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  1. If the *river* is to be the same level as the surrounding ground, then what you've got is really a marsh. If you want the bridge to be the same level as the surrounding ground, then it seems it can't be done, but you can make (using the above examples) much more (or all) of the surrounding ground base level 11 or 9 (rather than 7) to get rid of the 'hummock' before you get to the bridge. The other way I guess is to 'lower' the river by 2 or 4 levels.
  2. Errrrrr .... if you were looking to get support from a 'major outlet' here in the UK you'd need to be seriously rich! Have a look for your equivalent of 'night school' classes or other similar training opportunities. Retailers employ partly-trained monkeys to charge to £1+/min to misdiagnose your problem and to keep you on the line as long as they can while the pretend to search for a solution which always involves the three fingered salute and a suggestion you call them back if that doesn’t work! Steer clear.
  3. HP seem(ed) to make sh*t for stores like PC World and for corporate drone use - nothing much for the clued-up end user. A bit like - and I hesitate even to use their name - Packard Bell. Ptoooey. Perhaps rather than fitting little wheels to a desktop case, you could buy a suitable haversack ......
  4. Ooops .... the other thing is the widescreen resolution 1280x800 (rather than the 4:3 1280x1024). Look elsewhere herein from a learned treatise (from Schrullenhaft, I'd warrant) on issues with CMx1 and 16:9 aspect ratios .... no idea if this will be an issue for CMx2 or indeed other games, but I suspect the older the game, the more liklely it won't have 16:9 aspect ratio support, and the built in graphics card may not support any 4:3 ratios - the worst of both worlds!
  5. I've got to say that I'd wait until the specs are released from CMx2 - IME there's nothing worse than having a great game you can only play at its lowest settings. I'd wait for the couple of years it'll take for the game and its first two patches to come out and then buy a suitably specced laptop. Laptops are great, sure, especially if you have wifi in the house. But for performance, cost and reliability get a desktop built for you at a local store using generic parts, each of which will have their own warranty, as well as that the retailer / local legislation might offer you. Fi
  6. Make sure you *DO* get the extended warranty if you buy the Acer. Make sure you have a spare machine to use *when* it goes phut - it's going to have a lot of downtime in my experience from about month 13. My Mrs' Acer went "tits up" about a month outside the warranty period: the HD failed, the internal WiFi card failed, the 7in1 card reader failed. 4 months on, the power circuitry is acting up: sometimes it will turn on, sometimes it won't. Reaction from Acer or Savacentre (whence I bought it): nichts, nada, rien, sweet fa, maafi - couldn't care less. I would NEVER buy an Acer aga
  7. Someone once described the internet as a 'write only' medium ..... (or was that 'usenet' - same effect)
  8. Hmmm ... I wonder if the board interprets anything between <> *when pasted in from word* as a link of some kind - since it is in the original file (I write offline in word for spell-checking and grammar purposes and paste into boards). He only had to ask ..... maybe he'd solved the problem already ....
  9. And don't expect arty spotters always to be able to ride on anything. Only those with 'radio' somewhere in their description will (these are the ones operated by remote control); the others are operated by wire. I have been caught out TOO many times! I'm not sure you can always find the magic 'radio' word in the unit's description in a scenario, but you can when you buy them in a QB. A unit's transportability is also affectd by the number of chaps: (this is a made up example - indicative only), for instance you might get a team of 4 and a team of 2 on the back of a tank or in a Kubel
  10. Did that help you any Tamza? Just wondering, since if there is another solution, it'd be handy to know ....
  11. Did you fix your problem, Mercury? It's always nice to know, you know ...
  12. It happens sometimes. Files get corrupted when being written, zipped, transmitted etc; sometimes the game file itself even gets corrupted and you have to go back to the previous file/turn. It's happened to me I suppose twice in a thousand emails or so. Your chum will just have to redo the file and send a new one (or you could ask him to resend the existing one, but that'll probably fail too). It's a PITA if he did a lot of complex plots, but it can't be avoided. Hopefully he saved his file before hitting “go”. I very much doubt it’s anything to do with virus or spyware – in my e
  13. This is asked and answered many a time in the forum: a simple search would have found it, but seeing I’m “Mr Happy” today (way too much cold medication): Delete a file with a name like <<C:\Program Files\Battlefront\Combat Mission Afrika Korps\Combat Mission AK Prefs>> and it'll start you off again with the select resolution dialogues. Better still, rename it to something like "AK prefs 1024x768x85Hz (or whatever your current screen res is) and you'll be able to create a set of different pref files for various circumstances. Remember, if you don't get a dialogue box to ans
  14. Sarcasm aside, there are ways to get what you want, just not the way you want to get it.
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