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  1. All Christmas songs should be Finnished. Period.
  2. I assume this is some kind of sex aid for those of the single persuasion? Bzzzt!
  3. Oh that's just lazy. If you're going to make an effort to build a Tiger to 3/4 scale, why not do it properly and make it a proper Tiger? Can't be doing with the final 1/4? Wanted to make it up Everest, but thought that 3/4 was close enough? Feeble, truly feeble. C'mon Whermacht Heavy Armour Fanboyz (WHAFs)... Hitler didn't conquer Russia with 3/4 built Tigers you know!
  4. Thought I'd check out what the GF on BF is up to these days. Didn't expect to spend 6,693 years scrolling though sticky PT boat threads before I got there! So. Are sticky PT boats worth the hassle? Is it easier to attack the enemy with sticky PT boats, or does it not give the torpedoes time enough to arm if you are clamped to their hull?
  5. You're right of course. Anything in the Daily 'Oh My God We're All Gonna Die' Mail could hardly be believed. Not by any rational person anyway.
  6. While idling away a few hours playing the rather good Diablo clone 'Titan Quest' the other day, I found myself surrounded by 'Gibbering Peng'. These turned out to be baboon-faced flying goblin type creatures. The main goal in their artificial life seemed to be to screech out an unintelligable racket whenever someone got within earshot. Their other goal was to retardedly run head first onto any sharp pointy objects in my characters possesion. It all somehow seemed so appropriate.
  7. After comparatively heavy casualties in July the recruitment figures for the British Army jumped by 25%. I think the motivation you're looking for is: F**K'EM.
  8. Superb. An enjoyable read and good pictures Kuniworth. Thanks for posting!
  9. Well I'm hard put to think of anyone who is forced to fight. There is always a choice involved, not everyone had to pull a trigger even if they joined the forces. And bad news m8, AFAIK soldiers don't give a stuff about you or me. They fight for their buddy who is next to them in the hole, to avoid letting him down. They certainly don't go through hell for 'us'. Isn't it funny how when the cost of war is being driven home the 'hero' volume is ramped up by Governments. I'm remain convinced that politicians, some businesses, and clueless or war-loving civvies are the main 'hero' worshipper
  10. But why does 'society' need to believe that war in particular is heroic when those have been there insist it is not? Surely there are enough alternatives nowadays from reality TV 'stars' to charity workers for needy people to latch on to?
  11. Well, if they don't like it (they don't), maybe out of respect 'culture' should stop pigeonholing and offending them? It says a lot about modern society though
  12. Hmm, that word - heroes. I have seen, and have interviewed some myself, many veterans speaking about their experience in war. I never found a common denominator except in one regard. Every single one, without exception, insisted that they were not heroes. For veterans 'hero' is a word used by a bunch of civvies who have no direct experience of war. It implies that war is somehow 'heroic'. They know otherwise.
  13. Wishful thinking but: is this a flame war over flames of war?
  14. Oooh! Kewl leather bondage gear and vaguely Nazi symbology in the background! Where do I sign?!
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