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  1. I had this "if it's a long delay, BFC will let us know," so I feeling that Berlin might be just around the corner when I wake up. I still hold out hope for this weekend's release
  2. If CW comes out before F & B, I really don't know whether I should be happy or sad. Although I also pre ordered CW
  3. so how about the game of F&B now? Will the second quarter of 2021 have a dream start?
  4. I just uninstall 2077 from my PC, buy Cyberpunk 2077 was a mistake for me
  5. wait! I see the time of which quote from was"2020/03/27", now the year is 2021,right? just a joke? sorry for my ENGLISH,That's how I understood it, according to what I was taught by english language teacher
  6. Hello, man, I used to use cmfi Italian soldier's Leggings material mapping to do Soviet Leggings mapping, I don't know if you need it
  7. total war Rome remastered, it announced yesterday for me ,perharps is today for you.
  8. now the <total war rome> has been remastered,and will be released in 2021.04.29 I think the F&B will be released before this one at least
  9. Calm down to find that in fact, there is no need to urge BFC, so every day in anticipation of sleep, wake up, there may be a surprise, just like opening a gift box
  10. you are welcome, Actually, I've already reverted to the BFC version. also glad to see it being fixed
  11. And I always want to say that although CM is being sold on steam now, and the price on steam is cheaper than that on BFC website in my area, I will still buy CM on BFC, and then exchange it for steam key. The reason why I do that is that I am worried that if the DLC isn't on steam in the future, and if I only buy my ontology in steam, it will be very embarrassing . As I said in other posts before, ten years ago, some of our Chinese players gave money to our friends to buy CM in BFC. As a result, the key of each copy was the same, so that I bought cmrt and Gustav separately with my own account. My current cmsf1, Cmbn, Commonwealth, market garden, cmfi, the keys purchased before 2014 have been invalid, because the keys are the same, and some of us sold our own keys, resulting in the invalidation of our own keys. Now I don't know if I can activate the above parts with keys once I buy a new computer, and I also don't know if I can activate the above parts with keys after cmbn and cmfi goes on steam. NOW 75% of the keys I have are under my own account name, and 25% of them must have been invalid,、 And a few years ago, I even bought cmrt and GL twice just to make them appear in my own account. If I need to buy cmbn and cmfi again in the future, I hope I can buy a separate ontology, because part of my subsequent DLC is under my own account.
  12. The price of CM is not cheap for me all the time, but I think it's better to expect the game content to be better than to worry about discount or not in pre-order. Fortunately, CM has never let me down.
  13. the game is nearly to be released. I Don't think that it is necessary to release a demo before the whole game release.
  14. we need the DLC now. not tomorrow,not next week,now!!!!!
  15. It's a harsh reality. from 2014-2021,seven years!
  16. come on,this weekend! friday evening!
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