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  1. i don't really understand which one of them should be the MBT of the game. the description says it's the thor, but the thor is too slow to be an MBT. my argument against the apollo is that it can be penetrated by the 20mm from the front..and i utterly hate that! the strong apollo top turret armor makes some "WTF" moments, when i hit an apollo with 120mm HEAT from some big distance (e.g. 5 kms) and the round doesn't penetrate even though it falls almost vertically at that distance (so it should hit the weakest armor). i agree with yurch's arguments about the turrets of the 2 tanks and the ammo storage of apollo. thor's bigger turret might have a more efficient autoloader and thus give slightly better rate of fire. maybe it could even have a 20mm as a coax.
  2. i often babysit them, but i don't spend to much time babysitting them. in the defence, i just pay attention whether they drop what i want (i.e. if they didn't run out of some vehicle type and didn't start dropping wheelchairs in the outermost corner of the map). if i tell a bot to drop a bit further away from the objective, i give him a defend order near the droppoint so he doesn't come back to the objective. in the attack, i also usually just take care of their drops. i use them to keep pressure on the defenders, and while they aren't very good fighters, the pressure is usually enough for me personally to do some damage. sometimes i have to give them move orders, when in defence they wander away from their droppoint, or in the attack if they don't want to move to some advantageous position (especially when the attackers defend the objective from retaking by the defenders) [ May 05, 2006, 12:10 AM: Message edited by: RIPper_SVK ]
  3. *bump i'm almost all the time on IRC, if anyone is interested come to the #dropteam channel on the efnet network (irc.efnet.net)
  4. yes i'm interested in the unit of the number. so if i see that 120mm AP has lossrate 150, then i know that in atmosphere with density 1 the penetration of AP round at the distance of 1km is 280...this is my guess of what does the number mean (but i think that doesn't correspond with my experience in the game), could some dev please confirm it?
  5. when you take control of a bot, he ignores his drop point. not sure under exactly which conditions, i'm pretty sure that it happens when you (player) loose a vehicle and have to drop, but instead you take control of a bot. he then immediately drops, but not on his set droppoint.
  6. what exactly does LossRate in the ammo definition files mean? is it the drop in penetration over the distance of 1km in atmosphere with pressure "1"? if yes, then the lossrate for 120mm AP ammo is pretty big, i'd think even too big.
  7. the AA towers look fine, but the barracks or what are those small unindentifiable buildings look tiny. yes the vehicles look to be in appropriate scale compared to each other, because everyone thinks of them as if they had normal sizes. i also wonder how big will infantry be. if they will be in 2x scale, then the effects of the 2x scale are: 1) things look closer than they are (or on the other hand are easier to spot with lower magnification) 2) gunnery is easier (bigger targets) if the scale would be normal and not 2x, effects would be: 1) things would seem to be closer to their real distance. smaller, harder to spot vehicles are easily solved by more realistic zoom levels. 2) harder gunnery. not such a big problem, because the projectiles are already much faster than in real life (e.g. AP is 3km/s (if i'm correct) vs 1.8km/s in real life) i think that mouse sensitivity should change depending on the zoom level, that should remove the "very fine angles" problem.
  8. i also think that apollo needs at least 1 more zoom level. it's pretty hard to shoot with it on long distance, compared to the thor.... anyway i wonder what is the usuall first zoom level. to me it seems pretty low, not more than 3x. if the vehicles had more realistic zoom levels (e.g. 4x and 12x), there wouldn't be the need to make the vehicles 2 times bigger than they should be (now some buildings look very small).
