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  1. Which you prefer counting easier, 17/3 or 17/10?
  2. I'm more than willing to supply you with some figures and statistics if you need.
  3. Well, actually the Finns went hundreds of kilometers towards east -- all the way to the Lake Onega. But Mannerheim didn't want to take any of Russian soil which would result in diplomatic consequences. He didn't want to cut the Murmansk railroad, nor did he want to help with the siege of Leningrad. He was sure the Russians would remember this should Germany lose the war. A truly wise man. P.S Cary: Just had to add that I like the strong ironic flavour in some of your posts, it's a pleasure to read them.
  4. hahahahahah, that's the most hilarious thing i've read in a while.
  5. Hehe, I keep on having this image of a Soviet and a German soldier spotting each other while scouting. The Soviet one shouts: "It's your turn, come and get me, scum!" "Oh, haha, it's all muddy there, poor you." The German one stumbles in mud and is unavaivable to move. "Argh, man, why does this always happen to me.." The Soviet soldier is idle and laughs while his opponent is stumbling in mud. "Ahh, now it's my turn, and the mud is gone." A PPSH sings a deadly song, with a sharp, lead'ish interlude. Gerry drops dead. "Poor bugger. But hey, such is SC."
  6. I slightly disagree with hellraiser here. Modern weather forecasting on super fast computers is accurate for the next three days, and somewhat accurate for a week onwards. One turn in SC is many weeks.
  7. I do think a random weather system is indeed a good one. Like pzgndr said, it'll even out in the long term. BUT what worries me is competetive tournaments, which we had in SC for example. Like Curry's France Campaign tournament. You've got no long run and weather may screw whole tournaments.
  8. Exactly. Making some countrys units better than others, just because they did some ass-kicking historically, is just stupid. If one was to change the combat values of U.S. paratroopers, which undoubtly were good, one would have to change a lot of other unit values too. For example you may look at the statistics between Soviet and Finnish troops in their mutual conflict and you'll see they're heavily tipped to the latters favour. Yet, they're equal in the game, which is fine. (Though the defense value of finnish troops is 1 higher, i think.) There's countless of other examples, too.
  9. I fully agree. In fact, this is something I've always missed in SC. One of the greatest things in it is that it balances the game when playing against the AI.
  10. Jollyguy Your AAR's are always a great pleasure to read. Keept it up!
  11. Rolend Reading from the context I'm sure Bunta means German. For example: "Bunta general" is a German general.
  12. Sounds good to me. If you have a fleet consisting of, say, Prinz Eugen and Bismarck, and you run into an enemy fleet and a battle commences. Do you then use your both ships individually, or are their stats combined somehow? If not, is there really a point stacking them into a fleet?
  13. John That's exactly the dilemma I am facing here. I guess the best option was, once again, a compromise. This time meaning that I left the picture where it was, but changed the text under the image. Hopefully this helps my conscience and maybe some others too.
  14. John: Apology gladly accepted. Although I don't know if I deserved it, last night I felt kinda horrible when I went to bed. Next time I'm sure I'll think twice before posting such an image. Still, I'm not sure whether I want to delete it or not. One should stand for one's actions and not hide them like a scaredy-cat. I can now understand why you become angry when somebody denies the holocaust. Or why anybody would become angry for the matter. But to be honest, this was the first time I even heard of such a stupid idea, and I couldn't even take it seriously. Anyways, I'm glad we came to some ki
  15. You say this isn't an argument at all, fine. I just happen to disagree here. Maybe it's due to differences between our native languages and their definitions of an argument and a discussion, or then we just might be perceiving the whole thing differently. With the picture, though, I was just remarking the paradox of arguing the idea of holocaust never existing. People die but ideas are immortal. As long as there's people, there is ideas. Unfortunately, including stupid ideas. This subject being a premium example. Now, one might be wondering what does all this idea-babble have anything to
  16. Look beneath the surface. [ May 28, 2006, 07:38 AM: Message edited by: janbo ]
  17. Originally posted by hellraiser: I agree. I think attacking ground units with a carrier should rather have a chance of reducing the carriers readiness instead of strenght. Then it could be fixed by taking it to a friendly port.
  18. Hehe, couldn't help laughing at this one. If my memory doesn't quite betray me, I think our longest word is epäjärjestelmällistymättömyydelläänsäkäänköhän
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