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  1. OK, Rambo, let's play Plan Z. Send me your japanese opening move to jensenvictor@mail.ru It's my first ever game of PT, so I expect severe punishment. Hard build limits, no undo. You choose whatever other settings and house you see fit.
  2. The legend himself! I already feel intimidated. Even more so since it's been a long time since my last game. Sorry about the lame nick. It's norwegian for armchair general and it was - sadly - the best I came up with when I created my profile. I was simply thinking about vanilla Fall Weiss with any house rules you see fit. No naval blockades by or against neutral Italy is the only one I can come up with. If you're still interested, send me your opening axis move to jensenvictor@mail.ru
  3. Mirror game. If interested send an email with opening axis move to jensenvictor@mail.ru
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