personally I think the British played a larger role there, at least in the period between D-Day and the beginning of 1945, than the Americans, but Hollywood made us forget that. Not downplaying the American war effort, just saying.

    From German perspective WW2 was a poor man's war. A military blanket that was always too short and full of holes. That's what modern historians forget when they want to prove their 'new insights' about an 'overrated' German army. If you want to judge the Wehrmacht, you musn't consider them to be a perfect war machine that broke down, but an improvised and badly prepared organisation that never stood a chance against such powerful enemies.

    NATO studied the German defensive actions of 1944/45 at the western and eastern front very intensly, because they knew that a third world war would be very similair in many respects. Always outnumbered, always at a disadvantage, with never enough reserves and never an opportunity for initiative. In that respect CMRT/CMFR on the one and CMCW on the other hand are not so different.

    Can't argue with that! That is true.

    Youre right,  the new Cold war Module might be not so different. but if it has sucess, what i hope it does, they should hurry, to add Bundeswehr and Nationale Volks Armee fast, because lets be real! The first clash would have been these two and then Soviet and US Army would Join! Aaaaand may be even not, because the US had an evacuation plan, when they believed, they would lose the battle in Europe! No joke! So,... I really have to question if EVEN IF the war would have been gone hot, if this szenario would even have become reality! I don't think so, because Us might have been retreated.

  3. 18 hours ago, Aragorn2002 said:

    Well, I still keep in mind that it's only a relatively small group that's interested in the Eastern front, so that won't make big money for BF. That's very likely also the reason why few resources and little priority were given to Fire and Rubble, which perhaps has been a sideshow, used as a smokescreen. 

    A completly new game, developed in utter secrecy and almost at the same time upon us as a module we've been waiting years and years for and developed by a couple of guys, while the module that has been worked on by most of the team took more than 5 years? 🤔

    I'm hoping for more such surprises appearing out of the smokescreen in the coming years, yet it's hard to believe. But hey, who cares, as long as we get the games we want! 😉

    for me Fire and Rubble is my biggest surprise! I mostly interested in the eastern Front! Because there was the real World war 2 going on! The Americans? Yeah Normandy and battle of the bulge/Ardennes were the only real slaughters they were confronted with! So,... I am not so interested in Western Front! The only one thats would be interesting would be Pacific theatre!

  4. 16 hours ago, mjkerner said:

    Patience, good sir, there will undoubtedly be a NATO and Warsaw Pact modules. I think this surprise release’s popularity will outshine all previous BFC titles, and I’m speaking as a guy who was never a “Fula Gap” “Cold War Gone Hot” fan (mainly because I could never see how such a conflict could ever not go nuclear). After seeing the potential of the types of forces, battles, and equipment available, and BFCs declaration that this is meant to be a sandbox for innumerable scenarios over a 3 year period, with more expansions to come, we are likely going to see many, many modules for CMCW.

    I hope youre right. I will wait a little before I buy. I just bought yesterday the new Module for Red thunder. Have to say, Red Thunder is my most favourite CM so far, ever released! And going now to 45 to the end of WW2 for germany, will be super interesting! Especially some Tanks I really love will make it into the game! Sturmtiger, elefant, Brummbär, ohh yeah, can't wait, to play with these toys!

  5. 4 minutes ago, Vacilllator said:

    I was just typing this when you replied 😁.

    If you mean F&R, it hasn't been released yet (it will be very soon).  So you are in the same boat as all the other F&R pre-orders, mine included.

    Ahh, okay. I really thought it was released! Because, when you go on Order it does not say preorder. Okay, then everything is ok, Thx for the answer.

  6. I ordered with Pay pal. I already made a ticket for this! The game is Payed, checked in My Pay pal account! but the Order is Pending. Wanted to say, that you please please make it downloadable for me!

    (And no there was no Download Link in the E-mail!

  7. So, since its an update on a new engine, are there updates on the Menus? Will I be able, like in battle for normandy, to choose a map, in a quickbattle? Can I choose, which units I take and the enemy has, or is it like in the original, you can only barly choose something?

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