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  1. 45 minutes ago, chuckdyke said:

    Very nice effort and I admire it. Would it be difficult to make houses with cellars? Or fortified houses, inner walls sandbagged and even foxhole type modifications inside? 

    Houses with cellars means altering the terrain mesh.  I don't think anyone has considered that, BF certainly has not.  It is the source really of the whole foxhole/fortification dilemma

  2. On 5/6/2021 at 9:54 AM, Erwin said:

    We Afrika Korps (and Early War) fans really have to make the same or more noise that the CW folks did.  I remain very disappointed that after buying all BF products to support them on the understanding that they would eventually get to Early War as promised, we are let down.  Seems that BF is going after the lowest common denominator US mass market (such as it is for wargames).   Can't blame BF for wanting to make more money for their retirement etc.  But, it is sad.

    it might be worth noting that we got CMCW not by just asking over and over for it but because a couple people actually put in the sweat to do the project.  They had a lot of work even convincing BF that they could manage it.  If you really want it you may have to do a bit more than just keep asking.

  3. 16 hours ago, Kevin2k said:

    Great. Trust it will be solved in due time.

    I do wonder, the team could not force one of the Beta testers to run more modest hardware? (shortest straw ;)) The lower detail model issues mentioned in this topic would be obvious on such. Whereas on a high end system the game-engine adaptive detail scaling tends to hide any of these lower detail models from view. (Running a Desktop with CPU i5-3550 and GPU Radeon HD6670 myself)

    are you suggesting we go out and buy a cheaper rig?  Cause that is what I'd have to do.  Now if you are offering to buy it for me. .. :D  

  4. 3 hours ago, hypeman said:

    I recently stumbled upon the Road to Baghdad mod for SF1, yep we're going way back now😅, getting me in a mood to see if SF1 still had some magic left in it. Unfortunately when I loaded into the first mission I soon realized why SF2 is the standard, with its butter smooth camera movement and fancy drag n drop move orders and what not. 

    So I'm curious, does anyone out there still play the original Shock Force often? Dare I say, more than its successor? 

    Please drop a comment or feature that I clearly overlooked that makes the original Shock Force worthwhile to you.

    I still have it installed.. basically for nostalgia. I never actually play it now.

  5. 1 hour ago, Thomm said:


    All my problems vanish as soon as I run the game as administrator (from my non-administrator account).

    Thank you again for all the good advice!

    Best regards,

    actually your problems are just beginning... don't start with the Russian campaign is all I'll say.

  6. On 4/27/2021 at 1:49 PM, ASL Veteran said:

    Actually it's the opposite.  Farmers prefer that there is no savings time.  Agricultural states like .... I think Indiana .... don't have daylight savings time because they have to milk the cows at the same time everyday or something like that.  Anyway, not every State in the US observes daylight savings time.  I seem to recall that the reason for daylight savings time was to allow more daylight for people to go shopping or something like that.  Just going off the top of my head though so I might not be remembering correctly.

    I bet if it was an armor related thing you'd have dug a lot harder.  :D  

  7. 3 hours ago, Ultradave said:

    Exactly. We trained for pretty much everything that's being discussed here. Some of that training is not scenario specific- for example, dropping in to secure and airhead while awaiting the arrival of mech units is not hugely different in Austria or somewhere in the Middle East. Different terrain, same overall mission.


    well the airport lounges would have been nicer.  :D  Now if it were today you'd hope for Dubai.

  8. A lot going on over the last couple months.  US pressure on NordStream, Czech republic accusations and canceling any Russian participation on Nuclear program that cost billions, a more aggressive stance from US and reconnecting with NATO. Continued sanctions.

    Honestly not sure what Russia hoped to accomplish with the buildup, maybe just letting the West know that there was still a threat.  However it is pretty much the only bargaining chip Russia has and is a double edged sword in that it just upped NATO's anxiety and played into the US position about Nordstream.

    As to water flow, well that is a problem Russia created in seizing Crimea.    Could Russia force it's way to create a land bridge to Crimea.  Almost certainly.  Would the cost be worth it?  Almost certainly not.

    Personally I think Putin has way overplayed his hand and is now in a pretty unenviable position.  He's really back in the same geopolitical position of needing China's support as an ally and the weaker partner in that alliance.

  9. Putin may be a lot of things, but he isn't stupid.  A full on attack on Ukraine would have been too big a provocation to the West.  Russia is already economically hurting.  The loss of that Nuclear contract in the Czech Republic would be nothing compared to what would come.  Putin does know how to grab attention, but in this case it doesn't seem to have achieved much.  On the other hand you can expect that NATO is going to have a much different stance now especially with a US leadership much more inclined to increase it's activities with NATO.

  10. 22 hours ago, chuckdyke said:

    I was in Seoul a few years ago. Just look at their subway system. It is just not for transport but shopping arcades, bars and restaurants. Seoul has a city underneath a city. We can see the way the world is going biological warfare will play a role. 

    while doing our office move I went from my hotel, past the old office and over to the new office all underground.  Damn good thing as it was freakin cold.  It was close to a mile.

