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  1. Male, 21, Netherlands Seems to me that the avarage age is quite high. interrest in WW2 is something i think comes with age, young people ussualy have other things wich their interrested in. And yes i'm also 'young' but i've been hoocked on history since i read a series of comics about Dutch history when i was 8. and no it just proffessionally studdying to become a historian, altough not specialised on WW2
  2. Once i started reading it i remembered glancing over this a while ago. hve to agree with JC on this one. System looks like it might work nice thinking JD now lets hope HC feels the same And yes i do very much like to use short verions of names greetings BF (no i'm not with BattleFront )
  3. I could be wrong but didn't the Germans annex the rest of France in '42? if so then shouldn't ther be a script for this?
  4. Personaly i don't like the role that luck play's when it comes to tech advances. You don't have a lot of MPP to spend when for example you'r playing for the allies and Russia is only up to 20% activation, so when i decide to spend them on something i want to be certain they pay of. When it comes to unit production you have to options: Instant build or Delayed build Why not have an option for tech too? Current system or having a chit pay of within a chosen period of time (for certain) within 3 months for example another option would be to be able to invest even just one MPP in
  5. I have to say, i like the sound a baddly damaged airfleet makes when the enemy moves it during their turn, it makes me giggle like a little girl Anybody else feels the same? PS Nice Hubert
  6. Is it possible to let a unit 'skip' a turn? I use the 'N' key to cycle through my units (started doing that after i noticed i forgot all about my 3 subs in the atlantc:P), but when you do that it would be very nice to be abble to let a garison unit 'skip' a turn so I don't end up cycling through 15 or so garrison units Just wondering... Doesn't really matter all that much, I can live with it not being a possibility
  7. and i wanted to say educator.... never mind that... Anyway lets get back to the topic, I love IT! Just one thing... change the flag of BENELUX to the dutch flag! We're a bigger country with more inhabbitants!
  8. @ Rambo and Tao Quote: Originally posted by jon_j_rambo: Why is it called "Benelux"? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Because that's the official name for the group of those three countries. The Benelux is not just an abbrevation, it's an actual political body that defends the intrests of those three countries. -- Partly right, it is a customs union, and yes our country's do cooperate on an international/political level but that cooperation is more often done on an informal basis. Quote: It was created in the early '50s -before the
  9. thanks indeed Blashy. I thought going gold refered to the number of copy's sold... like with CD's and stuff :$ 'golden and platinum records'
  10. acctually, China is thinking about using the Euro, not as a standard currency but as a replacement for their Dollar reserves just like Iran. I wonder wy... And not all country's in europe use the Euro, the Netherlands do, just like all other country's that are a member of the EU and have signed the EMU act (European Monetairy Union). The UK, Denmark and Ireland don't use the Euro ass wel as Greece (they wanted to but their economy was considered to be too weak and it would be a drain on the other Euro country's)
  11. Rambo... I already pre-ordered 3 weeks ago so I might be Dutch, but I ain't cheap Quallity is worth paying a little extra for, I've played SC and have enough trust in HC to believe that SC2 will be all it promisses to be and more, without playing a demo Like i said, can't wait to play, a demo would be nice to play those two weeks waiting
  12. just wondering.... it might take some more time to get the product ready for shipment, but will the demo be ready before the end of those two weeks? i agree with some other people's comment that we've been waiting for some time now and that it isn't such a big deal to wait 2 lausy more weeks. BUT when you knew that it was gona take some more time, you'd just accept that and wait, but now that i know it's comming the excitement is killing me and i just wanna get it right now (strange isn't it :S) so the demo would be good to kill the time remaining
  13. Rambo, i can't post a direct link so... here's what you should do: go to google type: CIA factbook click the first link in the selection thingy, select Serbia and Montenegro, tada you have a map of Serbia-M. When you click on reference maps you can find a Map of good old Europe and just about every other region on earth so you'd never have to ask those kind of things again Best Regards,
  14. thanks for the reply. I already thought so, just wanted to check
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