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  1. One of the benefits of having female soldiers. Drapes!
  2. Lol Forget it, GenSplatton. Apparently he has forgotten that this forum is for a game. He did attempt to answer you tho: "Third, in deep woods you can try pioneers. ..."
  3. Engineers backed by FTs, preceded by cheap conscript lmgs and half-squads. Insist upon 40 turns to run out his ammo and give you plenty of sneaky-time.
  4. What happens? They calmly hold their breath! Like I am holding mine for an update on the AAR. Remember the AAR?
  5. Well, if their souls are pure, they wont burn, so whats the difference? Luckily for Tux, communists are evil.
  6. What if his smg troops were not on the far left? Does two AFVs cost the man the game then? I think that Juste has decent position. But he ought to stall his attack on your right and await your coming. But then, the Tiger is basically immune now...
  7. Learn German? (sorry, hopefully someone can help you)
  8. What is to stop a guy from uninstalling the game, then rolling back his computer?
  9. I'm thinking that as SebastienL has inferred, you have not actually begun a pbem game, but have sent a save game file to him. In this case it would be saved in the scenarios folder, if not the saved games folder (not sure if there is one of those). Tell him to look there for the game. But if what you want is to play AGAINST your friend via email, then you need to begin anew, and when you get to the point where choose one of the following: 1-player, Hotseat, TCP/IP, or Hotseat, you need to choose PBeM. The just play it out until the end. Trust me, do not save the game and send him the save f
  10. What? You choose your own password and he chooses his. You cannot sneak peek his forces as he cannot purchase them before setting his password. There is no temptation to remove. Or I do not understand your meaning...
  11. You know, if you hover a LoS line over a building, it says whether it is heavy or not, just like it tells the terrain. If that helps you...
  12. You are most likely right. Looking forward to the next few turns.
  13. As long as it is not terribly expensive. From what I expect out of it, I would care to pay something like 30$US, but we'll see, I guess. Of course, alot depends upon any community that grows around it, also. Do people decide they enjoy playing H2H with the CMC supra-game or do they not. I can also foresee one or two persons running the CMC campaign while others commit to the battles, which would relieve having to have CMC, possibly, provided there are export capabilities, which actually I doubt.
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