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  1. Interesting alternative history considering he 1 was never sacked and in fact was highly regarded by Eisenhower and 2 he became the FIRST Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1949. Surely a strange promotion for a sacked commander.
  2. And the honest British, probably the Germans and maybe even a few of the allied commanders (not Americans) serving under him. >:-D Yeah I know I am probably biased, but I don't think that is purely about being American. I have some of the same regard for Patton, but at least Patton understand the role of speed in modern combat.
  3. True but as I noted it isn't just a generic point of aircraft, but when and where. The hedgerows were bad enough for Infantry to see who was shooting at them. For aircraft, direct ground support was extremely difficult. I am reading of one incident on the drive to St Lo where the infantry was asked to put out red and white markers for the aircraft....which they didn't of course have. :-P Using CMAK as an example doesn't quite reflect the same conditions. Now when we get to the period of the battles in Lorraine, that may be a different story and perhaps by the then BFC will have determine
  4. All of that may be true, but I would have left off the Monty quote. I never use as my reference on a resume anyone that folks are gonna look at and say "well how the heck would that guy know?" :-P
  5. The subject may be ridiculous, but I think there are many different opinions here of which subject it is that we are referring to as being ridiculous. In CMBO, all my AA did was give away their positions when aircraft came along. I can't really say they had much success. In terms of the effectiveness of AA in the sources previously discussed. I can't say those numbers 1 sound very quantitatively impressive and 2 don't note aircraft type. How successful do we think they really were against P51s and P47s as opposed to recon lightweight, slow aircraft and level bombers? As one noted example
  6. It might be worth your time to look at the TCS game series for some ideas. Do a search on tcs gamers and you should find a link to the archive. In there is a copy of the 4.0 series rules. They have their own concepts on how to account for command cycles and morale. The key issue for you is your map. If you have that (even if it is hand drawn) you can use it to create CMBN maps. The players only need the Operational map to draw up plans and you use that to create the individual battles. Just a thought that may allow you to do this without too much overhead on the operational layer and not b
  7. Just finished "Dying for St Lo". Honestly not sure how much I can credit some of what is quoted there, but the casualty rate for US units in the St Lo campaign was quite high and the units were not really pulled back for rest. For example the 29th ID fought from the beachhead to St Lo before finally being pulled out of the line on July 19th. German unit figures are likely much harder to come by and units were quite scrambled together in front of St Lo as the Germans patched together whatever they could to hold back the American drive. The end of the book has a fairly good OoB along with un
  8. very interested. I have a few odds and ends like DIV/Reg HQ unit emblems for the rest of the US Army Divisions in ETO if you are interested. I owe the credit for that to my wife who is a photoshop wiz. Some are a bit rough based on the source material I had available, but my attempts in crayon were less than satisfactory.
  9. Actually N44 might work very well with that as it has 2 hour turn increments in daylight with additional night turns. You can also edit both the X,Y axis to only use a portion of the map as well as edit your OoB down to platoon level if desired. It is possible though I would tend to agree with others. I expect I will be spending time trying CMBN before I would be ready to commit to an endeavor like this. Something smaller in scale similar to the TCS series by the gamers might be more workable. By the way your Ramadi scenario and map is awesome. It has resparked my interest in CMSF.
  10. Not sure of the scale you are looking at, but you could create one large map, save multiple copies and then edit those down to a usable size for smaller battles. For example you create a 4x4 km map then save A, B, C and D. Then edit those down by deleting appropriately to have each represent a 2x2 or even edit it and create 16 1x1 maps. Alternatively you could have different scenarios of different size using the same 4x4 original. In hedgerow country that is quite a large map to start from. Not sure if this is goes toward what you were thinking or not, but hope it is helpful.
