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  1. Yeah, Cirrus appears to be using "direct" to mean "firing at a spotted target" and "indirect" to mean "area firing". If you want, you can just put a little piece of tape on your screen where the AT gun is, then switch to the mortar and target the piece of tape. That's what I do. It might be a bit "gamey", but I've found it's an acceptable workaround.
  2. So, I've heard some general admissions from KD and Steve that the UI "needs improvement" or "isn't perfect," along with a lot of reasons why many of the customer suggested improvements are silly/unworkable/etc. I'd be curious to hear from BF folks - what are the issues you guys feel need improvement/what are you working on improving? My apologies if that's been addressed in this thread and I missed it - I've only been skimming the last few pages... Edit: Oops, that was sort of addressed on p. 7, I and I did miss it...
  3. Full Disclosure: I'm a CMx1 player who gave CMSF a pass. In the bit I've played around with CMx2 I've struggled with this issue, hopefully with a (somewhat) open mind. That said, I suspect the issue is a bit subtler than just the relative complexity of CMx2's terrain or intuitive vs. non-intuitive styles of players. Say me and a buddy were looking at a muddy field. I say "Dude, no way you can make it across that in your pickup truck." He says, "I can make it no problem." So he jumps in his truck and drives across the field. The final arbiter is reality - he either makes it or get
  4. Sure, I'm always looking for someone new to get beat by. It keeps my self-esteem low. I'll shoot you a PM over there...
  5. I've been hanging out mostly at World at War lately - lot of good players, a great ladder, and easy to find either on or off ladder games. Curious as to where other people are finding games?
  6. That thread sort of begs the "how do you know?" question in regard to HQ combat bonuses affecting firepower. I guess "what the heck else would a combat bonus affect?" would be a reasonable question in response...
  7. I think maybe that is a bad assumption - a quick test showed no change in the stated FP in or out of command. Of course, another quick test showed no change in stated FP no matter what combat bonus I gave the HQ. Are you sure that combat bonuses increase FP? If so, it doesn't show on the stated FP number when you target a unit...
  8. Vehicles that get bogged into immobilization sometimes go back to 'bogged' status, but are, of course, stuck where they lie. They start the next game with a chance to unbog, or they can go back to immob'ed. Had it happen even when they're in NML. If they're behind the enemies line, they abandon. At least, that's been my experience...
  9. Interesting on the auto-surrender. I did a quick check - it turns out you will get auto-surrendered, but it appears that you must lose your entire force and not have any reinforcements coming in subsequent battles in order to trigger it, a set of circumstances which I can't imagine actually happens often. (Didn't test every circumstance - for instance, if you lose your entire force and reinforcements don't come for a few battles afterwards). It is strange to see the game go on with no units on the board, though - all the enemy units go to contact markers... Interesting stuff, SteveP. D
  10. Been playing a few ops lately, some observations re: your observations... 1) It seems to me like the map (and the lines) move with respect to the relative "centers of gravity" of the attackers and defenders force. Thus a narrow, deep penetration may well move the map considerably in the attacker's favor, provided the bulk of the attacker's force has moved down the map. It's not so much the width of the penetration as the amount of your force you've moved forward from the starting lines. Conversely, if the defender moves his force forward of his starting position, he can offset gains by t
  11. One other difference - all vehicle MGs have a max range of 1000m, regardless of type (which is further confirmation that they are treated as something other than their unmounted counterparts). Not that this makes a huge practical difference, in that you're probably not going to be hosing targets 1000m off, anyway...
  12. Just to be clear, the effect is: Unit, say a gun, in command of a leader with a combat bonus. Gun shoots at a target unit. If the leader has LOS to the target unit as well, combat bonus applies. If the leader does not have LOS to the target unit, the combat bonus does not apply. I'm all but certain it applies to both CMBB and CMAK, not sure about CMBO. It's easily demonstrated if you set up a test with a gun firing on a tank - watch the hit chances change based on whether or not the HQ can see the tank.
  13. To be fair, there are a lot of events that appear random, but in fact are not. I think DC's inquiry was along the lines of "this appears random, I sort of expect it to be random, but was just wondering if anyone had stumbled across anything to suggest there was some non-random trigger, even though I expect there not to be".
