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    LukeFF reacted to Combatintman in British TO&Es and the recce regiment   
    I did the TO&Es for the British units which were derived from the official publications and manuals for the 2008 timeframe.  The implementation of the TO&E to fit CMSF structures inevitably means that there are compromises with groupings here and there but, apart from the NBC element which Steve did not want included because it was too specialist, the recce regiment is as accurate a representation of this unit.
    Ground surveillance radars, UAVs and EW teams were not widely deployed in the British Army at the time and, possibly with the exception of Ground Surveillance Radars (I'm working from memory here), not part of the establishment tables for this formation.  The teams you see in the surveillance squadron were primarily trained and equipped to conduct dismounted reconnaissance, be that close target recce or sitting in OPs mostly employing the mark 1 eyeball, binos and a radio.
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    LukeFF reacted to Splinty in CMRT Module 1 Bones   
    I've been playing Tank Crew since it was in pre release, and it does have AT guns, artillery pieces, (you can't call for fire though), HT mounted infantry, MGs, 2 campaigns, (Kursk from both sides) that have 10 missions apiece, and air support. It's the best WWII tank sim since Panzer Elite IMHO.
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    LukeFF reacted to MOS:96B2P in Will Russia Attack Ukraine in September?   
    So you take a shot at two different nations, not your own, and a political party during an election year all in violation of forum rules.  
    Your offer to delete came on the 23rd, the following day.  I don't think you could have deleted your rule violating political comment at that point if you wanted to.  Did you even try?  Why do have a history of bringing politics into this forum in the first place?  Is it because you expect the rest of us will probably follow the rules and not reply?  This thread is an interesting topic in a generally friendly forum.  Why not make an honest attempt to follow the rules and keep it that way?      
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    LukeFF reacted to landser in People who use the default buildings or terrain. Why?   
    I rarely use mods, and hadn't really thought about why, but this thread made me think about it.
    The point above about playing from on high applies to me, and that's certainly part of it. For example uniform textures... I really couldn't care less. I never even notice. If the Russians were wearing Japanese uniforms I'd be fine with that.
    I also find searching the mod sites a bit of a chore. Not to disparage the fine and valuable service to the community these sites provide, but actually finding the thing I want is not always easy. The only mods I search out for every title are UI mods and sometimes sound mods. If mod packs were more comprehensive I might just do. But I have no desire to download + install, farm buildings, then roads, then trees, dead cows, individual vehicles, sky boxes, uniforms, machine gun animations and so on.
    Then I factor in the fact that I have installed say CMBN on three or four different machines through the years and I just can't be bothered to re-mod my installs, since it doesn't really matter to me in the first place. I don't play Combat Mission for the graphics of course
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    LukeFF reacted to Bulletpoint in People who use the default buildings or terrain. Why?   
    Also, even with good mods, the core graphics engine is still the same.
    If I made a list of all the things that break immersion in this game, bland textures would be way down the list compared to terrain dropping to low detail some distance from the camera, flickering shadows that turn on and off depending on camera angle, some terrain not being affected by fog and therefore sticking out like a sore thumb, etc.
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    LukeFF reacted to Dynaman216 in People who use the default buildings or terrain. Why?   
    I don't want to be bothered keeping track of mods or going through any hassle downloading and installing them.  The game(s) are great as is for me.  CM1 I did download tons of mods since they did make a big difference to me.
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    LukeFF reacted to Haiduk in Will Russia Attack Ukraine in September?   
    Woken from what? This is position of any healthy nation. You occupied our territories. Should we give up, recognized it, forgive occupants and supply as if nothing happened?  Don't hold your breath. If China will grab part of Syberia, will you also say about "let make peace, stop warmonger rhetoric"? 
    Yes, there are many indifferent middlebrows in our society, which have "who cares?" life position and will be agree on "peace for any cost". But even the third part of society, which ready to withstand Russia and Russian influence narratives about "compromisses and concessions for peace" will be enough to prevent current authorities from fatal steps. Not middlebrows make a history, it make active patriotic part, so I calm for Crimea supply or Donbas. Any step to sign agreements on Russian conditions and ultimatums, will summon street reaction immediately.