  11. Sometimes you guys are just too diplomatic. It is appreciated by those genuinely interested in the game, but some posts you can look at and pretty much guess the OP never intended to be swayed. They just wanted to take a shot for whatever reason before they wander back to whatever forum they learned that level of behavior from. Really is a shame as I just downloaded LongLeftFlank's scenario (USMC Ramadi (Iraq): Relief of JOKER 3) and it has me playing CMSF all over again. I am still in the first few minutes and I have to say the scenario is pretty darn impressive. I expect that CMBN wil
  12. Hell I would skip the metal case if I could get it now. That was pretty cold Other Means- hope you get stuck sharing a week long car ride with son of diablo so he can tell you how stupid your game is. >:-D
  13. I was one of the 20....but not one of the 10 sadly. Though it was really perty to look at.
  14. This is also available as a free module for Aide de camp program, though I still prefer the HPS games as the OoB goes to company scale and lower and can be editted. Do like the Heer symbols on this as well. Took a little getting used to but very informative.
  15. After D Day by James Jay Carafano. Best book I have read in a while on Normandy with some interesting new insights and alternative perspectives. Dying For St Lo - Just started reading and haven't yet formed an opinion, but the pictures alone are pretty good.
  16. I expect that while generally they should be similar, there will be some differences as now you have ammo carriers and the 1:1 design can allow for better detail on the Battalion organization than the older CMx1 structure. May have to just wait until closer to release to see.
  17. Yes they do, but in those days, not so much on indoor plumbing. Digging latrines would have been a common activity for soldiers. For country dwellers it would be something they would be more familiar with. It is a little (very little) known fact that the German defeat before Moscow was due to their inability to find public restrooms. Barbarossa was planned on reaching Moscow before the soldiers had need of restrooms. The offensive collapsed when the soldiers had to wander off looking for acceptable public facilities. This is also the root cause of the failure of French strategy in 194
  18. Can dead cows be a "flavor item"? If so can they provide cover? :-D In the case of living animals, would my country boy pixeltruppen be distracted by some particularly cute sheep? Dang I should have asked that in the discussion about who made better soldiers, city slickers or country folk.
  19. This is the one I was referencing earlier. It doesn't specifically detail the behavior, but I suspect it may be something very general perhaps calling it in, but not being able to call specific targets. In CMx1 it simply appeared as a reinforcing element and you hoped they actually made a contribution to the fight or at least didn't shoot your own. It appears now you may be able to call it in as artillery, but whether you can cite targets hasn't been spelled out.
  20. LOL chalk it up to pre release jitters, like dating someone for weeks on end and never getting past first base when everything you see tells you this will be the best sex of your life... in game terms.. really... no really. At least you get to go back to your PC and play another round. We all can only look at the centerfolds and drool. Hell we don't even have movie clips. :-P We're jealous- you get to play AND win, so not fair!!!
  21. sounds like your average business manager or perhaps a Transocean executive getting a safety award the same year they turned the gulf into a replica of Charlie Sheen's bath water after his oil massage scrub down.
  22. I'll stick with the Sharks. Baseball is too early in the season and too slow to keep my mind off how close we are to a release date. I really hope they surprise us with a few days earlier rather than a few days later. ...or how about now? Now? now maybe?
  23. Back to the original question - I think my answer was covered by George MC in the thread on Bocage Tactics- There is a risk of friendly casualties. I wasn't asking regarding the use of heavy bombers in Goodwood and St Lo, only P51 and P47 aircraft support are included for CAS. I suppose you could use Naval Artillery to simulate a larger air strike if you wanted to try and build a St Lo campaign, but from what I have read the German front line units facing the Americans in Cobra were not particularly impacted by the airstrikes. They were dug in and outside the main bombing zone. It was the
  24. reading the forum constantly going back and looking at the media files reading books on the subject --> just finished After D Day by Carafano --> now reading No Better place to die, yes I really hope we see a campaign developed for the La Fiere bridge --> Eyeing my copy of Dying for St Lo as my next read --> wondering how many books I have left to kill time...
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