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  1. Sadly, it looks like this mod wasn't migrated to CMMODs III, unlike the other similar ones by Marco Bergman (at least I can't find it there)... Is there still a way to find it nowadays? Or does someone have it on their computer and could help me out? Thanks a lot!
  2. It's great to see the demo! But I'm getting a rather slow download speed (100-300 KB/s - my connection tops out around 60 MB/s in practice)... Did anyone else have download speed issues ?
  3. Actually, this is not a rumor - it was officially anounced at GDC earlier this month, under the name of "Vulkan".
  4. In French, it's more specifically a wooden shoe (a clog, I think, in English?). It's also the word for an animal's hoof, and then there's a whole host of other meanings which derive more or less directly from those. As for its use in artillery, my understanding is that wooden sabots were used with round ball amunition in the 19th century (the wikipedia article shows a couple examples), and you could say that thoses looked kinda like wooden shoes for the shells.
  5. Nowadays, "AK rounds" in Russian use means 5.45x39, which has similar weight and size, as well as raw kinetic energy, to the NATO 5.56x45 rounds. Penetration (against walls or body armor) and terminal effects would depend on the exacts rounds used though (there are specific armor-piercing rounds for both calibers, but I don't know how widespread they are).
  6. FYI, there's already been a discussion about this here.
  7. With the default settings, you can access the function keys by pressing Fn + the function key you want. If you change the setting like argie said, it's the other way round - you access the volume up/down, the dashboard, etc. with Fn + the function key. It's not at all uncommon to have the function keys double as special keys for things like volume up/down and so on - most laptop keyboards are like that, and some desktop keyboards too (like my own Microsoft keyboard). One mode is set as the default, and the other works with a modifier key (Fn key usually). Then, there are basically t
  8. Honestly, it should be a crime. Murder is bad, sure, but using Comic Sans? That's much, much, worse. Over-reacting, much? You made a comment that was correct but off-topic, he pointed it out - end of story. There's no need to get all emotional about it. There are plenty of far more important things to worry about - it's not like you were arguing for the need to properly model Bren tripods in the game.
  9. To include fire, they'll need a new game engine. The Market Garden module will require CMx2 v2.0, which doesn't support fire. Maybe fire will be supported in a future version of the CMx2 engine, like v3.0, or 4.0, or whatever - but in the meantime, it can't auto-magically appear in a module...
  10. Those people should really consider how it works with other game developers/publishers before criticizing BFC's new release model... For the vast majority of commercial games, version 2.0 would NOT be a free update! It would either be part of an extension/DLC/whatever (so you'd have to pay for both new content and new functionality together, instead of paying for them separately - but you'd still have to pay for it) or a whole new game (and you'd have to pay full price, not update price). Also keep in mind that most of the time, games aren't seriously supported for more than a year or two - an
  11. If you really wanted to talk about reality, you would also mention that those games either: - sell several orders of magnitude more copies than a CM game can ever hope to sell, allowing the developers to afford many, many times more man-hours of development work than what BFC can spend; - and/or have much simpler mechanics compared to a serious tactical wargame like the CM series, allowing the devs to spend much more time on the "candy-coating" aspects; - and/or are simply focused on the multi-player experience first and foremost, so they set their priorities accordingly. As for the good
  12. Wow, that's a nice tool! You do have to be careful with that sort of tool though, since it uses ballistic formulas to calculate the penetration rather than real world data: it's only a model, and it can be more or less (in)accurate depending on which real-world factors are or aren't taken into account (not to mention completely unpredictable circumstances, like a defective armor plate). But it can probably give a reasonable idea of a given gun/ammo combo capabilities, and the diagrams are just neat!
  13. A measly 2 mm at 1000 m probably means a lot more at closer ranges : since APCR/HVAP rounds are lighter than regular AP rounds, they tend to have poorer long range ballistics. edit: I have seen different figure on this site (quoted from "6pdr Handbook, Cromwell Handbook, AVIA 46 187, WO 185/178, DEFE 15 180"). For MQ armour (it's RHA, not face-hardened) at 30°, they give the following figures: APCBC: - 86 mm at 500 yards - 80 mm at 1000 yards (-7% compared to the penetration at 500 yards) - 68 mm at 2000 yards (-21%) APCR: - 109 mm at 500 yards - 90 mm at 1000 yards (-17%) - 75
  14. With the new upgrade system, CM:SF 2 would sound like a v2.0 upgrade for CM:SF (something that won't actually exist), which could be a little confusing - so I think it's a very good idea to use a different name. DVDs won't go away before quite some time. But please note that CD-Rs, DVD-Rs and BD-Rs are generally NOT reliable archival media. They degrade over time and can become unreadable after a few years (or even a few months in extreme cases), and you need to be very careful with several different factors (media quality, write speed, storage conditions) to have some degree of control
  15. You do make some good points DeeYay, but here's where I disagree: Do keep in mind that CM:A was developed by a Russian company who partnered with BFC, not directly by BFC. Not all of CM:A's shortcomings are BFC's fault (the campaign and scenario design, for instance). The CMx2 engine only gained support for water (rivers, lakes...) in CM:BN - it didn't support water when CM:SF and then CM:A were released. It's sad, but supporting water properly isn't easy for the programmers, and they had to set priorities. Please keep in mind though that in the real world, amphibious vehicles are a
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