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  1. try pressing 1 on your views and aim as close as you can to the actual unit or a tad bit in front without actually targeting it.I think it works, usaully does for me.
  2. nightkin said that he was twenty meters away from a KNOWN nest, with a 3/4 of a platoon. granted most players have their own tactics when it comes to certain objectives, im just voicing mine, maybe nightkni will think its complete garbage and use his own, whatever. everone thats played this game for a while knows that just because one strategy worked extremely well in one scenario doenst mean its gonna work in the next.
  3. of course the this strategy would be work differently against a human player,human players are erratic. but look at what realest is asking. how to assualt an AI player. get off your PBEM high horse.
  4. try this. have them shoot at the shermans making the button up then after a short delay move them down stairs to hide. make sure to put a small cover arc so they dont act dumb and start shooting from the bottom floor. the sherms will most likely start pounding the building and there will be casualties (2-3 guys between 12) but if no fire is returned or they cant see anyone theyll stop. hopefully the building isnt rubble by then.
  5. tips for assualting a hmg nest. 1. if you have that many units (3-4 platoons) even if they are green units, attacking a lone hmg nest should be a cakewalk. first have one platoon lay area fire (not target fire) at the nest,while the other two actually target the hgm itself. then have the first platoon assault the nest after a delay of about 20-30 seconds depending if you can tell the experince of the hmg crew. the higher the exp, the more fire you have to pour on them before they get pinned. 2. another less heart pounding way to defeat a hgm, is to just have your hq unit los the nest for a
  6. one thing i found useful is to create a relativley tiny map, nothing complex just a few trees,houses, bushes, gentle hills, and save this map under your quick battle maps. then just play this scenario over and over experimenting with differnet types of units different yrs differnt tactics etc. most new players get over whelmed if thers to many units on the map so just start off with small forces, like one piece of armor, a few vehicles and one company. o and whatever you do, treat motars like gold, use can use them like off map arty, just make sure that you comp or platoon hq has a los on the
  7. reguardless, i still think the t-44 is a good overall tank. if i need a assault gun, id get it in the form of the SU series, not on a MBT. anyways pre 1944, i like the IS-1, iv had a few rounds where the IS-1 has taken alot of damage and still survived, one occasion it took six rounds, one from a panther at 120meters.
  8. i find that using afv's as flanking armor in conjuction with tanks is a good manuever. especially if you have pathers as the main strike force. remeber that afvs arent very useful on the offensive and were meant to provide firepower to INFANTRY units not armor. the experince of the afv crews also plays an important role. but if your just stuck with stug's/stuh's then i suggest that you tell your adavancing infantry to target enemy armor to button them down before engaging your stug. it doesnt work all the time by it might just provided you with enough time to swing your stug in that direction
  9. My friend and I had a heated arguement over which peice of Soviet armor was superior in combat against german tanks. I stated that the 44 was far better in armored combat than the IS. he had some good points (which really just centered around armor thickness)that the Is has a more powerful 12omm while I claim that better mobility, with the combintion with a quicker firing, tungesten capable 80mm 44 would survive most german armor encounters? what do you all think?
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