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    CMFDR reacted to Bootie in New Website status update   
    Yeah we have a lot of those mods backed up and they will be fed into CMMODS IV in due course.  
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    CMFDR got a reaction from Bil Hardenberger in Bil's NATO Floating Icon Set - BETA   
    Sitting on it for a fortnight didn't help, I'm still on the fence, so I would better let them go and expose 'em to your appreciation.
    With Bil's blessing, I've added some colors to the Ukrainian floaters

    Now the debatable thing is that I've also edited the Russian icons to a blue and red flavor.

    Ukrainian and Russian shared icons are tagged (ukraine and russia respectively), with tag files inside.
    While Bil agreed that I pervert his mod, he's in no way responsible for it so if you like it, praise Bil, and if you don't then just blame me.

    PS: I consider this version as an alpha, I will upload it to the proper repository once I'll feel comfortable considering it done.
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    CMFDR reacted to Recognition in Loads of CMSF mods in one download here....   
    I came across this link on youtube for LOTS of mods ( 1,16gb ) for CMSF all in one download.
    I don`t know who to credit, but thanks!!!!
    Just put the downloaded Z in the data folder and enjoy.
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    CMFDR reacted to Recognition in Loads of CMSF mods in one download here....   
    Its a great way to get in and experience CMSF for new users and old timers..
    I made a list of the mods here.....
    9 ShotUp
    10 Mosque
    AAV7 MOD by M1A1TC
    american chatter
    British Army
    British TURM hardtop MOD by M1A1TC
    Casualty Marker Bloody Spot mikeyD
    CMBS special effects
    Desert Camo Vest
    FXShine CMFI v203 by BarbaricCo
    HD Clouds
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Buildings1
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Buildings2
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Buildings3
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Buildings4
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Bunker
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Doodads & Other
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground1
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground2
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground3
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground4
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground5
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground6
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground7
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground8
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground9
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground10
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - PavedRoads
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Sky and Mountains
    Kieme's CMSF in HD - Walls
    Kieme's CMSF in HD -BuildingsAddOn1
    Kieme's CMSF in HD -BuildingsAddOn2
    Kieme's CMSF in HD -BuildingsAddOn3
    MikeyD BMP-2 plain sand
    Mord & DC's MG Unit Portraits 4
    Mord_& George_MCs_Cuss_Mod_Brits
    Mord's Total Chaos US With Radio Chatter Day
    Mord's Total Chaos US With Radio Chatter Night
    Mord's Unit Portraits
    Mord's Vocal Mayhem Mod BASE
    Mord's War Ravaged German Faces
    MTVR Armored by M1A1TC
    Muddy Water
    NATO Scimitar by M1A1TC
    SYRT_1.1 S1 Camo (Dirty) REGULAR Infantry
    SYRT_1.1 S1 Camo (Dirty) RESERVE Infantry
    SYRT_1.1 S2 Camo (Dirty) RESERVE Infantry
    SYRT_1.1 S3 Camo (Dirty) REGULAR Infantry
    SYRT_1.1 S3 Camo (Dirty) RESERVE Infantry
    SYRT_1.1 S4 Camo (Dirty) REGULAR Infantry
    SYRT_1.1 S4 Camo (Dirty) RESERVE Infantry
    SYRT_1.1 S5 Camo (Dirty) REGULAR Infantry
    SYRT_1.1 Stock OD Camo (Dirty) REGULAR Infantry
    T55_T62 skins CMSF_MkeyD
    uk helmets
    uk vest
    US Army
    ZZZZZ_Aris Water Mod
    Billy_sp Icons.brz
    Dutch Desert Vehicles.brz
    German Desert Vehicles.brz
    Juju's Walls.brz
    Ranks and insignia of CMSF.bmp
    Scipio Muzzle Fire.brz
    Summertime Grass Standalone.brz
    vehicle loop move abrams
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    CMFDR reacted to Doodlebug in ...and the Stuarts   
    I have a saved zip file for the Marder 111M with decals folder and readme file. Is that of any use?
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    CMFDR reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Rafael's idea of future armored vehicles   
    I'm so jealous of that 'Use Only Roads' option for vehicle movement! 
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    CMFDR got a reaction from The_MonkeyKing in Vin's Animated Text CMSF2 V2.01   
    Now on CMMODSIII : http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8032
    Just launched CMSF2 and it felt uneasy, something was missing you know... then I realized there was some text describing me what my guys were doing, text!
    So yeah, just had to do it. This mod should be an option in game.
    Thank you @Marco Bergman, thank you @Vinnart you both are legends.
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    CMFDR reacted to IanL in C15 Errata   
    Cool, thanks guys. Since we have the report and pictures I don't even have to fire up the game - issue reported.
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    CMFDR reacted to 37mm in New Website status update   
    Any update on this Steve?
    Shirley CMMODs should have some way to access the old files?
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    CMFDR reacted to Bootie in New CMMODS IV   
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    CMFDR got a reaction from wadepm in New CMMODS IV   
    Get well man! Not too quick though
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    CMFDR reacted to Frenchy56 in CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2   
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    CMFDR got a reaction from IanL in New CMMODS IV   
    Get well man! Not too quick though
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    CMFDR got a reaction from Bootie in New CMMODS IV   
    Get well man! Not too quick though
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    CMFDR reacted to Bootie in New CMMODS IV   
    Yeah that can be done.... will look into it now... Im off work with the flu so have basically spent 2-3 days sitting in front of the computer uploading and sorting out mods.  Have done roughly a third of the mods so far....
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    CMFDR reacted to Bootie in New CMMODS IV   
    Hello Gentlemen
    I had hoped to delay the announcement of this until the new CMMODS site was 100% finished and all the mods uploaded however due to circumstances I am pulling the announcement forward to... well now.
    After recent discussions between GreenAsJade and Battlefront it has been decided to relocate the CMMODSIII site to fall under the umbrella of The Few Good Men where The Proving Grounds and The Scenario Depot already reside. 
    To this end work has begun on moving the modifications currently hosted at CMMODSIII to their new home at CMMODS IV.  As you can imagine this is a major job and will take a few weeks.  CMMODSIII will remain open until the full transfer has taken place so for now I request that no new mods be uploaded to CMMODSIII. 
    Within the next few days CMMODS IV will be opening the requests section for folk interested in becoming Creators (formerly Authors) and at this time the new upload process will be implemented.  This will be under the Instructions section of the new website but I will post in this thread to keep you all in the loop.
    A few points about the new website worth mentioning... all files will now be held in cloud storage so even a catastrophic website crash will not impact any loss of modifications.  All files from the old CMMODSIII site will be relisted and recently with the help of @Erwin I have acquired approx. just shy of 300GB of modifications with quite a few that slipped through the net between the Repository and CMMODSIII transfer over 3 years ago.  So as you can imagine Im going to be very busy over the next few weeks.
    Please do not subscribe to the new CMMODS IV just yet or you will be inundated with copious amounts of uploads... I think I uploaded over 100 today... you really don't want that many notification emails dropping in your inbox anytime soon!
    In closing I want to thank Martin for all his sterling work over the years keeping CMMODS running and it's an honour to pick up the gauntlet where he left off.
    Without further ado, here is the new site, still a work in progress but getting their quickly.  
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    CMFDR reacted to 37mm in No Tracers   
    I have another vid featuring the WIP effects mix...
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    CMFDR reacted to Sir Lancelot in Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)   
    Hi IICapMillerII, thank you for making your beautiful mod available for all of us to use!  I took the liberty of borrowing the vest you made and SaintFuller's Ssh-68 helmet to remake a mod that IMHO more accurately depicts what the Syrian army from circa 2008 would have looked like. Since you're the inspiration of this mod, it's only right that I should share my screenshots with you before I put it out there for the rest of the community.  It goes without saying, credit will go to you and SaintFuller for the vest and the Ssh-68 helmet.  Cheers! 