  14. For the record, my purely anecdotal experience is that the biggest influencing factor is morale state - they'll almost never let fly if not at 'OK'. Um...is there a difference in the frequency of satchel chucking if you area target a unit v. directly targeting them?
  15. Ran a quick test, lining up a whole bunch of engineers of varying experience levels, and let 'em have at it. I learned...nothing much. Granted there probably weren't enough of them for any kind of statistical significance, but they all started chucking satchels pretty quick, starting, oddly enough, with the conscripts. Everyone (talking 30+ squads here) chucked at least one satchel in the first turn, most chucked 2, a few chucked 3, except for one green squad who held on to their satchels. Draw whatever conclusions you like. JC: How do you know this stuff? Not doubting, just curious.
  16. Yup, works in ops, too. I'd call it "gamey" in the sense that it seems to take advantage of the way preplanned arty is implemented with no sensible real world explanation for why it exists. I can't imagine a scene in which the preplanned arty strike is going to fall too soon, so Captain Smith yells to his arty spotter "Bob, hop on the truck so they'll quit shooting." So it seems like it's more a "trick" than a "tactic". Whether or not it gives an "unfair" advantage is maybe up for debate, given the cost of a radio spotter and some sort of transport, and the limitations of having to pick a
  17. It'd make me feel a bit dirty to knowingly use it. But it's a feature/bug/thingy worth knowing about, if only so you don't board your spotter and unknowingly cut off your key large cal barrage at a critical point in the battle (which is how I stumbled across it). And also so you know how your sleazy, gamey, unprincipled opponent is always dropping arty on you at just the right time...
  18. JasonC - yeah, I just stumbled across that in a recent game. Did a quick re-test to be sure. If you load your spotter onto a vehicle, the countdown stops in place, and resumes where it left off when you unload him. If you load him mid-barrage, the barrage stops in place, and resumes immediately upon unloading. Seems sort of gamey, but it makes that conscript spotter pretty powerful, when you can program in a 1 minute delay, have him jump in a truck, and effectively bring down arty on a given spot whenever you want. Incidentally, if you retreat a spotter with a pre-planned strike o
  19. You can, however, stop the bombardment by loading your spotter onto a vehicle. The arty will resume once you unload them.
  20. I don't think that's correct. Results are calculated after the second player in a turn to enter orders selects "GO". </font>
  21. So many times I've seen someone cry 'unrealistic' when in fact they mean 'something unlucky happened to me'. It's a if realism means 'things should always behave in a way that seems average, or if some improbably event happens, it should happen in my favor.' It's hard to justify a charge of 'unrealistic' based on one anecdotal story. I'm not sure what happend is altogether unrealistic, anyway. Bunch of men in a cornfield (not sure if you specificed date, but a cornfield in the winter is not a good place to shelter from bullets, and come to think of it, a cornfield in the summer doesn't s
  22. I don't think that's quite true - it's back is opposite the direction is facing. However, fire coming from the direction of the friendly map edge will still tend to panic quicker, so maybe it's more of a question of what you mean by 'back'. Interestingly, this all points out one of the drawbacks of surrounding an enemy in CM. I've had my opponent work his way behind my men, only to have them surrender almost instantly once there was contact. Sometimes flanking = good, surrounding = bad if you run into serious opposition. [ April 19, 2007, 11:41 AM: Message edited by: The Coil ]
  23. What's the difference in game terms between 80 armor and 50+30? Anything?
  24. Another question along these lines I've always wondered about...are casualty points distributed differently for attacker and defender? For instance, given a 1000pt A/D battle, the attacker has 1500pts, defender 1000pts. If they both kill half the other guys forces, is the defender leading in casualty VPs, in that he's killed more points, or is it tied, in that they've both killed equal percentages of the other force?
  25. Thanks all - helpful info. Does anyone know anything definitive about variable turn endings? I've heard the 'it's battle dependant' claim before, but always based on anecdotal evidence. Call me skeptical, but it seems like it'd be easy to convince yourself the ending depends on the state of the battle, when in fact it is just random.
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