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  1. hi , can I send you a save game file that I think is a bug?

    1. sburke


      Absolutely. If you don't have a file sharing set up like dropbox, then just email to sburke1959@yahoo.com

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  2. Well at least I can count on ONE competent playtester ... other than myself that is. That's right sburke, Knight of the Shavian House, now that I'm retired I have graciously volunteered to playtest and, needless to say, Steve jumped on that offer like a trout to a fly.

    Of course I JUST joined and Engine 4 is already out but I attribute it's success so far to my joining.

    Your Liege,

    Sir Joe Shaw, JFLPCT

    1. sburke


      What, me worry?

      excellent I think you'll find there is plenty to do. 

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