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  1. Yup, 4 servers and 0/12 in all. Game hangs when I try to connect (mind you I only waited 30sec).
  2. I already e-mailed them about that. A funny thing is if you start DT and the first thing you do is enable HD, it works. If you play a map first... THEN change it, it will crash next time you load.
  3. I'd like to see the turret rotation speed revised. From personal experiance, I know that at least light vehicals with smaller guns can at least keep up with and in some cases exceed their turning speed. Why, well uh simple. Every single time I'm in a tempist for instance, I have to stop to actually stand a chance at killing something. Which means I can only effectively use it at long ranges, which defeates the purpose of having good speed. It's got a great rate of fire, but when your close in (not to mention you have to often rotate 90 degrees + to change direction at all) the rate of fire becomes less than a third because the damn turret can't keep up. All the vehicals are like that, but less noticible. Anything with a light gun, or that has a light turret, should be able to atleast match their turning speed. Mortars and ATGMs don't matter, but the rest is really wrong.
  4. Alright, I'll send it to claytonius as his is the only e-mail I got right now.
  5. Maybe not the last to hit, but the last to cause damage. It would suck to put 5 120mm AP rounds through someone while some bot cutter is raining on him, only to have the bot get the credit.
  6. aha. I found out the exact way to get it to reproduce. Play with the terrain detail turned down about 4 notches and no high def rendering. Play a game for a whole level until the end of the map. Instead of pressing continue, press quit. Change the settings to have max terrain and high def rendering. Rejoin that server and once it loads and you hit enter, it will crash to the desktop. I have a crash report as well as the log, so if you want it, I'll e-mail it.
  7. It seems that enabling high def rendering causes DT to crash. Happens every time, as soon as the map is loaded and it begins to show the map.
  8. thats just frekin weird. Hmmmm. You could always erase your entire hard drive
  9. Ya, I've expierenced that never ending thether. Either it should just fall of when the dropship is destroyed (which would make sense if it's electromagnetic, cuz when the power is out, it stops working), or not detach and restrict your movement to like 25m from the drop ship.
  10. uhhhh... just a thought. Where was the update application when you ran it? Was it in our dropteam folder? You have to have those little files in the same place as the application you click on to launch. By default it doesn't have a folder, so I made one for it. You should have 7 items total exculing the pdf. (if your update application is in there too)
  11. That is an exalent idea. I hate that so much. Plus the fact that you sometimes lose a few seconds trying to get orientated. Something to add to that is, why are we still in observer mode when we are deploying? Shouldn't we be in our tank as it's comming down? Rather than floating all over the place and then springing to our unit, I think there would be a little more continuity if the moment the dropship came in, our view was locked on it untill it droped us.
  12. None here either. Actually more stable. You might need to repair permisions or something. Maybe look for all files associated to drop team (like the .plist if there is one) and trash'em incase they somehow got corrupted. Otherwise I have no idea why your getting that problem.
  13. gotcha, however the glueing to the ground is not only one that one server. I have experienced it quite a few times on quite a few servers.
  14. Wow, never realised that the debug server was like that. I guess that would explain that wierd stuff. Sucks though, It's the only server that gives me <60 ping. Is the fact that the doppler effect is ALWAYS on a result of the server? Is the doppler effect being applied to the drop menu also a result?
  15. I have a few issues with the hurry now. - For one it flips over way too easilly. It will flip if you shoot (why, I have no idea), it will flip if you hit something, it will flip if you go over a bump in the terrain and it will flip if you go over small rocks. I though the whole point of a hovercraft was to glide over all terrain. Yes, hilly terrain would be horrible, but it is DESIGNED to go over small bumps and rocks with ease. The little rocks in the SW of raid should be easily navigated, but it almost always flips me over. It's just way too unrealisticly unstable now. - And every time the hurry goes over a small "jump", the front takes a dive. The engine, ammo and most of the turret are all in the rear. The antimater and gunner are exactly in the middle. The only thing in the front is the driver. It makes no sence that it is so front heavy. The engine alone would balance out any weight by the armour. - A real anyone bug I have noticed, is when you seem to get glued to the ground. Often I will be zipping around and decide to go down (whether to shoot, hide or stop) and will saty down for about 4-10 seconds. When I release x, nothing happens. Forward, back, left, right, x, l and l again, do absolutely nothing. So there I am, a sitting duck. I can still shoot, aim my turret, see others going by and fighting, get text updates, kill others, what have you, but I can't move. I don't think it's latency related. Then all of a sudden, I hit x and I pop back up. It's increadibly anyoing because I'm stuck there for about 30 sec, and have been killed 1 or 2 times by that. I however escaped death by luck a few times too :eek: - Another thing is if I'm crusing along and hit something, but keep holding forward, I will spin faster and faster (I'm like talking 10000RPM here) untill I release the button, and come to an instantanious stop. This could easily be exploited too if you came up agains an ion vehical. Their damage would be spread over everywhere. The weapons apear to have been weakend though, as it took 4 direct hits to a thor and he still managed to "kill himself" (stupid bots). I have no problem with that, it makes it a little more chalenging. But in that case, I think the ammo count should be increased to 15. Heck if it takes 4 hits for a kill, you can only get 2 and a half.
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