    There is a good story about indiferent citizen of Donetsk. When all this was starting he said "Who cares who's flag over the city? I have a car service business. Everybody need to repair own cars. If Russians come I will get paymnet in Rubles, if Chineese - they will pay in Yuans". Оk. Russia came. Russian Caucasian fighters came, directed guns on him and said "Get out! Your service station and your car now is our!". Middlebrows always can do wrong choise on elections for their calm life in "who cares" style. Authorities can make wrong or betrayal decisions, covering behind "this is what most of people want". But active part also always can fix their mistakes in order the story with Donetsk businessman will not repeat somewhere in other part of Ukraine and Ukraine still Ukraine, not Malorossia, URSR 2.0 of South-Western Federal district.     
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    LukeFF reacted to akd in Russian army under equipped?   
    Oh John...
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    LukeFF reacted to George MC in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Debussing. Getting ready to clear some Soviet held trenches. 

    Moving up to them under supporting fire. 

    Chucking grenades in before final assault. 

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    LukeFF reacted to PIATpunk in Happy 20th Birthday to Combat Mission Beyond Overlord ---Really???   
    How about taking it offline.
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    LukeFF reacted to Grey_Fox in Help Battlefront Out & Leave A Steam Review   
    Why would you leave a negative review of a game you regularly play? If the game frustrates you so much that you recommend others not buy it, why keep playing it?
    The fact is, the game is good enough for you to play it, but has some limitation which aren't enough to make you stop playing it.
    I never understand negative steam reviews saying "DO NOT PLAY THIS PIECE OF TRASH" by people who have amassed significant play time. They obviously got their money's worth, so it's good enough for them, but not good enough for anyone else?
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    LukeFF reacted to IICptMillerII in Help Battlefront Out & Leave A Steam Review   
    Yup. Unfortunately there are a handful of mentally unstable/disturbed people out there who have literally dedicated their lives to trashing BFC and Combat Mission at every turn. The reasons vary, but most of it boils down to stupid people being mad that they were matter of factly told off instead of being coddled and treated specially. This disenfranchised mob tends to conglomerate, and you get the hate groups/groupthink you are seeing. 
    This is one of the main reasons I was always against CM moving to Steam. Granted, my logic is not the most sound, and it is a personal opinion, but I just didn't want these people having another avenue to complain about the same old things. Now that CM is on Steam though, and the overhead is being taken care of by Slitherine, I do not think its a bad thing for BFC. The outrage mob will scream about the game the next few days, but it won't last. Give it a week or two and you'll start to see more sane opinions come forward as the dust settles. The misinformation, such as spotting being a diceroll, certainly annoys me in particular, but that's the internet for you. 
    Its also important to point out that with CM published on Steam by Slitherine, there isn't anything to worry about. They will handle the community outreach on Steam as well as advertising. If, at the end of the day CM doesn't perform on Steam, then it won't be the fault of BFC, or even Slitherine for that matter. And we are a very long ways off from drawing any drastic conclusions like that. 
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    LukeFF reacted to Jock Tamson in Exciting news about Battlefront and Slitherine   
    The screenshots on the Steam page are really poor.  Aliasing in all of them, when there is no need for it.  You wouldn't put crumpled clothing in a store window.
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    LukeFF reacted to akd in Editing characteristics of armor and ammunition   
    Probably the number one reason is not having to deal with constant requests for support related to problems introduced by mods.  If a texture or sound mod introduces a problem, it is usually readily apparent what is going on.  Much less so if the data under the hood is being mucked with.
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    LukeFF reacted to IICptMillerII in Editing characteristics of armor and ammunition   
    You cannot edit the characteristics of weapons or equipment, and you never will be able to. Thank the gods for that too. 
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    LukeFF reacted to IICptMillerII in Explosive images   
    I've mentioned in the past that I would love to see some improvements to the visual special effects (seeing T-72 turrets pop off for example) would be great. I also think that more and varied new animations would go a long way to making the game look a bit better as well. 
