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    Thanks, that's basically what my manual said. I just thought there would be a downside to it to even this out. I never considered the impact on the silhouette though.
  2. Excuse me if this was asked before, I checked the last 3 pages and couldn't find it. What effects does opening the hatches have? The Polish version of the manual doesn't really say much.
  3. It took me a gazillion tries but I finally did it yesterday. The funny thing is that the next few missions are SO easy after you've passed this one. I sniped all five tanks from the hills in the south. I didn't let them close within 1,5km. They only managed to hit me once, but nonetheless they did quite a bit of damage. Anyway, the most annoying thing that ever happened to me in this mission: I'm trying to approach the village from the south. The tank is moving slowly, commander looking for targets. All of a sudden - KABOOM, the tank is rolling around (track hit). The driver isn't res
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