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  1. Fed ex charges up to $.50 a page  (I expect BF would end up paying more as they aren't just printing but also binding and a smaller format).  The CMCW manual is 80 pages and a lot of it in color.  The 4.0 Manual is 126 pages though largely B&W.  Then you add shipping costs.

    My advice if you really want a printed manual is definitely get it locally printed.  You'll save a lot and you can get it printed in larger format.  You can also load the CM manuals on any e reading device like Kindle.

  2. 5 hours ago, Sgt Joch said:

    Steve had mentioned once that game manuals were one of the most expensive items for them since they had to get them printed up and always had to try to plan for the correct number to not be stuck with extra ones. Digital download is way better for the Devs since there is zero additional cost when you sell extra copies. I still have the original CMSF1 and CMBN manuals, but think they stopped after that.

    yeah the other problem is as the manuals change with updates, you end up with a physical manual that is no longer accurate for new features.  I prefer just opening on PC where I can annotate etc.  I had a coworker however who would also print out PowerPoint presentations even if they were gonna be tossed at the end of a call.  He drove me nuts... I think intentionally.  We've been buddies for a couple decades and he loved getting me torqued up.  😁

  3. 25 minutes ago, danfrodo said:

    oohhhh, east germans.  I am hoping they will turn their weapons on their soviet overlords.  Actually, that would be a cool hypothetical red on red fight.  Or maybe some blue+red fighting red. 

    ooooh yeah, the opportunities for.... all kinds of creative fun.  Hell eventually how about an East Bloc revolt where the West Germans intervene...

  4. Hey Artkin, you can't.  This may be stuff you've already considered and if so just ignore. If I understand your goal which seems to be to split the 2 master maps into a total of 9 smaller maps, you can't quite do that as your center 3 maps are currently split.  What you can do is just split the two maps into 3 each for a total of 6. (or do smaller sections etc.  I will have to do the same with my Sadr city map as it won't even open in 3 D mode at this point.  😜   It will be a master map you launch in the editor.  Select the area you want by cutting the map and save a new smaller version.

  5. 27 minutes ago, chuckdyke said:

    Australian POW's were very tasty and good eating according to Japanese soldiers who were made prisoner. This information can be found at the Australian war memorial museum in Canberra. You shout your wisdom of the rooftops civil people send each other a mail. You won't bother and in your case I won't bother either. 

    wtf are you going on about now? Not exactly showing how you think the expression is benign.

    I should know better than to go down the rabbit hole with folks like you.  

    and it is FROM the rooftop.  Not OF the rooftop.  christ.

  6. 10 minutes ago, chuckdyke said:

    Lost for words you decided to get off topic. Suggestion, send a private mail when somebody upsets you. 

    suggestion, keep your racist BS and excuses to yourself.   Question - did you send me a PM about this topic before injecting your half baked rationalizations?  I'll save everyone the suspense.  No.  you did EXACTLY what you are criticizing me for doing.  Hypocrite much?


    and for what it is worth  - In 2011, after the term's offhand use in a March 26 article appearing in The Spectator ("white-coated Jap bloke"), the Minister of the Japanese Embassy in London protested that "most Japanese people find the word 'Japs' offensive, irrespective of the circumstances in which it is used".[16]

    Care to educate me some more on how Japanese feel?

  7. 1 minute ago, chuckdyke said:

    I live half of my retirement in Asia over there I am a Bule. Only white people find the words racist as a rule Asians and Africans don't mind. Learn some languages and find out. The word slope was common usage during the 60's and 70's hardly anyone is using it now. Stay on topic Yank. The Indians invented that word, stands for Jan-Kees common names of the Dutch Settlers of what is now New York. But that word is not racist neither is when people abbreviate Japanese.  

    Keep going, I won't mind it a bit when you get banned.

  8. The problem with owning physical copies is 2 fold. 

    First - CD drives are becoming increasingly rare.  The gaming rig I just bought didn't even come with one.  Hell my company won't even let us use USBs.  The world is moving rapidly to a software only online market.  

    Second - when is the last time you tried loading CMBN from CD then upgrade/patch it to 4.0?  (most of which isn't available on CD).  I wouldn't even want to consider it.  I had done often enough for CMSF 1.  I never want to go through that process again.

    I tossed all my CDs and now just keep the latest version of the full updater for all titles in 2 locations.  One of which is online just in case of a catastrophic PC event.

    There is no difference between having an MP file or a game on your computer versus having physical media. You still have it in your possession and you still need a player.  Online only games are a whole other thing and yeah I'm not too thrilled about going that route either.