  9. one thing some players forget quite often is that you MUST babysit you bots. otherwise they're pretty dumb. i mostly play defence (because it usually puts me there , so these points apply mostly for defence. first thing you have to do is set bot drop points . don't drop only thors. 1 maybe 2 bots with thors are enough. apollos can do a good job shooting down dropships and harassing incoming enemies. i don't give ion vehicles to bots, because generally bots don't use them effectively (except when i'm attacking and i want an ion thor to camp the objective). 2 ATGM shooters can provide some more harassing fire in the start. a great asset in protecting your objective is the resupply ship. it's especially good in the ice map because it defends against mortar (which is used to destroy the AA tower). 1 hermes near it provides some more protection with the automated gun especially against missiles and it's 20mm can get an enemy that somehow manages to sneak in. one of the biggest dangers is when you run out of some type of unit and your bots start dropping some nonsence in far out areas. check the available ammount of units periodically, and set different units to drop accordingly. when a bot drops far away, set a new drop and let him extract, don't wait for him to come back. when you want a bot to defend some area which is further from the objective, give him a defend order, otherwise he'll come to the objective. when you set the drop points for bots in the deployment phase, place some turrets. be quick, because very often you're the only one setting drop points, droppping turrets etc. don't waste all your turrets at the start. especially don't put too many of them on one place. save some AA turrets and jammers for later in the game...i usually try to place all ground turrets at the start, because later i don't have the time for them. i think the best use for them is to put them on such places that they can harass the first drops of the enemy. a lot of ground turrets supported by your units can be very annoying to him. watch your bots on the map. sometimes they wander away from the places you want them to defend, so you gotto give them the move order. sometimes they don't extract damaged vehicles. i usually find the last 5 minutes of the game to be critical. check your bots and their drops at that time, be ready to defend the objective. if you wasted all your heavier stuff earlier, you can get in serious trouble. one of the best ways to defend is to move by dropships to ambush attackers (extract and drop someplace else). drop on their flanks or in the back, and kill a few. apollo with 120mm is very good for this (usually the slow thor isn't a good vehicle for this, but sometimes it can be), it has enough firepower to do the job. don't drop too near, otherwise they'll kill you very quickly. a few of such ambushes can remove several important heavy vehicles from your enemy.
  10. i'd also like if projectiles would inherit shooter's velocity...
  11. but wouldn't it be more obvious and usefull if deployment time wouldn't be a part of the total time? now you have to manually add the deployment time to the total time to get your desired total time...
  12. 1) i think hits with the ions don't count as hits (in the screen after the mission has ended) 2) it seems that mission time is normally running during the deployment phase. so actual mission is shorter by the deployment phase length 3) i'm not able to hit a tire on the side of a paladin that is turned away from me. i can see a bit of a front tire on the side that's facing away from me, but i am never able to hit it....this is annoying, because even bringing 2 tires on the same side on fire doesn't seem to slow the paladin that much.
  13. yes it's intentional that you cannot switch ammo in the mortar. it switches automatically depending on the range. yes it's a bit confusing for the first time. maybe a popup help message should appear when you manually try to switch ammo in a mortar.
  14. HEAT does have some fragmentation in real life, because the explosion of the projectile fragments it's case. but that's a lot weaker fragmentation than in the case of a dedicated HE ammo. BTW, i find the 20mm HE ammo pretty usefull against turrets. because of the high ROF, it's pretty common that at least 1 projectile from a HE burst hits the turret. and because the turrets have so few hit points, that 1 puny hit is enough to take them down. while on the other hand, the 120mm HE is totally useless.
  15. i think i sometimes have problems penetrating Paladin side hull, a bit above the center
  16. it' ok with me that apollo upper front hull can take a HEAT and go on. it makes the battles insteresting. my problem with Paladin is it's side armor. for some reason, it's not uncommon that my 120mm HEAT doesn't penetrate in the side. i don't think 120mm HEAT should have problems penetrating Paladin's side (yes even if i agree it's not just an armored car) i think that the more serious problem is that sloped armor thickness is probably the reason for the high penetration of 20mm AP. and i don't like the penetration of 20mm AP. especialy against Apollo front, or Thor turret side. i think they gave the 20mm such a penetration, because otherwise it would have big problems penetrating even ligher vehicles because of the sloped armor. to me it's certainly strange that 20mm has penetration of 300 and 120mm has 430 penetration...i think it shows that there must be a problem somewhere.
