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  1. 2 hours ago, IronCat60 said:


    All I have to say is that we need to display the same spirit and attitude we have demonstrated in the past. Qualities that I feel makes up the average Battlefront customer.

    That spirit is faith that the BF folks are doing their best to produce the same quality which may take a little longer and we all know no development ever survives first contact with reality. Plus they have lives outside of work which as we all know, can influence job performance.

    That attitude is Loyalty. I like to think there are no "sunshine patriots" among our crowd. Through thick and thin, past and present, we patiently wait for what we know will be as great as the last release.

    Great products and outstanding customer service has always been the hallmark of companies that garner die hard loyal customers. And this company has that in spades.

    Watching the gaming industry I second all this.  The gaming industry has this tendency to try and maximize their profit based on whatever new sales idea hits them.  The result is watered down intellectual property where games start looking very similar despite being completely different franchises.  The rush to also get product to market, hype as much as possible, promote with videos that turn out to not be actual gameplay.  All the major players have had huge issues in the past year.  Ubisoft is getting bashed heavily.  Even CD Projekt has demonstrated the same.  BF is one of the few instances of a company knowing their community, their product and recognizing their limitations.  The most that BF has ever done "over promising" is Steve's projections on release dates :D  I have learned to just accept that with BF, it will be delivered when it is done.  And when it is done it will be every bit as good as I expect, probably more so.

  2. 1 hour ago, Pete Wenman said:

    Not really answering your question, but the issue with ATGMs in game is one of their flight time. Its not unusual to be seeing missile flight times of 10-15 seconds, which is a long time when every second counts. If the launcher can be brought under kinetic fire while the missile is in flight there is a good chance it can be killed before it's own round strikes. It seems much more noticeable in CW than previous titles.

    It's an interesting dynamic and really ups the tension


    yeah this one is  really going to be a game in itself.  The Russians are awash in AT missiles of various ranges.  The issue with using is

    1 you want as much distance as you can to limit detection of launch. While this does increase flight time the enemy may never see it coming.

    2. Fire when in view of as few enemy units as possible.  Keyhole locations are an absolute necessity and if possible be firing outside their frontal arc.

    I have had far more luck playing the Russian side than US.  Those AT 7 teams of the Russians are deadly, 1000 meter reach and 2 guys parked behind a hedge... ouch   The BRDM 2 on the other hand is a small profile vehicle with multiple launchers and a range of 4 km.  They are quickly becoming a favorite toy.  I have also had success against M1s with the recoilless SPG. My first thought playing with Soviet BTRs was - WTF am I gonna do with a bunch of truck mounted dudes.  Playing on the offense is difficult but playing on defense in decent terrain and it is a hard nut to crack.

  3. one item I have learned the hard way is micro manage your anti air assets.  There is very little as demoralizing as watching in horror as your 6 stinger guys all launch missiles in a turn wiping out your reserve... and not hitting anything.  And now you just have to sit and take it as enemy air relentlessly bashes your force.  I typically park 2 Stinger/Igla guys near their vehicle and the rest mount up so only those 2 can fire and they will replenish from the vehicle on their own.

  4. 3 hours ago, Chibot Mk IX said:

    For NATO player, I guess checking how many units have Thermal Sights is an important procedure before the first turn.  Then use smoke smartly, as the thermal sights can "see" through smoke. 

    guaranteed you'll be checking.  And you'll be backing your tanks up with M113s to take advantage of their smoke dischargers as well.  ...be sure to check wind direction otherwise it could be quite embarrassing..

  5. 18 hours ago, ratdeath said:

    Yup, that's my childhood growing up in the 80's listening to Mötley Crüe, Helloween, Doro Pesch, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, etc. playing games and reading Tom Clancy:D


    Son you needed to spend more time listening to the dead.  :D and then doing all that other stuff

  6. On 2/17/2021 at 3:27 AM, Pete Wenman said:

    A great place to start is First Clash by Kenneth Macksey. An easy read, but very informative, having been commissioned as a manual for the Canadian Armed Forces in the early 80's



    That is my favorite,

    Another one for the other side- Ralph Peter's Red Army

  7. 1 hour ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

    I suspect people who attempt to use the M1 in CM:CW like they would in CM:SF2 or CM:BS (ie: as the 'Landcruiser of Doom') are in for a very rude awakening!  ;)

    PS - Nobody has really mentioned TLATGMs yet.....I'm hoping there will be at least one daytime scenario where the NATO tanks will be horribly outranged too.  IMHO it is character building, like playing the Syrians in CM:SF2.  :P

    As I noted in another thread-

    I've had a 21 second flight time At 5 on a BRDM 2 nail an M60 frontally for a kill - just under 3.5 km range and not be spotted.  So do the math, you want to shoot and scoot as US at that range you have 15 seconds to back out of sight. And the BRDM maneuvered into position while the M60 was on overwatch.

    The M1 while not the beast of CMBS is still easily king of the battlefield.  The Bradley despite some of it's publicity can shred a Soviet motorized unit.  When you cross that timeline for US upgrades, the whole dynamic of  the cold war changes.  Hence the timeline in Cold War.  You play the optimal moment of Soviet advantage.. and it is fleeting.

  8. 4 hours ago, Bufo said:

    I was waiting for this, in cmbs it drove me crazy...

    it becomes more of a western problem now.  Those Russian AT units are hell.  This isn't CMBS where the tank is reacting as soon as you aim.  At7 may "only" reach out to a 1000m but you may never see it coming.  The BRDM-2 with it's AT 5 can touch you from 4km and they spot pretty darn good...and they are small. (and the maps allow for that kind of range).

    I've had a 21 second flight time At 5 nail an M60 frontally for a kill - just under 3.5 km range and not be spotted.  So do the math, you want to shoot and scoot as US at that range you have 15 seconds to back out of sight.

  9. 4 hours ago, AlexUK said:


    Not sure how thermals evolve/are introduced on both sides over the period, would imagine that will have a significant impact (I guess there will be multiple major changes taking place over that period). Looking forward to learning a whole lot of new things, and seeing them for myself when the game is released!

    ooooh yeah.  This is a majorly significant item.  For the US not having it is a severe handicap.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Bil Hardenberger said:

    Appreciate your appreciation... it was mostly off than on in those eight years... got hot and very ON over the past couple of years.  :)  


    well thank you for the dedication.  This was the focus of most of my boardgame purchases.  Gawd so many.  MBT, IDF, Air and Armor and those were just the tactical.  Went all the way up to The Next War and NATO.  Even went so far as to include 2nd Fleet to determine if NATO convoys would be able to cross the Atlantic....  This is my retirement year and you gave me the game I've waited decades for Bil/Capt.  Nice timing, how did you know?

  11. you don't need to kill it via the turret.  Heck I nailed a pair of M1s with recoilless weapons - just don't try to shoot em from the front.

    Dragons are good.  There are lots and lots of targets. And those Russian infantry AT4s are honestly better than using the vehicle mounted units - you are a lot harder to spot.  Only problem is they only have a 1000 meter range.  Killed a tank with a BMP mounted unit from a bit over 3km the other day.  The learning curve in this game is brutal (and in my case seemingly flat...)but the CMBS instant reaction days... well that ain't this game.

  12. 53 minutes ago, rocketman said:

    Seeing the long list of air assets on both sides, will the game support them fighting each other and not only ground to air?

    No. CM does not do air to air anything. Al that would happen outside the confines of a tactical battle.  

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