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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to Ultradave in New things added to the new thing   
    My secondary specialty in the US Army was Nuclear Weapons - Field Artillery primary specialty, , commissioned coincidentally in 1979 (so nuclear warhead artillery shells, 155mm and 8" howitzer fired). Also spent a few years doing research in the field of nuclear non-proliferation, and about 30 years in nuclear propulsion and radiation protection. A few points:
    1)  Pointless to include them in the game as the blast would cover a whole CM map. (give or take, depending on whether it was 155 or 8" that was fired).
    2) Mostly the projected use by the US was at 2d and 3d echelon troops assembling for continuing the attack, so way behind the Soviet front line unit you are fighting on the map, to isolate the front line units from reinforcements.
    3) Conversely to 2), NO ONE thought that anyone in NATO/US would authorize nuclear strikes on anything inside West Germany, which made having them pretty pointless, really. 
    4) Considering the expected course of a Soviet invasion of West Germany, the most important thing I learned was exactly how to blow the warheads up into tiny little pieces so that they wouldn't fall into Soviet hands (blow them up conventionally - which you can do without setting off the warhead). 
    5) The consensus at the time was that any use of tactical/battlefield nuclear weapons would not remain contained and would rapidly escalate to a general nuclear exchange. It seemed both sides felt this was true (it later came out) which makes it unlikely they would be used.
    6) Lastly, personal opinion (facetiously) - we're talking firing nukes out of artillery - you just don't want to be that close.
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to Rice in CMA Dynamic Campaign: Afghan Dust   
    Each map will be 1x1km (just like the hexes) Their creation will be aided by per-existing maps, user-made maps (cut up and edited), and since I have a lot of experience making maps I will be doing most of them by hand probably. The maps terrain will correspond to the real life location the battles take place in.
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from Rice in Getting back into CMA   
    They like their Lee-Enfields too.....The trick is to suppress 'em with your APCs/IFVs or heavy weapons.
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from Dr.Fusselpulli in A Word on Follow-on Modules   
    Don't know if it was standardised but there was the VW Type 183 Iltis:

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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to IMHO in 1980's Tactics Question?   
    Nah, for the Soviet side of the time the idea was to get as fast as possible to the ports to deny the US the ability to reinforce/resupply NATO forces in Europe. So as such:
    Attacking force is not expected to face a defence not thouroughly softened by conventional artillery or tactical nukes. Heavy fire support would be used against probable enemy positions BEFORE the attack. Not a concept of a move to contact, relay enemy coordinates and lay in wait to see them destroyed. However attacking units would expect a SWIFT fire support should they run into troubles. I'd say in 80s Soviet fire support would be WAAAAY quicker then US's. And even in CMBS Russian fire support is unrealistically retarded as compared to US IMO. At the beginning of the UKR hostilities UKR Army basically didn't exist yet today UKR fire support is world class. Attacking units would need to absorb whatever casualties happen in the process. If a unit is thouroughly degraded then it will be replaced by a reserve one yet the tempo of operations needs to be maintained. Nobody cares to cleanse fortified areas, rather you avoid a head-on fight, go around and leave the mopping task to rear echelons. No one's stopping for a "smart" tactical fight - keeping the movement tempo is uber alles. As such the TACTICAL direction of attack may be changed at the discretion of lower-level commanders. It's up to the rear echelons to keep up. Again tempo is uber alles. You achieve "overmatch" on the battlefield first and foremost not by putting up an overwhelming force to fight in direct contact but rather by avoiding the costly head-on confrontation, maneuvering around the enemy and degrading it by fires. Then annihilating the weaked enemy if it's required for keeping your logistics lines. If it's not - then leave it behind and move on. So:
    No sure if CMCW will show it this way - it's totally different from previous CM titles IMO. Hope it may expain many things about Russian side in other CM titles. To understand the origins of the concept it's worth reading about the political/economy side of the equation for both the West and the East.
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from TheDudeAbides421 in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    You know things have changed in CM when 'Sagger' becomes a fearsome weapon! 
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from General Jack Ripper in And now.....   
    I made a course:

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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to The_Capt in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    Wow...no pressure.  Ok, so this is not as formal turn report, I will do a summary once we get a bit further but here is an example of the Soviet Missile Hell ("SMH" copyright) awaiting the US player.
    First a M150 get cocky and crest a hill, and three AT 3s light up (red circles)

    And 2 out of 3 aint bad...(Capt's Rule #4)

    Bil is lucky that was an M150 because those AT 3 would have killed anything short of an M1.  [edit AT3Bs..my bad, AT 5s are even deadlier].
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to Splinty in And now.....   
    Pink piping was panzer crewmen. Stug crews were considered artillery and wore red piping.
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from Rice in CMA Dynamic Campaign: Afghan Dust   
    I'll be following along.....Looks a fascinating project. 
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to Rice in CMA Dynamic Campaign: Afghan Dust   
    Hello, I am Rice and I am about to start my first trial run of my Combat Mission Afghanistan dynamic campaign; Afghan Dust.
    This dynamic campaign will feature 6 total players and me, as the Game Master. I will post screenshots and updates about the ongoing game here. As for introduction to how the game is intended to work I will provide a brief description. Currently the trial run is meant to serve as a Beta Test to make sure it holds up as an actually playable game.
    - - - - - - - - - - -

