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  1. In one game I tried out a strategy that I think is pretty much unbeatable. Japanese invest heavily in diplo chits against the Soviets - which still gives them enough for a solid punch against China. Germans build nothing but armor, tank tech and one infantry advance, possibly supplemented by tac bombers. No action in Africa and early 41 attack on USSR. Such a strategy leaves the Russians crippled and defenseless. Any viewpoints?
  2. During my last game I noticed what is most definitely a bug. Axis units operating in Morocco and in the mountains of western China could move into those mountains at a cost of 1 mpp. In addition, it is possible to "switch" any unit to enter a tile it would normally not be prohibited from entering.
  3. At present, the Free French have no possibility to invest in tech. With a total of 3 corps and 1 army it makes them pretty much useless - except possibly as a base to reconquer Africa. The best use of the Free French Army is to defend the Pacific islands. Doesn't make much sense. One possibility is to give Free France increased possibilities after an allied conquest of Vichy Algeria - which should become the new Free French capital. That's what happened historically.
  4. Yes, the Chinese are toast. The real question is what it means in terms of gameplay. In my ongoing game, my losses have been so high that I didn't manage to buy my first inf tech chit before mid-1940. And I'm playing very carefully. Their last city should fall by mid-42, maybe even earlier. At any rate sufficient for the Japanese to shift the bulk of their forces to India or Russia for a 42 offensive. I have never seen the Japanese go for anything else than an all out offensive - with good reason and very predictable results. The question is whether this land-based Japanese strat
  5. I am starting to suspect a national morale bug in the new version. In my current game (against a human opponent), I (CP) hold all of northern France up to and including Caen, Rouen, Abbeville, Le Havre, Amiens, Arras, Calais, Lille, Maubeuge, Sedan and the northern mine. Except for a small Russian incursion (occupying the Ger and AH mines in Silesia) as well as two AH border cities (Tarnopol and Czernowitz), nothing major has happened. Losses have been slight on both sides. It's turn 11 (24 oct 1914), the ottomans have not yet joined. French moral stands at 95%, with other countries above 95.
  6. The resistance myth (ie. that all of France were somehow resistants) was, as you said, largely a creation of the gaullists and communists in 45. It's most important function was to lay the ground for the post-war consensus in France. Remember that 1940 was the biggest traumatism in modern French history. The French communists were an integral part of the Forces Francaises de l'interieur after Jean Moulin (de Gaulle's envoy) unified the interior resistance movement in 43. L'armee de l'ombre (army of shadows) is a very good french movie based on these events. It's true that the role of th
  7. It would. I don't quite remember, but I believe there was a chance for this happening in earlier editions of the SC series. In general, I think Free France should be upgraded a bit and receive a few more units in course of the game. As it stands, the option is very pricey for the UK (400mpp) at a critical time in the game and IMO not worth it. I'm not sure if choosing Free France is also connected with the Fort de France events and the US getting the Bearn CV (or was this only in earlier editions?), but the Free France event seems too expensive to pick. Historically, Free France certainly p
  8. Not quite. I'm curious if Minty can reenact his success, so I'm not revealing anything. My situation was really totally hopeless. However, as always in the SC series, I believe there is a counter, provided the allies react early enough. Good luck to Minty if he tries to pull off this strategy once more.
  9. Aircraft can't fly over the Qattara depression in Egypt, but have to fly around it instead, in the same way as land units. Obviously a bug.
  10. As the japanese, is it possible to reenact Pearl Harbor in any way? Also, if the japanese take Chungking, does it carry any consequences in terms of war entry for the US and UK?
  11. OK, I don't like playing the AI. Bores me very quickly, even though it looks reasonably good. Who's ready for a real game? Have only played until mid-1940 as axis so I hardly even know how this game works and what to look out for. Doesn't matter - it'll be twice as much fun. Have played all the other games in the series, though. If someone feels up for a mirror game, just send me your first axis turn.
  12. Haven't played any of the global mods actually available. In SC2 Global, will there be a possibility to deploy italian troops on the horn of Africa/Ethiopia prior to Italian entry? Backed by axis air units and possibly paratroopers, this could open some interesting options.