  11. 2 hours ago, Blazing 88's said:

    Thank you. I'll give that a try.

    Patches are never charged and are always applicable for the base game (even if they aren't specifically patching the base game).  The new model for quite some time now is when you download the game, you download everything.  Even if you haven't purchased FR, if you DL the base game again right now, FR is included.  If you purchase FR all you'll need is the activation key as you'll already have the module.

    The main reason to just look for the released patch is to save download bandwidth restrictions from your provider.  I tend to just download the full installer as it just makes managing my installations easier.  I still have the full instructions and all the downloads for CMSF, man that one is a beast.

  12. On 4/23/2021 at 2:12 PM, Ultradave said:

    Of course, you could write the "history" of what happens in the BNCW world to be anything you want, within reason. The very general mission was drop in, seize a key airfield/airport somewhere in the world, and hang on until there were enough armor/mech units airlifted in to maintain. Was that realistic? Dunno. Probably depends a lot on where in the world that airfield was. We sure practiced it a lot.

    We also trained for the AAAD (Airborne Anti Armor Defense). Which was a fancy way to say - come up with a plausible defense and enough light portable AT weapons to greatly attrit an attacking armored unit. Could be a place in the NATO line, could be a forward deployment to stop a reinforcing unit, while NATO forces counterattack to link up. Now that last one has possibilities for CW. Rush to the aid of the beleaguered paratroopers.  

    "We're paratrooper son. We're supposed to be surrounded"


    Latakia would have been a major base of operations for Soviet power projection in the Eastern Med.  How about an Airdrop to be supported by units coming in from 6th fleet.. oh wait is there a Marine module?  :D  Be an excuse to delve more into desert region settings.


    Funny thing that just occurred to me after posting this is I had a cousin who served in the Marines in the late 60s and was posted to the Med.  I still have his old foot locker in my garage.

  13. 9 hours ago, Dan Dare said:

    Really, are you serious...did I insult sb?...don't think so...and not to AKD or ASL for sure even if i do disagree strongly with their aproach...one cause aproach like "I know better, and you have to prove it" and the other cause just want to proof I'm mistaken...and easy task by the way...and that AKD, who is a living souce on ww2 had proved it  already to me in few days ago...I do seriusly enjoyed the discussion about captured russian smg and ejoyed it a lot...and learned even more.


    Well ASL seems to have taken no offense and perhaps he is right that it is simply translation/language issues.  If so my apologies.  For reference though for a native english speaker, many of your posts are very aggressive.  Yes that is kind of how internet communications seem to have gone.  Not a good thing in my eyes as to how we treat each other differently when face to face versus this more anonymous medium.

  14. On 4/23/2021 at 1:15 PM, herr_oberst said:

    So I'm a dummy... got the email, downloaded F&R, installed... without doing a TimeMachine backup first.

    F&R is in, and activated, but my 'Regiment Eicke' map is gone the way of the Dodo...

    Rule #1: Never split attention between work and CM goodness. Important steps get forgotten.

    well if it makes you feel any better, I formatted my old main drive this week when I got my new PC.. before copying over my my docs folder.  lost a bunch of stuff from CMSF2 that I hadn't backed up yet.  Fortunately not everything, but a good amount of work on my Sadr city map went up in smoke.

  15. 58 minutes ago, Dan Dare said:

    so you are like your friend...but instead of beliving in flying saucers you belive there were no sturmtigers in the east of the Elbe...go to see a doctor and safe your sanity...cause about your education i guess now it is too late to save it

    why are you being so obnoxious?  I haven't seen AKD or ASL throw a single insult and yet every post of yours usually has one unnecessary taunt?  ASL is pretty freakin knowledgeable.  Scary kind of knowledgeable.  If you have something to show him wrong I am sure he'd love to know as he is always looking for new sources.


    Calm down and trade source info but keep tossing the insults and BF is gonna give you the timeout you are working so hard to earn

  16. On 4/17/2021 at 8:07 PM, dbsapp said:

    In my experience it depends on the mission type. Unfortunately, the stock campaigns in Red Thunder don't provide best experience of infantry usage. Mainly, with some exceptions,  they deal with slow and painful fighting with superior forces well hidden in the bushes or buildings. 

    There are several good single scenarios though.  

    When I wrote opening post I was struggling with Bunkers Burning scenario. Despite it being quite challenging and interesting, I find it rather unbalanced. Finally, I achieved victory after numerous save and load attempts. 

    I downloaded several community-made battles, and they are far better. 

    I'd stay away from the Russian Campaign in CW if I were you.  Just sayin.


    And for what it is worth during Beta Testing I had a glorious time with Studienka.  My infantry took a huge bite out of the Russian assault.. hiding in bushes and buildings, sneaking along culverts, scrounging PFs off their dead comrades.  CMRT isn't my favorite title, but that was one of my favorite scenarios.

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