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  1. Very good, the uniform issue is a big problem for me as a uniform lover, so it has to be fixed.
  2. Tell me, where the hell is our money? Berlin is full of Pinkertons red army right now
  3. This picture reminds me of Dutch van der Linde of《Red Dead Redemption 2》
  4. VERY WELL, now I go to sleep, maybe tomorrow morning will be a surprise
  5. I've played this scenario at least 10 times over these years. It's fun
  6. I remember Mr. Steve mentioned a possible range of 2-4 weeks not long ago. I think the lower limit of 2 weeks will start in a few days
  7. What you are talking about is so complicated that I can't understand it with English Chinese translation software. So please talk about some things I can understand with translation software, such as when F&R will be released, or discuss the uniform model.
  8. I have also noticed that the skin is redder in the screenshot, and the texture may have used the <winter> tag to make it different, just like the <night> tag in CMBS for facial camouflage, and the <snow> tag in many mods for snow on clothes
  9. Maybe I'm being picky, but at first I thought the Soviet winter helmets were lined with cotton caps like the American ones in the CMFB. Of course, the models are so good now that it doesn't matter if they don't have linings either.
  10. Thank you very much, I've been using this mod before. I think the principle of this mod is to bind the magazine to the model of the svt40 rifle, but the root cause of the bug should be the lack of the magazine model, so with this mod, this problem can be solved most of the time, but the animation of changing the magazine cannot be reflected.
  11. wonderful pic。 but the svt-40 magazine still lost in 3D model, not fixed
  12. I just went to search and found this news. I remember a vulgar joke I saw on the Internet this morning. I didn't understand what it meant. Now I think about it before I understand what it means. May he rest in peace
  13. I used to watch 《Patton》 on TV, a Bridge too far, Saving Private Ryan in the cinema, and a series of war films about the Soviet Union. I prefer the uniforms and weapons of the US, British and Soviet armies, but I am not interested in German ones. people around who are interested in World War II are the opposite of me. I can only find friends with the same preferences on the Internet, You know, it's lonely not to have something in common
  14. Dear BFC boss, I have no other needs, just asked to join the Soviet ssh68 helmet
  15. There are too many thing need to do on the eastern front before 1943 Take the Soviet army as an example, different formations, different uniforms, ssh36 helmets, kV, BT, T-26, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Finland etc. In my life, I was fortunate to be exposed to CMBB when I was in University. It was not only an encyclopedia, but also opened the door of simulated wargame for me. You see, when I first entered the University, I was still playing suddenstrike2. Of course, I didn't mean to belittle SS2. suddenstrike2 is a stepping stone to bring me into the door of military games
  16. I'll bet that at the moment, CW must be ahead of FR. No accident, I am also a person after 42 +. I received the key when I was preorder the game. At that time, I couldn't exchange steam's key in slicherine, but I think it can be exchanged immediately after the game is released this month. I personally have a strong hunch that this weekend is very hopeful. 2021 is my 36th birthday. Usually when it's a multiple of 6, my luck is either excellent or extremely bad. I hope this year will be a good one.
  17. I have never doubted the development ability of BFC。 If send some screenshots of the game at this time. The content is Russian soldiers in overcoats, helmets and cotton caps mixed, even better。
  18. I have nothing to say,only waiting. yes,I am a good boy,Keep watch alone
  19. Although CM has its shortcomings in simulating street fighting, I can't find a better street fighting game on the market that simulates that many elements. So CM is only choice for me to choose. Other games just don't meet my needs
  20. Brother, to be honest. How is the test going
  21. so ,it is very very nearly,I Can hear the russia spoken "ypa" out of my door
  22. It's a good idea, and it makes me think again: I always hope that CMx2 can add the boats and rafts which from CMx1, so that the 504 regiment of 82nd Airborne Division can reappear in cmbn ,the battle example of crossing the Waal River(am I spell letter right in english?) and seizing the Nijmegen bridge
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