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  1. I use s TV as well but use the HDMI mode, works like a champ.
  2. The AI can't think / react to your moves so if you remove the time limit it's just becomes a matter of sniffing the AI out. Against a human player maybe since both player can move their guys around. By the way this has been discussed your years. The general consensus is what I said above.
  3. I don't have an issue with TC's being shot. I do have a problem with Stug TC's opening up well with in small arms fire range and getting shot. My last game I had the 105 Stug at 250m with direct LOS to infantry open up and fire the mg. Of course he was shot, crew panicked and jumped out. Why in God's name would you expose your self to fire when you have a 105m gun with clear LOS? Perhaps I'm wrong but isn't the point of an assault gun to roll up to darn near point blank and blast away with heavy artillery. Frankly I don't play RT anymore because of this issue. I see the same happening here. Da
  4. ScoutPL, I think your comparing your experience with modern combat to WWII. I agree with you in that keeping our guys alive is more important than any objective in the current wars. In WWII the objective had more importance because taking ground was the objective whereas today “body count” and limiting friendly/civilian causalities is the objective. Of course keeping causalities low as possible was important at least for the western allies in WWII. That being said, Marine causality rates in the Pacific were very high due to time pressure to take objectives. Remember in WWII the German po
  5. I still want the old Squad Leader campagin game. The player with the highest ranking leader at the end of X number of scenarios wins. Example each player is on the map, Cpl Gulley in my case. I earn points for Cpl Gulley when he or those under his direct command do positive stuff and lose points for negative stuff. Of course winning the scenario wins you a lot of points. After 1 scenario Cpl Gulley has +10 points not quite enough to earn say a +1 for learership but close. After 6 scenarios Cpl Gulley has maxed out all the positive modifires so he earned his NCO stripes. Now in scenario 7 he's
  6. $6 I feel sick, I paid a little more than that, about 10 times as much as I recall. But I got the deluxe pre-order.
  7. I agree, I liked the first couple of missions but I never even attempted the city mission. My hat is off to the few guys that take the time to design scenarios and campaigns. That being said I like scenarios with at most 2 platoons of infantry and a few vehicles at most. Anything more than that is work!!
  8. Seemed easier as the US side. I played wego elite and had a total victory. The difference seems to be the spotting ability of the US infantry. I spotted and killed the hidden vehicles before they had a chance to fire. Even killed the tanks at very long range with javelins. With the units firing on their own also makes things easier since you don't have to want for the next turn to target. Still one of the best scenarios, I think is good to go as is.
  9. We're going to get Marines followed by Euro troops against Sryians. More of the same ambush scenarios. Only this time we'll have different toys but the scenarios will be the same. Sure the game is realistic but so what, again how many scenarios do you want to play where the cavalry rides to the rescue. By now everyone know how to isloate and over come with firepower. The only fun for me is taking a few loses as possible, fun!
  10. Then don't that type of campaign then! I'm would make it an option. If you want to play the game as is then press on. I don't want medals either just something to maintain instrest. As you said "I'm done here" unless the AI gets better or PBEM becomes an option. Many times I've fired up the game only to turn it off before playing a turn. The reason is I've played all the battles and campaigns several times. Since QB's aren't up to speed yet what is there to hold my instrest. I played the old East Front campaign game for years after burning out on playing scenarios again it maintained instrest,
  11. You can lead you troops by gaining leadership ability. Think CMx1, you gain combat skills, morale building, command skills, stealth skills. Once you max these skill at you current rank you promote to the next rank and start all over. I'm already burnt out on playing the AI with CMx2, unless future patches include a killer AI the game is in bad shape unless they come up with something to keep people playing. I like other others only play CMx1 PBEM because the AI isn't much of a challange. With 120 turn per scenario PBEM isn't an option with CMx2. Do you see where I'm going with this? CMx2 East
  12. I want the Squad Leader campaign game. "You" start off as a corporal or sgt at the start of the campaign and based on how well you do during each scenario you can earn better skills and promotions. Yes I realize the scope of CMSF is way to short for that to happein in RL. This is a game and the purpose of a game is to have fun. Since most people play solo what could be better than watching "yourself" on the battlefield. As I recall the SL campaign was only 6 scenarios, of course the player could make it as long as they wanted. A 2 player version would have both players start off at the bottom
  13. I never got pasted Cross of Iron, the rules just got too tough. We spent more time re-reading rules than playing. Set-up was also a major pain, not to mention moving the stacks to check LOS. As has been stated a 1,000,000 times before CMx1 was the ASL players dream. I really thing the single player campaign is the way to go. Like I said it's a game, this would be really cool in a EF WWII version where the war lasted 4 years and the toys kept getting better. You could do it now I would think, change the names of one of the leaders to yours and devise some sort of scoring system based on
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