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  1. awesome, even just for the bullet "snap" than zing, its a common mistake made...but a annoying one from anyone who has been in the military and experienced rounds overhead for me....i was lucky enough not to have people shooting AT me, rather ABOVE me to demonstate the "crack & thump" of incoming rounds im surprised so many get it wrong
  2. thanks heaps batlefront...SO happy the bar is back as im never happy, does this now mean you can crank the complexity of the game engine under the bonnet as the blue bar takes the beating mostly?
  3. umm...despite the naysayers...blackshark is higher fidelity than F4 imo....
  4. not really, a single core of any core 2 chip will thrash a P4, regardless of the Mhz rate
  5. i have ctrl-alt-del and looked at ram usage while in a large battle quite a few times never seen CM:SF use more than about 300mb so.....quite a lot spare on my 4gig system
  6. C4 STINKS of almonds while i was in the army we were always using up our old war stocks, often the C4 had softened the plastic cover on the claymore we used to have these "quick deploy" packs that you would wear with the mine in it around your neck.......massive headache after awhile
  7. dont tease me rightly or wrongly, that was one of the best features of the old CM games IMO i loved picking stupid combos to see if i could still win (like twenty 60mm mortars v one tiger etc etc) so to answer your question....you cant anymore
  8. the "my lord"...suggest its in the UK....and the fact the website addy is in the UK kinda backs it up as well interesting that you would think its a funny sounding american judge rather than from overseas
  9. adultery


    got one game going...can handle a few more...keep em coming lads
  10. adultery


    thats lazyeyepsycho_ @ hotmail.com just incase the hordes are having trouble sending game files....as i have yet to recieve one
  11. adultery


    any scenario....rather red v red or blue v blue for balance first game with CM:SF lazyeyepsycho_@hotmail.com can do 1-9 turns per day for the next week or so
  12. nah, i didnt mean its a 'cheat' but restricting to locked level one would make for some interesting battles......much like real life, lose sight of units and battle cohesion. i want a setting to enforce it, and a pony
  13. 1. hardcore multiplay.....a setting to restrict the view to "iron-view", where the cam is linked to the unit in view "1" and no 'wandering' cam allowed. at the moment you have to 'promise' not to cheat....a setting would rock 2. WEGO. the ability to link waypoint between units to sync orders OR execute an order at a particular time. ie....setting up a chain of orders....culminating in a perfectly timed, multiple entry into a building....enter at 2.30:50am. or it can be used to crest a ridge etc etc 3. why not just add ww2 to cm:sf? make a giant sandbox war game.......people would lo
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