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    CMFDR got a reaction from Oddball_E8 in Need help finding my own soundmod!   
    Got them Mark, thank you. Bootie should have them all now though.
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    CMFDR reacted to MOS:96B2P in Orbat / Custom organizations   
    The following is how I save and use core units: 
    To save a favorite unit when building TOE save it as a core unit file, like you would make for a campaign, but you can load it onto any map you have in the editor.
    To create a core unit:
    1) Open up the scenario editor.
    2) Select desired units.
    3) Save in Scenarios
    4) Name the scenario file. Example - Core US 1944 Armored Inf. Company.
    To import core units into a scenario:
    1) Open up the scenario in the scenario editor.
    2) Go to units and delete the units you are replacing with your core force.
    3) While still in Units click on Import Campaign Units.
    4) The scenarios file will open.
    5) Select the desired core force.
    6) Click Deploy Units and place the core force in the setup zone.
    7) Save with a different name to preserve the original scenario.
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    CMFDR reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Orbat / Custom organizations   
    I've added a 'Core Unit Files' folder to all my CM games.
    I recently discovered that you can import one (or presumably more) core unit file(s) into another and then import the product into a scenario/campaign.....Possibly useful for double-sided cores and competitive multiplayer tournaments etc.
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    CMFDR reacted to mjkerner in Need help finding my own soundmod!   
    Claude, quick question, did you get the ones I put in the DB yesterday?  Also,  I have these from CMBN:
    Oddballs Soundmod MkII
    Oddballs Final Soundmod - Not so final patch 2
    Oddballs Final Soundmod - Not so final patch 3
    All of them except Soundmod MkII have the following Readme:

    Ok, here's the deal.
    I did not make these sounds.
    I took them from other mods.
    Yes, I tried to contact the mod authors but since the mods are 5-7 years old I didnt have much luck with that.
    However, since they have been used (uncredited) by other soundmods for CMBN, I feel that I've done due diligence.
    TrappaKeepa from gamebanana.com
    Gunslinger for the sounds from Cinema Sound mod (for S:HOWWII)
    Unknown for the deathscream sounds from some Operation flashpoint mod. I dont know who he was, but god bless him for those
    Cptn. Mike for the use of his vehicle sounds (with permission)
    CMJD for his "Big Feet" sherman soundmod (no e-mail in the mod so I couldn't contact him for permission)
    Waclaw for the use of some of the Cannon, vehicle movement, death screams and Impact sounds.
    I assume you all know the drill for installing mods.
    If not, I'll give you this much:
    Create a folder named Z in your Combat Mission/Data folder.
    Extract my mod into that folder.
    DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOUNDMODS AT THE SAME TIME (unless you pick and choose from them and know what you are doing. Just installing my mod over waclaws mod or the other way around for example, will not work properly.)
    That is all.
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    CMFDR reacted to Chudacabra in New Scenario: Coup D'etat   
    This scenario looks even better than Tactical Operations Centre.
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    CMFDR reacted to Erwin in New file at the Repository: Aris Otter LRC Mod (2012-05-02)   
    Yup.  HD mailed to Bootie today.  Hope this will be helpful to everyone who likes to mod their games.
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