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  1. 6 minutes ago, purpheart23 said:

    O hel ya bruthur!


    You misspelled cannon. :)

    lol, my fingers are faster than a keyboard and brain.


    I have  question is this reinstalling CMRT? because this looks like the whole game again?



  2. 1 hour ago, SeinfeldRules said:

    How many "master maps" of NTC are there? Also, in my year or so out here, I don't think I've ever seen a cactus that was higher then my shin, so the lack of cactus assets is actually pretty realistic. 😄

    of course you left out the huge wadi's out there.

  3. On 3/7/2021 at 9:23 AM, FlatEric999 said:

    Wasn't the PT-76 the first combat victim of the TOW missile (in Vietnam)? I think the key advantage of the PT-76 was it could swim / float - other than that it was a fairly basic vehicle with thin armour and a modest gun (effective range 600-700m?).  They used to display one at Duxford as part of the mini-tankfest events they organised to coincide with Father's day - very dusty affairs!


    This time with added dust and showing off it's 'mega hatch' to good effect:



    Since comparisons have been made with the CVR-T, here are some shots of a Scorpion and a Sabre (a hybrid vehicle that mated a Scorpion chassis with the turret from a Fox armoured car to produce a Scimitar-like vehicle).







    I seen a crap load of these at Desert Storm.

  4. 14 hours ago, The_Capt said:

    A The Night of the Refresh Monkeys...that brings back memories.

    I will let BFC-central answer most of this but I can say we are on track with the initial announcement:  in Apr, post-Easter.

    I’ll venture to say the 7th. 

  5. On 3/4/2021 at 1:48 PM, hank24 said:

    I grew up just 8 km from the inner-german border and never felt any fear or such - today I think that is strange.

    Just the opposite, there are many nice memories concerning the military of that time. We often had the 16/5th Queens Royal Lancers on exercise at the farm of my father. They were stationed at the town of Wolfenbüttel nearby and everybody loved to see them, my mother because we talked english all day, the soldiers because they had warm places to sleep and a shower, and my father because he had an agreement to get a bottle of Famous Grouse for each day of their stay. We did things you never get elswhere, driving a Ferret Mk1 (I called it armored Dune Buggy), a Scorpion tank and even firing a Sten SMG on the meadow behind the barn. Once my father and me visited their barracks for some claybird shooting and the officers invited us to the officers mess. Wow, never saw so many silver cups and a living tradition like that.

    When I served at PzAufklBtl 1 (Armored Recon) from '79 to '83 (just the proper time for this game) we were not even allowed to keep our battalion coat of arms, it was from the Black Hussars from Brunswick who fought with the British against Napoleon, but was too similar to the SS sign. That happens to military traditions when you loose your wars.

    At that time I met kind guys from the 2nd Armored Division on Reforger exercise near Brunswick and found some nice friends there (Cpt. Hutto somewhere around here?).

    And I served as contactperson for the team of 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards during the Boeselager Cup, an international competition among reconaissance forces. Still remember the 'Biwak' on the last evening.

    One day I heard the sound of a Huey helicopter nearby and it did not disappear. So I looked for the source and found some thee or four Huey Cobra hovering directly at the outskirts of the village. I immediatly fetched my brothers and we tried to follow them with my Renault R4. Tough job, soon they were gone. But suddenly they reappeared one after the other over a ridgeline and took my car as a training target. Oh, man, that was exciting. I tried to make their job as difficult as I could but these helis were really fast and agile. I would love to ride one of those, must be like a flying Kawasaki.

    I think Germany really lost something important with all these kind soldiers who are gone now and with them the BFBS radio and the British Wargamers Association with which I had so nice times at Rheindahlen and elsewhere.

    And, by the way, a german Recon Btl was a complete all arms force in '79, ideal for a Bundeswehr expansion one day. There was a ground surveillance radar plt, two companies with Luchs and Leopard1, and a heavy company with grenadier plt (on Schützenpanzer kurz, later Fuchs), engineer plt, and 120 mm mortar plt.

    And now I am here, working as an engineer on military simulation and looking forward to my retirement next year being excited to have all the time necessary to play my favorite game then, CM:CW.



    Great story I was with the 2AD what year was this?

  6. My time at Reforger 1988-1989 was a blast, the one time they let us plow those farm fields and go anywhere!!!

    I remember we found some sleeping Op4, and took all their radio antennas, they didn't leave anyone up for guard duty; I even went into a full sleeping GP medium and no one said a word. lol. left with their antennas. Got into a fist fight with 10th mountain over it! lol.

    While out patrolling a road we came upon a disabled HQ 113, and Bradley, captured it and all there maps.


    2AD MP Co, 502nd 1st Tiger Platoon!!




  7. 1 minute ago, The_MonkeyKing said:

    Good to hear! Even tough Dragon is not the most dangerous missile out there it will be a real trouble maker in numbers. As I understand it is light, fast to setup and the missiles are not too heavy. So integrates well to an infantry squad without limiting the mobility.

    While I was in all most all my teams in the Combat military police corps we had one per team. I loved this missile! 

  8. On 2/24/2021 at 5:18 PM, Bil Hardenberger said:

    Eight Minute - BDA and Some Movements

    I thought you'd be interested in seeing the battle damage from the two Saggers that hit M-150(1/4).  Very low on the hull front.. I am not usually that careless when checking Hull Down.. lesson learned!


    M-150(1/5) is reversing slightly to improve its position... note that in the following image it looks like this vehicle can spot a T-64 on EAA-1.. but it cannot target it.. so with this reverse move he will pull out of any view on EAA1.



    2nd Platoon

    I have made some decisions based on what I have seen so far and with the Soviets movements and unit placement.. also remember I am getting my second and final reinforcement in two minutes. 

    With what you have seen so far in this AAR as a guide, and after reading the following.. lets play a game, try to answer the following... 

    What is Bil planning?  :D 

    • Clue the First, I am shifting all four of the 2nd Platoon tanks to my right:


    • Clue the second, the two M-150s in this platoon are moving forward... note the location of their covered arcs:


    Looking forward to reading your guesses... it'll be a few turns before I confirm or deny them, but light it up folks.


    shouldn't the engines on those 113's stop the sagers? Im mean look, thats a lot of metal?

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