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  1. I wonder if a mod could remove dropping from the game? I don't think I would play it personally, but hell someone might.
  2. I would like to suggest NO counter-measures. I think we should have to have a hermes (does that have the autogun? haven't used it myself yet) around to shoot them down for us.
  3. Sometimes a ctrl-R click does not register for me, i have to try it two or 3 times sometimes. Not sure I understand why this is. At first I was thinking maybe someone already has a supply ship parked somewhere and I can't call another? But it happens even when I am alone on servers.
  4. So if you are driving 100km/h parallel to your target you don't have to lead/trail at all?
  5. You are correct, I think maps may play a huge role in this. Personally I don't think either map available for this test is suitable for teamwork. They seem way too open, I want to see cavernous mountains everywhere. So people who like the long range combat can be on the hilltops, and small attack forces can get to their objectives through tight passways. Then you would at least be forced to coordinate the upper and lower forces in some circumstances. I don't agree with the point however that people don't like to play in a command vehicle. That is exactly the type of role I enjoy. For instance in BF2 I am always a squad leader, and I tend to stay away from the action, but as close to objectives, as much as possible. That way all the people on my squad are having alot of fun. Yet my fun is gained by having a job well done. This is the way I have fun in teamwork games, its not always about the action for me, its about accomplishing what I set out to do. There must be others that play like this as well? Even if only occasionaly for a change? I agree people are in selfish mode, but if the game catered to teamwork benefits than I think some would enjoy testing out those features, and it may just happen naturally instead of being externally forced. This discussion brings to mind another game: Wulfrum 2 (http://www.wulfram.com/). This is an incredibly old game, that is still played heavily by a fair number of people. The game itself has similar ideals to Dropteam: open ended to let players decide everything on their own, vehicle/tank combat, and envisioned as being played with teamwork. I cherish the idea of a game made to be played better and more enjoyable with teamwork. But I don't think it can be done properly without more ingame features to encourage it.
  6. First off, I really admire someone who has the balls to do something different and really make a great original game. From the forum posts I read here, it sounds like the game was designed to be played heavy on the teamwork. I love this idea, but it is failing like every other game that trys to do the same: Not enough features to encourage teamwork. In my opinion it is not enough to have voice chat although that helps greatly. You need many more things, such as: - Squads. At the risk of sounding like I am asking for bf2, what the game really needs is smaller packs of teamwork oriented players. This could be accomplished just by setting up different voice channels perhaps. One key to talk to commander/everyone, one key to talk to your special channel perhaps? - Teamwork ranking system. Be able to rate people on if they are a good team player, and the game will automaticly set you in squads or in a specific voice channel with them when they come onto your team. - Let the commander give specific powers to squad leaders (or just random people) Perhaps one person in a special voice channel can select their teammates spawn vehicles? - Give gameplay benefits to relatively close teammates. Things like sharing hit confirmations, perhaps towing friendly units out of danger, triangulating targets without line of site (One person on the squad can send a target to his teamates and if they accept it will set their manual distance so they can hit the spot from their location regardless of Line of sight?) (much quicker than using waypoints) - Constructing larger structures(rediculous but had to throw it in) Perhaps 2-3 engineer vehicles could cooperate to make larger things? - Maybe some weapons that take two vehicles to create and/or aim? (For some reason I invision two tanks with a laser cutter between them trying to drive around cutting off turrets of enemies) Perhaps not quite as related to teamwork?: - Hole digging should be a bit faster, to encourage more of it. In fact, I really really love the terrain deforming, there should be much more of it. Or a gametype like tank wars or something heh. - The viper should be easier to fly, its only real purpose seems to be moving friendly units to high or safe places. As much as I like the concept of being hard to fly, there is no need, as it is a mostly defencive/strategic unit. - A player should be able to fly in drop units manually (maybe just one person at a time?), then someone (a good pilot!) could come in low and drop a turret or tank somewhere strategically instead of straight down. - Vehicle ramming!!!! Something specifically made to ram. Probably the worst idea here. Some will say: Thats what clans are for. And I agree, but clans take way too much external effort. If a game is based around teamwork, than it should support it inherently. Also an unrelated suggestion: Make as MANY things a server option as possible. I really enjoy things like difficult steering or extremely limited vehicles for a match. Hopefully if you make any huge changes, some of the old things will still be an option for server admins?
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