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  1. I have also started experiencing crashes, on CMBN. I had always regarded these games as extremely stable, so it was a surprise. One possible clue - each time it was when I went AFK for about 20-30 minutes. Since then, I have not gone AFK and left the game running, and it hasn't happened again so far. I wonder if a Windows update is causing the problem. Nothing has changed on my rig. Except maybe an Nvidia driver update some time ago.
  2. Hello there Comrades! It has been 6 months since I headed out for physical training at the gulags! I am now fully re-educated! Looks like the fun has continued unabated!
  3. Sure, sounds good. I don't think we'll use any of the special leaders in the battles this turn, given that each group is in peril (fairly small, and being attacked by more powerful foes).
  4. Okay thanks Phil. Still working on the rest of the map construction. I'll put on a burst of speed on it this week.
  5. Okay. Thanks for processing the battles. And thanks to the guys who fought them as well.
  6. Ha ha! Nice one Snols! Where's your vacation? Hiya Phil, what is 'Combat Operations'?
  7. Yeah Rokko, will do. Only thing is it's still a work in progress. I made enough to do the town battle and the forest for this turn, and I'm working on the rest currently. I read somewhere that Scenario Depot 3 has newly arrived? I could upload it to the BF website too once completed.
  8. Righto. I guess I'll just have to chalk it up to being a total novice to the operational game and the transition between what we see on the hex map and what we see on the CM map. In the image below you can see the entire battlefield, with the forest hex superimposed. So, this is where I thought the battle would be fought. As it is, our forces start out on the plains, and as chance would have it, directly under fire from the enemy assault guns. Snols, given the situation, there seems to be 3 options: - Retreat, while possibly losing more tanks. - Continue the attack. - Hold, and pos
  9. Just got back from a weekend away at a farm property with some friends. Snols, I see your situation is a difficult one, and your forces are in an awkward starting position. I'm confused about why they are stranded out on the plains. The movement during the operation phase involved an assault in the woods, but it's as if you've started out in the open. To my knowledge, the T-34's have already paid a price moving through this open ground during the operational movement, and were now entering the forest hex, which is behind (south) of the stream. The reason I sent the T-34's int
  10. Hi Pallebahtep. Yeah, I know the feeling myself all too well. But remember, the enemy artillery is out of your control, and you're making good progress. Rally your men as best you can and continue where you have strength. I'd be wary of sending your tanks in front of your infantry - as much as possible, use the infantry to spot positions, and then reduce them methodically with the tank's long range firepower. Keep your chin up, and pound them into dust! Even if you don't end up taking all the ground, we can still win by eliminating the enemy, so take your time. Snols, what's the sta
  11. Sounds like the battle is going well Pallebahtep! Keep up the great work. Thanks for the reports and the screen shots, they look great in the dawn light. It's quite a thrill to have built the map, and then see the screen shots of the battle. What do you use to capture the images? I found the normal 'print screen' doesn't work so well, and I bought the 'Fraps' program about a year ago. Nice mod Phil!
  12. Haha! Nothing so mystical unfortunately. They were piles of dirt and debris that I modeled off an actual photo. There seems to be random piles and mounds around the place in the Hungarian countryside. I suspect they are created by farmers who push debris out of the way to flatten the area, and then they are left there. Then grass and brush grow on them. Interesting that using actual photos as reference, that often the features of the landscape (both natural and man made) are somewhat unusual and unexpected. By the way, do you know who is actually on the allied team? Did Jaeger Jonzo
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