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  1. I would love to help you out with the feedback part but I m not to sure where I would get the map...
  2. I have to agree with JerseyJohn, The rain storm the day before slowed down the Little N one day, which if we would have attacked on that day instead of having to wait due to the weather. Then it is generally accepted that Napoleon would have ripped apart the forces against him and then crushed (again) the pursian army, and the world would be a different place...
  3. I do not think that any one would play france alone... but I think that having a that person be either UK or USA also would be great. So it would really only be 3v2. I would lean on that person that is USA being France also becasuse the USA isn't reeally do much till about 1 year after france falls. Italy though would be nice to play... no real presure, no real problems, if you do bad... oh well your Italy but if you take all of the Middle east and turkey and do a southern invasion of ussr or destory the USA and UK fleet, then SWEEt, your Italy you won the game...
  4. I can download a Mod, and extract it, but when I play it, it does not have any different sprites, or music,or changed stats on units... Could someone please post on how to do this the right way? A step-by-step break down would be nice if possible. Thanks
  5. I will mostly likely get atacked for this but, here goes... Say the Germans did get the peace with france and the UK. Was smart enough not to invade a country with a two front war and actually won in the east, (Due to america not entering and keeping their production to themselves) and took the middle east to get that much needed item called oil. How on earth are the Germans supposed to hold 4 relgions together (Christian, Prodestant, Shi'ite, and sunni) while killing off another one? Then how would they hold on to their gains? The middle east countires would have done what they are doin
  6. What is the point of this debat? It seems that the people from Canada are saying that America blows and it has all this crap. Then, the American people trun around and say, "No Canada blows." This is a very "Adult" way to debat. All people speaking in this debat have a flaw. You are trying to say your country is better but no one has really defined what makes one country better than the other? So, both sides are debating with their own ideas on what is correct and thus, a point will never be reached. Every country has problems, which have been pointed out above, but which problems are wo
  7. In response to the Iran talk, We (The USA) could go to war with Iran and would be able to acheive the goals of the operation. While it is true that America doesn't have the manpower to actually do a land invasion of Iran, there are many other ways in which the war could be fought. The main problem with the war would not be from Iran but the gobal outcry and predicted increase of terrorist attacks in nearby nations. Some predict that sucide bombing will increase from one a week, to one every half hour in 12 different cities. n0kn0k, you are correct in your statement that Iraq had a
  8. I was wondering if the computer always defends moscow with all of it's units. To me this seems like a bad idea. They are out in the open and there is to much german supply for the russians to stand much of a chance. It seems that either the ussr air defense needs to be reworked or placing all of their corps in the open is really a bad way to go. They turn into bomber/fighter bait and then when they are down on Str. and morale they are just taken apart. Doesn't seem to really matter much on their tech lvl's either. I do not mean to bring this up if someone already has and if there is not
  9. Blashy, So this not being able to produce unless connected to the capitial or the Major nations makes them produce at 5 instead of 8 or 10. now my question is... If I surround Moscow with 8 units and leave it completly blocked off, will all of USSR fall to 50% production? If so, sweet because I am an axis player usally, but that is rather poor for the USSR to be knocked down to half of their income for not defending a city that can't really be defended in the first place....
  10. You wouldn't be asking advice becuase you are playing against me in the pbem game are you? 'cause if you are... Well i recommend a full assualt against all incoming enemy and what ever you do make sure not to entrench any of your units because... well they will get tired and they look funny in trenches, take it from a man who has had to dig a few trenches in his life... they suck to build. If this is not for the game against me then I would have to follow along the lines of Scook except in the case of not building tanks. I like to get 4 tanks on the way and then build corps during th
  11. Hi, Welcome to the game. I would like to play against you in a game if you would like. My Msn is xanos37@yahoo.com Message me there if you have msn or email me at emontgo@simla.colostate.edu Good luck and have fun
  12. LOL, I would love to see the War of the Rings, either the first war or the second... but while we are at it, with this editor it would be possible to make anything and thus we could make a star wars mod... with the attacks on other worlds (islands i am guessing or just stick to a main world) we could have the Jedi as HQ uints and the order to kill them off and all that... Sorry to much detail there but can't wait to play this mod... oh and go Bactria!
  13. My idea is that instead of it being always complete chance; make it so there is some predictability to research. To limit the chance that the player with 5 chits in something gets no where, while the player with one gets lucky and has an advance every turn. The idea is to add extra % for every turn that the intended upgrade is not hit. For example, if you have 1 chit in Heavy tanks, you have a 5% chance, then after a set number of turns, add 1% for every chit invested. Thus after, say 3 turns, the player now has a 6%, then in 6 turns the player has a 7% chance. Next example, if that sam
  14. Thank you for the response. I was hoping to gain some insight on the coming patch, 1.03. Will there be any changes from the current in regrades to 1.02?
  15. I am not a constant member here and was wondering if the new patch was going to change the amount of money each side can spend on research, namely germany and ussr. Was wondering if this had been talked about? If so, what was the general thought about the changes, if any?
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