  9. 17 minutes ago, chuckdyke said:

    I had my say and racism in any shape or form is against the law here. Good manners are when you send him a private post when somebody offends you. You however try to shout it from the rooftops. That is how it is done in Asia quietly on the golfcourse when they settle differences. 

    says the guy with a Japanese sister in law that refers to Asians as slopes...last year.  Yes we must be gentlemanly when addressing as we don't want our white sensibilities to be offended...  

  10. 12 minutes ago, chuckdyke said:

    Here is where I live. Welcome to visit but because of Covid you can't we are Covid free. By the way my sister in law Reiko is Japanese too and she doesn't mind. Now return to topic and don't try to impose your local values and American English on the rest of us. 

    jap.jpg jap2.jpg

    oh yeah common usage certainly means it isn't derogatory at all.  That would never happen.  Glad your sister in law can overlook the bigotry.  yep certainly more proof.

  11. 33 minutes ago, RescueToaster said:

    Thank you - I'll be sure to do this! Any advice with gun-based AA like the Shilka and M163 Vulcan? It would be pretty nice if you could set "anti-aircraft arcs" or something to help eliminate over-application of 20/23mm dakka (and if helicopters were displayed in the game - a man can dream!).

    Thank you as well - I'll definitely be doing this from now on. I'll have to be wary of transports auto supplying ammo as well. Looks like they can auto supply units up to ~2 tiles away.

    No and in reality I assume they wouldn't hold back.  Not much sense holding onto ammo if the enemy aircraft is attacking your troops.  The stinger dudes on the other hand... volley firing off your entire ammo load for one aircraft is pretty excessive.  There are a number of things you can do to control their access to ammo and how many crews you have positioned to fire.  It's good practice to review everything you have and build a plan as to how to utilize those assets.  The US campaign has at least one battle that is a couple hours long and the soviets have significant air assets.  First time I played it I hadn't really experienced it yet.  I think I was out of AA within 15 minutes.  The rest of the battle was not fun.  😜 

  12. 8 hours ago, chuckdyke said:

    Poms, Dings, Slopes, Square heads, Yanks, Canucks that's what I would call you last year. This year it is British, Italians, Asian, Germans, Americans, and Canadians. What people call me is none of my business. Welcome to the politically correct world, some words are acceptable in some versions of English and unacceptable in others. I won't write here what they call Japanese People in an Australian RSL Club. After all the WW2 Veterans are now Centenarians leave the old guys in peace. 

    really just last year?  Recognizing bigotry is somehow "politically correct"  Okay sign me up as being PC cause I hate frickin obnoxious arrogant racists.  Racist slurs aren't acceptable in ANY form of English. 

    Markshot, you may have started the thread, but there are forum standards that apply on every thread.  I am sorry yours has had to deal with this, but it is what it is.  I have not asked that anyone be blocked or have any other action taken, I have simply asked they stop using certain terminology.  It seems that is too much for certain members of this community who'd prefer to continue to behave in a manner that reflects the worst in us rather than show a modicum of respect towards others.

  13. 1 hour ago, Erwin said:

    I looked from the start of this thread and realized that you have interposed yourself into a thread to which you have made no contribution whatsoever, and are merely attempting to derail this thread.  

    This is exactly the sort of thing you would complain about if anyone interrupted your thread.  I'd say this as a good example of hypocritical virtue signalling.  If you have nothing to contribute, why are you disrupting our conversation about a WW2 game?  If you are auditioning to be part of the thought and censorship police, China would love to have you.

    nice, it is my fault for derailing a thread because you think it is okay to use racist terminology.  And no I would not complain if someone interrupted my thread to point out language I was using was deeply offensive to their loved ones.  JFC Erwin is it too much too recognize that the expression Jap is an extremely offensive slur? Why are you even bothering trying to defend it's use?

  14. 32 minutes ago, MikeyD said:

    In CMSF2 its an ATGM free-for-all because the assumption is the Syrian forces will be armor-light. CMBS use of ATGMs against infantry was significantly reduced because its considered an armor-rich environment. This is the first time I've seen mention of ATGMs being fired against infantry in CMCW. I don't know if its rare or common because nobody's mentioned it before.

    Honestly in testing I didn't really notice, but to be fair I use arcs and armor target commands to better prepare ambushes so likely wouldn't see it that much.

  15. 2 minutes ago, Erwin said:

    Wow.  If that is the standard around here, a lot of people on these forums would lose teeth and more for saying lots of things that offend me.  Ridiculous sensitivity is imploding our culture imo.  Or maybe you are one of those who don't believe we euro westerners have a culture cos we "stole" it.

    Or maybe I believe you are a racist and your referencing that Euro western dog whistle is pretty much proof.