    That said, I highly doubt we are going to see anything like that anytime soon. The graphics as they are are functional, which is how they are intended to be. BFC is a small team and have a lot going on, so they simply do not have the time to devote to beautification. My speculation at least. 
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    LukeFF reacted to Sniper31 in Fire suppression from small arms discussion   
    As a retired Light Infantry Platoon Sergeant and Sniper with 28 years of service to include several combat tours, this has got to be one of the more interesting threads I've read on a gaming site in eons. There have been some great points made by several people, and it has been very interesting to read all the differing views and opinions, as well as the shared ones. I also have enjoyed how it all relates to CM. Great stuff!
    Some general points of consideration regarding combat and firefights that I would like to make in relation to this topic:
    1) Most times in a firefight, there is so much noise that it's very hard to hear near misses. You might know you are being shot at by dirt and debris being chipped at you by near misses, but many times you won't hear it due to the multiple, loud weapons being fired, Soldiers and Leaders shouting out orders, and information on the enemy. It's chaotic and loud.
    2) As far as U.S. Infantry training goes, when enemy fire is received, the SOP is to take cover and return fire. Almost always 'take cover' means fall prone, and then seek to improve your 'cover' position. For example, you are prone and returning fire, but there is a nice fat tree five feet to your left that would make better cover. You do what you can to move to it, usually by crawling. 
    3) Usually, when a firefight starts, there is an initial round of firing, people hit the dirt, and then people start yelling. For the trained U.S. Infantry, that means enemy identification. As an example, it might sound like this "Contact 1100, 3oo meters, squad size". The direction is important obviously, as it alerts the formation to the general direction of contact as well as the distance. The element size is purely an initial estimate to give leaders an idea what they are up against. Of course this whole contact statement gets echoed back down the formation so that teams and squads at the back of the formation know whats going on. Also, it gets refined as the firefight goes on. As you can see, this equals lots and lots of yelling. Add in to that calls for medics, special weapons teams to deploy, new enemy sightings on the flanks or, Heaven forbid, in the rear, and one can quickly see how chaotic it can get. And then there are all the weapons firing and explosions. Like I said, chaos. 
    4) Now, all that said, the mark of an experienced and/or well trained unit will handle that chaos much better. That is why SOP's are tantamount to success. When bullets start flying, Warfighters have to react without thinking, for best success. LOTS of time is spent training and practicing on initial contact with the enemy. It is the basic building block for all other Infantry training and operations. How your unit reacts to initial contact can make or break your unit.
    5) I must absolutely agree with those above that said you shoot what you can see, and you suppress what you cannot see but suspect might be there. Also, as a trained and experienced sniper, I will always be of the mindset that well placed, accurate single shots are more effective at taking a target out then suppressive fire. But, suppressive fire has it's place. When an Infantry platoon is conducting a standard platoon attack on an objective, and you are in the Assault Element, you definitely want that suppressive fire to be hosing the objective before your assault begins, and then following in front of you as you assault across the obj. When the enemy is keeping their heads down from the barrage of M240 and M249 fire as well as some 40mm grenade fire mixed in, a trained designated marksman or sniper can more easily pick off specific targets on the obj, especially as the assault element is moving across. When all this is executed by an experienced unit, it is a thing of beauty. 
    Anyhow, some general thoughts. I could talk about this topic for hours and days, but hopefully I've made some salient points. 
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    LukeFF got a reaction from Freyberg in How I seem to play the Brits   
    People need to remember that the British military adopted a philosophy of "steel, not flesh" by the time WWII came about. The horrendous casualties of WWI drove that lesson home quite brutally. 
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    LukeFF got a reaction from John1966 in How I seem to play the Brits   
    People need to remember that the British military adopted a philosophy of "steel, not flesh" by the time WWII came about. The horrendous casualties of WWI drove that lesson home quite brutally. 
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    LukeFF reacted to Combatintman in Exciting news about Battlefront and Slitherine   
    Joyous news, no more 'why isn't his game on Steam' threads.
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    LukeFF got a reaction from IanL in Casualties always leader/gunner.   
    Nope - rather because it is hard to hit a man-sized target at anything beyond 200 meters.