  17. so after about a week of playing (mostly with 120mm) my remarks on the changes to the damage model: 1) AP and HEAT against Thor feel fine. i'm usually using AP against it, and it's pretty effective. i really like this 2) i find HEAT to be more usefull against Apollo, i'm not sure if i like this, any comments? 3) i think that AP is too innefective against paladins and shrikes. yes i think it should be less effective than HEAT against these vehicles, but not this much. now it's not a too big problem because you can switch from AP to HEAT almost in no time (which i think is wrong but i won't go into that detail here). generally i find HEAT still more usefull than AP. HEAT is more effective against everything except Thors (and probably Apollo front). i do think one type of ammo should be used more ( i wouldn't like if both types of ammo would be used the same often for some artificiall reason). but, i don't think it should be HEAT that's used more often. it feels wrong to me that AP is much less effective against light vehicles. the gap in effectiveness shouldn't be that big. in my opinion, if you'd see an enemy group consisting of light vehicles, you'd choose HEAT and attack with that. but if the force would be mixed with some heavy vehicles, you should be able to keep shooting AP at everyone, without being forced to switch ammo. of course, with HEAT you'd destroy light vehicles with for example 1.5 shots in average faster than with AP. now you can switch ammo for every enemy vehicle, but i don't think this should be possible. i'm still having some "WTF" moments which i think are cause by the sloped armor. i might have an easy way to fix it. simply, if the armor is sloped then it would be thinner. so armor sloped 60 degrees from vertical would have half the thickness of vertical armor (on the same side of the vehicle). so line of sight thickness would be the same for both, but the sloped armor would still have the benefit of higher probability of ricochet of AP rounds. this would remove the annoying very thick armor on the lower hull side of Thor, i think it would also remove some tough spots on the Paladin side or hurricane side... of course this isn't a small change and might have serious balance issues. but i do think that having armor with the same thickness without regard to sloping brings some serious problems (it's probably also the reason why does the 20mm have so much penetration compared to 120mm). the ideal solution is having every polygon with his own armor thickness, but that's an even bigger change. another not so easy suggestion which complexity is somewehere between the current armor model and "every polygon has it's own armor thickness" would be if there would be more "areas" with the same armor thickness than now. like now you have hull front, hull side etc, then what about adding more of them? for example for the Thor and Apollo it would be pretty usefull (and realistic) if the front 1/3 of the hull side would have more armor than middle and back hull side. look at pictures of modern tanks, the hull side armor is always thicker near the front.
  18. no, in normal vehicles you definitely see only the enemies that you spot....hmm, maybe when there's a command vehicle it sends all contacts to all vehicles? i should read that part in the manual again
  19. i think that when you're in the command vehicle, then on the map you can see all enemies that were spotted by some of your teammates. this can be pretty usefull, but if you have good teammates they should report enemies anyway. i'm not sure if loosing 1 battle capable player to the command vehicle is worth it. the command vehicle is pretty good for defense in the ice map base, but generally i think other combat vehicles are more usefull (especially in the attack).
  20. i wonder what can the enemy do to counter ions protected by the laser AA tower...what about taking more ions than the defenders? what about using smoke arty? or dropping right behind them with normal thors or apollos (to minimise damage done by dropships destroyed by ions)?
  21. i find ion to be best against turrets, you can easily hit them with it and you need less than a second to destroy them...i agree that HE is totally innefective against turrets, you cannot hit them.
  22. 1) when i scroll the mouse wheel on the player list in the tactical view (or how is the "map" view called) and then later scroll it above the map, both the map zooms and the player list moves at the same time. 2) in the deploymen phase, when i use the "first person" view i can see jammed enemy turrets (and the jammers)...this can be easily used to look in their base
  23. the flash effect is not too bad, i don't mind it that much (but sometimes it really makes determining whether i hit hard). but i really do mind that there's no autofire. it really puts some strain on my hands after several minutes. ion shouldn't be balanced by annoying controls.
  24. wow, i haven't noticed that feature...and i was going to suggest it.
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