    - - - - - - - - - - -
    What units do the players command?
    Each team has a battalion starting out. The Soviets in this trial run will be starting with an Motorized Rifle Battalion using BTR-60PBs. Each player gets one of the three companies. They must then decide as a team where to deploy the remaining assets (for this game, they will have an Anti-Tank platoon to allocate where they all agree it would be best). The Mujahideen has an Islamic Battalion backing them as well. (Same player to player distribution as soviets in terms of command)
    Each team will get addition assets such as artillery, aircraft, and more units as per GM allocation.
    What is the map like?
    The map is a patch torn out of Afghanistan's mountain highways. The game centers around the town of Anjoman and the surrounding terrain.
    (Game Map on Google Earth)
    How long is the campaign?
    This depends on the objectives but games objective but I am not sure how long it will take in real time to play out. I expect 3 weeks to 1 month.
    How can I join?
    The game will open up to the public once the Trial Game has concluded and I have had made time to review and alter the games rules and structure for a more fun experience. I will post on this thread when that happens.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    More posts to come explaining more details. Please reply with any questions.
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from Rice in CMA Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Soviet & DRA Recon units advance after a minor skirmish:

    Screenshot from the excellent 'Competent Incompetence' campaign.....Played it for a bit of light relief before returning to the editor, highly recommended. 
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from ng cavscout in [Music] Setting the mood   
    Let's do (some of the better UK #1 songs from) 1982:
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from c3k in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    That being said, the T-64A would then proceed to deafen all the local wildlife before spitting off a track and burying itself up to it's puny undersized torsion bars. 
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from c3k in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    Fairly confident that a T-64A's frontal array would stop that round dead.
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from umlaut in [Music] Setting the mood   
    Let's do (some of the better UK #1 songs from) 1982:
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from umlaut in [Music] Setting the mood   
    Little bit late for the current game at 1986, but this track really caught the cold war (& Thatcher Years) vibe, for me anyway:
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from Geoff-Ludumpress in Fire and Rubble: What are you looking forward to the most?   
    Release day. 
    After that it would be seeing how far I can bend things in the editor.
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to Hapless in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    The firing ports are entirely functional in CMSF and CMBS. Testing as many Syrian MG teams as I can fit in a BMP-1 shows that they only seem to fire their AKs though.
    I'm sure I've heard an SVD and PK fired through a firing port, but that was when I was testing the BMP-3 in CMBS and that probably has a different system.
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from sburke in Engineering, obstacle breaching and mineclearing capabilities?   
    It seems to me that some cross game Vehicle Packs might be an idea ('Engineer Pack' for instance might add these types of vehicles to ALL the CM games, the more titles you own, the better value you get from the pack).
    The demand for them is clearly there, they keep on coming up and it ain't always me!  Given the games' not altogether brilliant handling of mines, the demand for de-mining capabilities is not unsurprising. 
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to fireship4 in Lostarmour take on the Second Artsakh-Karabagh War   
    Of course, but as compared to the fragmentation (?) shell the powder charge is larger it seems.  In the photo, the segmented AP round is approx 3/4 filled with propellant, whereas the shell in the diagram seems 3/4 explosive for effect on target.
    From what I understand, driving bands are different: they induce spin in a rifled barrel, whereas a spin obturation ring would prevent spin being transfered to the projectile.  Edit: driving bands can be made freely rotating it seems, presumably all spin obturation rings are a type of driving band in this case.
    Anyway I don't want to encourage you, otherwise your tour of Moscow for "Sgt. Squarehead: Cultural Learnings of Russia for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of UK" might begin and end at Lubyanskaya ploshchad'
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from Lethaface in Sgt.Squarehead's CM:A Stuff   
    Scenario's fully playable, repeatedly tested, briefing's not the best, but it's not exactly complicated either.....Take the town or freeze/starve to death! 
    Still making a tactical map (I don't do operational or strategic, if you don't know where Afghanistan is, why are you playing CM:A?   )
    Ping me a PM and I'll send you a link once I'm absolutely sure I haven't missed anything and I'm not wasting your time (this has been finished for a while, but I discovered I'd used a 1978 pattern Mujahideen Battalion and their weapons are very different, so it went on hold until I could summon up the will to replace everyone).
    As is usual in my scenaros, I've suggested a basic plan of action and slapped down a zone for you to work from, but you'll need to refine it for yourself.....Clicking 'Big Red' and hoping for the best probably won't end very well (at best you'll find yourself doing a lot of maneuvering under fire, I suspect). 
    PS - While this scenario isn't all that big, it can be moody in Win10.....I recommend saving not less than every 10 turns.  You may need to exit CM:A completely, then restart & reload to avoid persistent issues.  Outside my remit, I'm afraid. 
    Couple of screenies from my own testing:

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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from chuckdyke in Engineering, obstacle breaching and mineclearing capabilities?   
    Have to say that I fully agree with this sentiment.....Also for CM:RT too.  All the main armour spearheads in Bagration were led By T-34 mine-roller companies, it's a major omission IMHO. 
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from RMM in Using the Pause feature   
    For me it's usually vehicles chucking them way further than I wanted (and the advertised distance).
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from The_MonkeyKing in CMSF2 Campaign : To Al-Hell and back - Operation ORPHEUS   
    That is a good result.....I was pounding away trying to get them to lose their bottle, but they held out to the last! 
    I wonder how much 30mm HE-I ammo I got through.....gotta be two or three thousand rounds! 
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