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    LukeFF reacted to Thewood1 in Ministry of Defense video   
    That is a myth from years ago.  DoDs and MoDs are much more sophisticated, in general.  There are different types of training systems needed and trying to lump them together in some mythical defense organizational buying conspiracy belittles both the developers of the simulations and a large number of military personnel involved in getting them into the process.  There are procedural simulators, ergonomic simulators, operational simulators, etc.  They all have a place in the training chain.  None of the "off-the-shelf" and PC-based systems  I know of are blind  procedural simulators.  Games like Steel Beasts and CMO are built on providing as real of an environment as possible for what they do.  In fact, CMO is used more as a sandbox by some navies to test weapon usage, operational theories, and strategic options.
    I also want to point out that Matrix and BFC started out around the same time.  I think BFC might have been a little bigger than Matrix at one time.  They aren't some giant conglomerate, even considering Slitherine.  They are most likely less than 10 people.  But through connections they made with Close Combat, Harpoon, and now CMO, they have managed to carve out a space for themselves and established a beachhead in some MoDs and DoDs.  They partnered with a couple defense contractors to get a foot in the door.  Its something BFC could have done if they had the mind.  There is nothing special Matrix/Slitherine did other just put their head down and do it.  Companies like eSim and Matrix have put the effort into doing this and are now in the drivers seat for companies like BFC.
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    LukeFF reacted to SimpleSimon in Soviet Infantry Battalion Attack   
    The German defense headcount in Crossing the River is just under 300ish men to your 600. This is an immediate and open violation of the well understood precept of base 3:1 odds against a identical defender in the post Flanders world of modern war. 
    Attack check either on the grounds of game of history should fail here, but ok let's be unreasonable and just say that we're going to force the attack because Stalin or because incompetence or because miscommunication etc.
    The defenders are dug in, extensively. Most of their command staff and a good number of their troops are in bunkers with over-head cover immune to mortars and difficult for the SU-76s to see or hit beyond around 300 meters or so. The forests are extensively and comprehensively rigged with mines, bombs, barbed wire all of which is under the over watch of local German infantry who have snipers and machine guns able to cross-fire over these defenses. All told these features really abstract the defender to a 1:1 match against your force thanks to the enormous preparation of his untouched defense. 
    Attack check should fail here. But let's keep being unreasonable and push ahead because we're really going for that Hero of the Soviet Union medal and are totally unscrupulous and ruthless in our desire to look nice in post-war photos in our Moscow flat.
    The defenders have twice as much artillery support as you do by weight of fire alone, it's pre-sighted onto TRPs all of which totally cover the valid terrain movement tiles. You literally cannot move a Company, in open sprint, through these tiles ignoring counter fire from the defenders in time to avoid having them caught in a bombardment. Moving them through the forest causes them to leave behind the SU-76s, sacrificing the only tool of your heavy firepower other than than the 6 82mm mortars which are literally useless against the Germans in bunkers throughout the map. 
    Attack check should again fail here. You're not scared of being assassinated by your men though because you're the player and you're an omniscient god playing a video game so who cares what SimpleSimon and countless others on the forum have advised about play  of this scenario doing nothing to obscure how openly ridiculous it is on grounds of game design. You want to play through it.
    Many sections of the map are arbitrary non-movement areas. The game literally does not allow you to move men through them because screw it, forcing you to confront the defender-plan via a painstakingly slow surgical deconstruction that we can succeed at without save-scumming 100% of the time (just 93% of the time) thanks to other ways the game allows us to cheat via player super-awareness and omniscience and the TARGET HEAVY/LIGHT commands which take effect instantaneously and precisely.
    By this point we're not playing for any kind of historic credibility here it's just solving the scenario for the sake of solving the scenario, completely gaming it, completely cheesing it right?  This is the point where if your perspective on the game is just different from mine that's totally valid you can play this way if you want.  But I just want to ask....
    Why are you playing Combat Mission? 
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    LukeFF reacted to Combatintman in Soviet Infantry Battalion Attack   
    I'd give it a miss to be honest - he got banned for a reason …
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