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  1. I wholly concur with Michael Emrys' description of demolition work against hedgehogs, because I have personally destroyed a hedgehog!  


    It was a dark night somewhere near Meaford Ontario... Or was it Gagetown NB?  In any case it required a few blocks of C4 or whatnot strapped to the centre where the I-beams were joined.  


    It didn't take more than 10 minutes to set up det cord, use strapping to attach explosives, and attach fuses.  Same procedure for concrete dragon's teeth, maybe a little more time for them due to strapping wooden boards to 'sandwich' the explosives against the cement. 


    I believe such work should be within the scale of CM.  


    On the other hand, it wasn't a matter of just chucking blocks at it, and it would not be something to do under fire. 


    Last but not least, these were all freestanding obstacles, nothing sunk into the ground or anchored in any way. 

  2. company of infantry and a 4 or 5 medium tanks or assault guns.

    My personal opinion is that's the scale that Combat Mission does best.

    Big enough that you can have a plausible variety of assets to use, but small enough that you can actually manage everything.

  3. My uninformed, unresearched 'gut feel' is that:

    (1) 85mm AP could still have a relatively big bursting charge, and

    (2) It might not be the most efficient fragment-generator when it explodes, but would at least cause relatively few, relatively large pieces to fly much further than an HE shell.

    So maybe its fragments can hit troops fairly far away, although it is unlikely to do so.

    Why it is set off immediately by a tree, and not from bouncing off armour plate, I have no idea.

    FWIW, according to some googling, the 85mm AP in question may be BR-356, a 9.2kg AP tracer wi. flat nose & ballistic cap shell, containing 0.164 kg of "phlegmatized hexogen with powdered aluminum".

  4. Playing a CMRT QB and have a Maxim MG as part of a Submachinegun Bn.

    The gun's ammo is listed as 'empty', that's fine, i think they've been firing for a while.

    But at the moment the listing for the team says their ammo is:

    - 7.62x25 (282 rounds) fine, there are 2 SMG's.

    - 12.7mm AP (100 rounds) (???)

    - 7.62x38R (21 rounds), fine, gunner's revolver.

    - Grenade x2

    ... There is no 12.7mm weapon of any kind in the QB.

    What gives?


  5. Nothing to add to this, really, but I can't resist chiming in to say that having jumped to CMBN directly from CMx1 (and of course not having read the manual) I innocently assumed that guns could be 're-manned' by their crews (just like vehicles) after you told the crew to bail out.

    Taking cover away from a gun and then re-manning it once a barrage lifts seems like an obvious move, and I can't imagine guns on the Eastern Front without that ability.

  6. Noticed that the Daimler Dingo front and rear wheels on the left side turn when cornering while the front right wheel does not. No big deal just noticed it is all.

    Dingo Mk1 to Mk1B had 4-wheel steering, but later versions were front wheel steering only.

    Maybe what you saw is a representation of the 4-wheel steering version?

    Do you think it's possible that instead of the right (outside) wheels absolutely not turning at all, they were just turning much less drastically than the inside wheels?

  7. I think, but am not sure, that if both sides opt to skip night combat, that night battle is skipped and you do NOT have to 'make up' the battle at the end of the operation. In your case, it would become a 4-battle operation.

    Whether the individual battles are day or night depends on how many day battles go by before a night battle, which is a setting chosen by the operation's creator.

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