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  1. Thanks again for the advice. Excellent support from Battlefront, problem sorted.
  2. Cheers - I'd been to that page and completely missed the new ticket button! Created now, fingers crossed.
  3. Can anyone help me with this? Last night, I decided to upgrade my original CMSF to CMSF2 so I bought upgrades for the main game and the British and Marine modules. I've entered all the serial numbers I had from Battlefront but I'm still just getting to the splash screen. Then I noticed no serial from CMSF from Battlefront - I bought the 'real' version from Paradox - can I install that and apply the Battlefront upgrade over it? Can I get a serial number from Battlefront for this? Thanks in advance for any help/pointers.
  4. Last night. We are still tweaking it but it offers support for payments via Paypal and also the ability to look up lost license codes online. Expect a more formal announcement about this once we get a few kinks worked out. Madmatt </font>
  5. Booooooo Play have pushed their release date back to the 10/08, maybe I'll just d/l it from GamersGate.
  6. Thanks for clearing it up Steve, really looking forward to getting this .... only 3 weeks(ish) to go.
  7. I've ordered games, cds, dvds even headphones from Play and never had a problem. For those of us who will be buying this version with the outdated, under-sized manual - what are we missing? Is it just general background or weapons details. Hopefully it's nothing that will cause any problems with playing the game?
  8. Cpl Steiner, thanks for that! I would happily buy it from BFC but I don't have a Visa/Mastercard. I wouldn't have thought of checking Play, so you've done me a great service, thanks again
  9. Hiya Moon, just a quick follow on - do you know if CM:SF be available for download through GamersGate, not just purchase through Paradox?
  10. Any idea if it'll be available through GamersGate? Will that have eLicense on it? (Hoping I won't be buying the retail version, though tbh I've been lucky (touch wood) and never had a problem with any SecuRom titles.
  11. Oh well Good luck with the game anyways.
  12. Sorry Matt, I'm not having a pop at you personally, just really ****ed off that I can't order this. The bit about Learning another language was poor sarcasm, just hope your technical issues with PayPal (or allowing orders from Europe with Maestro) are sorted before CM:SF comes out
  13. Sorry, but that impression was incorrect. There are technical issues between our current order and accounting system and PayPal which makes its implementation not something we can do, at least in the near future. Madmatt </font>
  14. Happy day, congratulations to the whole team. Let the pre-orders roll !!! (you know I'll ask about PayPal again when it goes up, don't you ? )
  15. Cheers for the reply. I'm looking forward to ToW and if it's possible, I'd obviously rather buy direct from you and cut out and middle men.
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