  16. 6 hours ago, Erwin said:

    We all abbreviate things all the time.  Please let's not get into political correctness forcing us to spell out every word fully.  Some people will always be offended by something.  I am offended by many things too.  I hold my tongue cos I know it's not intentional.

    that isn't an abbreviation, it is a racist slur.  Ever call my wife a Jap when I am around and you'll lose a few teeth.

  17. 52 minutes ago, RescueToaster said:

    I had the Vulcans auto-firing - I wasn't aware you could manually choose air targets (new to the 'new' games!). How do you do that?!

    you can't.  The best you can do and I highly recommend this, with stinger crews is in some scenarios you have a bunch of them, mount half in vehicles so they won't fire.  They will burn through their ammo supply really fast to no real benefit otherwise

  18. 5 hours ago, nikolai said:

    I don't know... It sounds as if we play different games... In the CM that I played, group movement orders just do an affine transformation. That is, every unit is moved by exactly the same distance to exactly the same direction. No intelligence involved. No attempt to optimize placement of individual units to find better firing position or better cover.

    This is true.  In effect it is move forward X meters maintain this formation as all units are given the same direction and distance.  If you want a unit to do something in CM, you have to tell it that.  The same is true in Command OPs at a different scale.  You have to decide how you want to take an objective and give the appropriate orders.  The game won't do that for you.  And I micromanage the hell out of CM.  It is actually how I get enjoyment. I watch every freakin pixeltruppen  :D  If you want to see how I approach the game, click the Hamel Valle link in my signature.  It is the single best game of CM I think I ever played (meaning fun). It is against a human opponent but I take a similar approach all the time.

    Regarding TAC AI I think we have different definitions.  What the TAC AI does in CM is different than what the AI does in Command Ops.  Command OPs does not have to take into account things CM does and vice versa. Command OPs is 2D which totally changes what it has to factor in. If you want to defend a town in Command Ops, you move the unit into town and set a posture.  You want to defend that town in CM, you better look at lanes for fire, cover, secondary positions, observation points for indirect fire and comms set up, assigning a reserve to respond where needed. CM is designed to have the player make decisions, not take the decision making out of the player's hands.  For Command OPs at operational scale it is designed to allow the player to decide intent and the engine to try and apply.  In essence you are a staff officer.  Not criticizing, Command Ops is an outstanding game.  Just a different cup of tea.  And Combat mission units do make decisions on weapon type and target, not sure where you got the impression otherwise. Watch a sniper and note who they target.  Just watch a Javelin equipped unit in CM Modern for a very very clear example. (or go back to that Hamel Vallee link, there are tons of examples - have I pitched that enough yet?)  For the beta testers this is something that is always looked at, what is the behavior of a unit and is it appropriate especially if a new feature is added or weapon system..  It is also an area BF is constantly looking at to enhance as there most certainly are limitations.  Would we like a game format that let you set more of a level of intent and reaction parameters, most certainly.  We just don't have anything like that yet.

  19. 50 minutes ago, nikolai said:

    Right. Different games, different systems. That's fine. I just don't want to pretend there is a tactical AI, while in fact it is absent by design.

    There is, it just has a different function.  CM Tactical AI is pretty sophisticated however it is concentrated in determining how the AI reacts not to make decisions at the scale that Command Ops does.  Watch your pixeltruppen.  They'll do some pretty awesome stuff especially when they decide to ignore your orders because something happened that takes precedence.  If there was no Tac AI in this game you'd find a lot of folks looking elsewhere and BF could churn out games a lot faster.

    Probably a better place to start would be defining what you mean by tactical AI because it most certainly exists in CM.  It is not absent by design, it is in fact the heart of the game.  And yes I have Command Ops.  Just not an RTS guy so my interest flagged.

  20. 1 minute ago, nikolai said:

    You sound as if there is a tactical AI in the game. TacAI is a misnomer. The existing unit "AI" doesn't take tactical situation into account at all. You cannot ask it to find the safest path, you cannot ask it to make an ambush, you cannot ask it to fire-and-retreat (would be helpful for ambushes, snipers or for fire-and-forget missiles in CMBS). Just compare it, for example, to true tactical AI in Command Ops 2 and you will see what tactical AI should look like. I play CM with an assumption that there is no friendly tactical AI and I have to micromanage units giving them the very basic orders: go this way with normal speed, don't forget to deploy weapon, fire into this wall for 30 seconds. You're trying to impute to TacAI decisions that it was never designed to make.

    uh oh.  Don't open that can of wo... aaargh too late!!!

    Steve would probably write a dissertation here on this, I'll settle for Different games, different systems. 

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