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  1. Purchased Weapons & Warfare: I played 1.03 and its a huge amount of fun. Lots of nice changes and additions and a thumping good strategy gameplay experience. Many thanks to Hubert & the team for this - great work and a real good expansion. Thanks also to Bill Macon for the Advanced Third Reich mod. I played this as a kid (it was my first ever strategy game I bought) and a lot of work and care is evident in this mod - great work Bill. By the way - your name sounds familiar - did you work on some RPG games? Many Thanks, Steve.
  2. When choosing Window Mode, upon starting the editor there are several bugs: -You can't access most of the tabs at the top and all of them are hidden. -There is no minimze/maximize -It freezes Could you please tell me where the editor config file is so I can manually change the editor to runn in fullscreen as I cannot use it.
  3. This is not even historically in character with Patton. To quote a post from elsewhere:
  4. Edited. (Never mind I figured this out.) [ July 20, 2007, 08:27 PM: Message edited by: Steve Rogers ]
  5. There were several plans the UK had in case Germany successfully invaded the UK. One of the contingencies devised would involve the use of air-dropped gas bombs against German forces en masse. The bombs were stockpiled and this remained a secret until a few years ago when secret files were made public in Britain. Churchill was not against using "any means" to defend Britain. As an interesting afterthought, there was also a little-known German 'practice run' at sea lion during 1940 using a small amphibious landing party around the Cornish Coast. The charred remains of the landing boats
  6. Ah apologies guys - I was really tired when I checked this out last night-stupid error. Well, count me in for a purchase - I cant wait...I loved IL-2 and this looks to be a major step forward in WW2 gaming.
  7. Hi, will there be a mission editor included?
  8. Wonderful! I used to play Third Reich - it was the very first WW2 strategy game I ever bought way back in 1986 I think. This brings back some memories indeed!
  9. Just for interest, I'm wondering what other WW2 games we all enjoy on here. I love history and particularly find WW2 fascinating. Even though I'm not a great first-person shooter fan, I found The Medal of Honor series and Call Of Duty beautifully done with a wonderfully well-captured atmosphere and attention to detail. Hearts of Iron 2 and Doomsday are favourites, but take rather a long time to play (and the Japanese carriers STILL don't have the range to attack pearl harbour!)
  10. Ah! Thanks Hubert! As always I look forward to the updates
  11. When is the 1.06 update available?. I'm asking this because, as usual, there is a mod available for 1.06 before it has even been released.
  12. This looks amazing! I regret not having more time to partake in testing or making mods...
  13. Beautiful work! Really looking forward to playing with this!
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