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  1. I think what the dev said was, "There is no problem with LOS, when we release this tool you'll be able to see for yourself how the 'impossible' shots were possible."
  2. What? Two installs? I reformat like every other month, I have to throw the game away?
  3. Does AI have spotting rules which makes it seem like you're hiding them?
  4. Yea, I think I hit printscreen and saved a picture but I formatted computer a few weeks ago. It's confusing because I hate sorting through emails, so I just make junk throwaway accounts for 1-time activations like this. I'll just wait until people start posting that downloads are up, and start checking accounts 1 by for for the email.
  5. When I pre-ordered it was so long ago, and by the wording I thought the download would happen 'soon'. But as time passed I can't remember what email account I used, or that stuff. How can I find out? It's like trying to remember what was playing at 7:00 Thursday a month ago.
  6. Oh, I don't know. But flying shells are definitely cool.
  7. How many AT guns used tracer anyway? That's interesting. In 'Panzerjager : tank hunter / by Averbeck, Bernhard, 1924-' The effect of firing a gun is blinding, such that those at the gun could not see the shot and an observer a distance away with binoculars had to relay corrections to the gunner. The way I read it the spotter noted the dust where the shot hit the ground, I don't recall any mention of tracers for the German AT guns.
  8. When you pre-order can you download at that point? Or do you have to wait until mid April?
  9. Thanks, it's just that I hate those trees So Much... Lousy trees. J/k, thanks again:)
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