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  1. Hi all ! We are on hollidays for 2 weeks minimum, so don't worry if you don't have news about us for now. We will back soon with the first release (alpha version) ! See you soon ! =FR3DO= & =F@B=
  2. ...... Thank you, you're welcome ! We'll contact you soon for testing the alpha version. The map is enlarged at her maximal size. Arrows let you go from an extremitie of the map to other ( "naval loop"). Just look these screens : This is another screens from the actual state of our =F&F= Mod : Flags sprites ; units sprites ; resources sprites ; See you soon ! =FR3DO= & =F@B= [ July 16, 2006, 04:57 PM: Message edited by: Fredoz ]
  3. Hello people ! Thank you all for your posts, thank you for your encouragements and compliments !! We try to understand all posts, but we have problems with english sometimes, sorry about that and for our crap english. We can't post everyday because we are in a busy period (work for now and soon hollidays), but be sure to have news all the 2 or 3 days. The mod is still in "alpha" state. Just a little precision about the screenshots ; the jpg screenshots that we use for our posts are lower quality than the bmp files used for the game. We contacted Etienne who will probably help us (tha
  4. Hi all there ! We had not a lot of time these last days, but today we can give you more screenshots and some answers. First at all, this mod is not a fake "You made motorized/mechanized infantry???" - The artillery replace the rockets - The corps replace engineers - the mechanized replace corps. "Did you have to sacrifice any scale in Europe?" - Not at all, the original Europe map was simply enlarged with the game editor. Interface is 100% compatible with the original game ! The interface menu is also available with the us seal. If someone wants, the complete interfac
  5. Hi everyone, We are two french players, and today we want to present you our new complete mod "F&F" for Strategic Command 2 : Blitzkrieg. The interface and the flags are 100% completed. The campaign is 50% completed. An Alpha version of the mod will be available in 2 weeks. The complete version will be terminated soon And now, this is the actual version of our "F&F" mod : See you later ! =FR3DO= & =F@B=
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