  13. I was wondering if there will now be a possibility to access event folders "ingame" and get an instant overview of all relevant effects of any given action (DoWs, Events etc...). For competitive gameplay, accesing these folders is a must anyway. A more readable and readily accesible format than what we have now would definitely be a very nice feature. Any thoughts? Otherwise eagerly looking forward to this release
  14. First ever game of PT. instead of facing just another noob, I am thrown right into the lions cavern: The biggest and baddest SC2-player out there, the all-american, guns-slinging and bible-preaching J.J.Rambo. Our norwegian peace-brokers hurriedly left Sri-Lanka and the Middle-East burning and went off to attempt last-minute negotiations. But, alas, to no avail. In despair, we decided to confer with the grand-ayatollahs at the Oslo Peace Research Institute. They came up with a shrewd idea: let’s give Rambo the Nobel Peace Prize! As Norwegians, we would indeed much prefer to give Amer
  15. OK, Rambo, let's play Plan Z. Send me your japanese opening move to jensenvictor@mail.ru It's my first ever game of PT, so I expect severe punishment. Hard build limits, no undo. You choose whatever other settings and house you see fit.
  16. The legend himself! I already feel intimidated. Even more so since it's been a long time since my last game. Sorry about the lame nick. It's norwegian for armchair general and it was - sadly - the best I came up with when I created my profile. I was simply thinking about vanilla Fall Weiss with any house rules you see fit. No naval blockades by or against neutral Italy is the only one I can come up with. If you're still interested, send me your opening axis move to jensenvictor@mail.ru
  17. I think the oil and manpower features of CEAW are somewhat overrated. Do they have so much to offer in comparison to hard build limits? As Germany, you can basically either build more infantry (save oil and burn manpower) or more armour (save manpower and burn oil). In the end, you have to settle for a compromise, just like with hard build limits. When the germans take the Caucasus and ME the oil constraints are lifted, but then again, it's game over for the allies anyway, just like in SC. CEAW and ToW lack headquarters (very big minus, since it's one of the best features of SC), roads and
  18. Mirror game. If interested send an email with opening axis move to jensenvictor@mail.ru
  19. Sombra, yea, I also thought no. 1 would be the best option for the russians. My oponent chose to transfer the bulk of his army to the turkish border instead, imo a mistake. But apart from my stukas, I had built 1 fighter, 3 tanks (the minimum), and put the rest of my mpps into corps, artillery and anti-tank, expecting such a move. In addition, if you have sufficient LR (3 will do better than 2), the stukas can strike northern Syria (attack with fighters first in order to commit their aircover) and their land forces won't survive long in open ground, the southern Caucasus and the hexes aroun
  20. I don't think it's that much of an investment. After all, you can use the tac bombers elsewhere. As for pulling them out of Russia, it's really just a way to save MPPs before soviet winter strikes. And with regards to the extra paras, I didn't really need them (granted, my tac were lvl 2). And even if the allies know what's going on, there's nothing they can do to stop it, is there? The only slight hunch is the research priorities you have to make, but two chits invested in long range from the outset of the game should be sufficient to get you to lvl 2 by the summer of 42 - which btw is very
  21. Have I found the perfect strategy? OK, here's what I did in my last PBEM game as axis. 39: Poland and Denmark 40: Low countries, France, Norway, Malta, french North Africa. Defensive force in Libya. 41: Yugoslavia and Greece, early Barbarossa. Carefull, conservative advance. Pull out my airforce before russian winter strikes. Now here's the trick : Late may 42: I declare war on turkey. My four german stukas, the italian tac bomber + all my fighters (I have LR lvl 3, needed a minimum of lvl 2 in order too carry it out)attack Ankara. I have three paras (the two germans plus one
  22. Yeah, I guess that's it, just my mind playing games with me :confused:
  23. I might have missed out on something essential, but for the moment I find CEAW to be one of my worst purchases ever. Started a game three or four times, won't start another. SC2 is simply immensely superior. Hexes? I couldn't care less. Although I could call myself a "seasoned" wargamer, I actually tend to prefer tiles after having played SC2. Oil? Typical example of a good idea who turn out wrong. Seemingly, it adds a new dimension. However, in the end, it simply makes gameplay unidimensional. You didn't go for those oil wells in the Caucasus/Middle East? Too bad, game over. Man
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