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  1. Good question, I have wondered the same thing. MG bunkers are radio-equipped too. Also, do radio-equipped vehicles without an HQ benefit in any way from having a radio?
  2. I think that I too will be looking into getting a new PC for ToW. Could someone provide the likely requirements for the game to run smoothly?
  3. Thanks a plenty, Schrullenhaft. I will look into it and post my findings. Cheers!
  4. 'What you need is the ability to turn off ZMask in order to improve performance within CMx1 (CMBO, CMBB & CMAK). I'm not sure if this was absolutely necessary with later Catalyst drivers, but it may be.' Turning off ZMask was what I am trying to achieve, but I can't find the setting in my driver settings. I thought Rage3D Tweak was required. I could not find a Catalyst driver for my card (MOBILITY RADEON 9000), nor could a friend who knows alot more about these things than I do. Please pardon my ignorance, but any suggestions?
  5. Yes, 'The application failed to initialize properly.' I installed it in my program files, more than once with the same error message.
  6. I have a Dell D600 laptop with a Mobility Radeon 9000 card. I am experiencing choppy performance so have been trying to operate the Rage3D Tweak CCC tweak application but cannot get it to work. Could someone kindly tell me where I need to install it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Corvidae, apologies accepted, and sorry to hear about your comp problems. Cheers Evzone
  8. Alsatian, is it your creation? I think it's very, very good, bravo. How does one go about making such a film? All replies welcome. Thanks Evzone
  9. The population of Greece at the outbreak of WWII was 7m: 400,000 deaths, mostly due to starvation. The population of Holland was 9m.: 250,000 deaths. However, a little more than 100,000 of these deaths were deported jews, killed in concentration camps far from Holland and not by the occupying forces or due to reprisals against francs-tireurs. The Dutch resistance was primarily non-militaristic and was putting up a spiritual rather than a material struggle. On Crete the slogan was "Freedom or Death", they killed Germans ceaselessly and relentlessly with WWI rifles, daggers, farming tools and even their bare hands. I don't see how we can compare the Dutch to the Cretans. The Cretans can't even be compared to anyone in Greece. Their personal and national pride is often over the top. Did you actually meet any Cretans other than the hotel staff or restauranteurs with euro signs in their eyes? I've lived and worked at such resorts but have also lived in villages with the common Cretan folk. I served in a predominantly Cretan regiment whilst doing my national service. I did not for a moment think you were a nazi sympathizer or nazi fanboy as you say but I strongly felt you were getting your priorities a little muddled, maybe got carried away a little by your emotions. If you had let the Cretans speak to you instead of the fallen Germans, I think you would have found that their story was far more shocking and terrible than that of the Fallshirmjaeger, and you would've thought twice before requesting that something should be done about the fallen german bird. I would not be surprised if when that gale blew and knocked it off its pedestal any Cretans witnessing this raised their glasses and drank to Poseidon's health. The more I look at it the clearer become its belligerent and offensive symbolisms. Thanks, Evzone [ September 25, 2006, 02:16 PM: Message edited by: Evzone ]
  10. Stoffel, your visit to the cemetery was no doubt a sad and poignant affair. But during your recent stay on Crete it seems you completely missed the hatred its people continue to feel towards the Germans. It may not be fair to modern day Germans but Germany's legacy on Crete is one of monstrous brutality and destruction. 20+ villages were razed, communities that had lived on these sites for several generations completely wiped out, because they chose to resist Nazism. 1000s were executed, women and children were no exception because they too took arms. Perhaps if you had left the resort you might have come back with concerns other than a great german eagle swooping down on its prey. With Crete having one of the highest longevity rates in the world you would have met many, many locals who tasted German boot. Your concern for local culture is also misguided. Historical monuments were bombed, 1,000 year old venetian palaces and stone bridges were bombed. Even the ruins of the palace of Knossos, dating back to the 18th c. BC were subjected to mortar fire. And yet you ask that the Operation Merkur monument be regarded as a part of this great island's culture. One last thing because if I don't defend little Greece who will? You suggest that Greece pays for the monument commemerating the successful German invasion and subjugation of Crete? Ok, but you may be ignorant of the fact that Germany has yet to pay the long overdue war reparations she owes Greece. The Greek FM, Mrs, Bakoyiannis was in Germany only last week, reminding Merkel that it's about time Germany coughed up. Some of this compensation could go to the Cretan folk considering they provided for their oppressors' entire food needs, for free, for the entire four years. Thanks, Evzone
  11. Welcome to the forum, Skippy. The Grant has a silhouette of 100 largely due to its height so is hard to hide. Also, it has thin armor of poor quality that can't have the crew feeling too safe. I'm not familiar with the scenario but in a typical battle situation I would a) be the Germans or, refrain from purchasing Grants, or Lees, or c) if I had no choice, and I assume that there is also infantry, I would have them engage the enemy tank crews. If I have a sharpshooter, he will move quickly forward and attempt to kill any unbuttoned tank commanders. AT rifles -who may work better in pairs- are not the most effective tank-killers but they can still cause damage and keep a tank buttoned. Uninterrupted bashing from a couple of ATRs for a minute or so on a tank with a dead commander might prompt them to bail out. No running long distances for them as they are medium speed. 2-inch mortars are fast units. I'd send them forward too. They can spot for themselves safely from cover, with their low ammo they needn't hang around for very long. They can create a smokescreen for my Grants to move a little closer. And if the enemy has open-top vehicles I'm in luck, these are easy prey for my mortars. All these infantry units are 1-2 man units so much harder to spot than any tank. They can give the Grants the edge before the Grants even engage. If, however, you are on your own, without any infantry support, you are fighting an uneven battle just like the historical crews were. This is my take, I hope it can be of some help. Evzone
  12. Oh. My apologies, mav1. It appears that it can be done.
  13. It's got to be the worst way to go, friendly fire. But my understanding is that it happened a lot. And not just a strafe or a single bomb but sustained attacks against their own positions, resulting in many casualties. In CM, all one can do -apart from, as birdstrike suggests, use units with high experience- is stay in cover and keep your fingers crossed. Evzone
  14. You are mistaken; you cannot use any unit at any date. Historically, the Germans ran out of tungsten during the first half of 1943. Evzone
  15. More gratifying than killing them, I find. There's the Geneva Convention to think about as well... Evzone
  16. FaxisAxis, I suggest you download one of the databases that are available. Included in these are all the units that you encounter in the game, with all the info you need to select the right unit for the right job, like: ammo type/quantity, firepower armour thickness, transport capacity, etc. As you yourself recognize, it's essential to know what your units' strengths and weaknesses are. Evzone
  17. Mr. Kettler, did I read correctly? You don't play CMBB much? What is it that you play then? CMAK by any chance? If so, will you meet me at the palm tree? Evzone
  18. Ok, but could anyone direct me to a location/date that might have something unique or uncommon to anywhere else? Everywhere looks like the next place. Evzone
  19. Dear forum, The question was "Will I ever play as the Greeks?" and to this question I can now answer a resounding Yes! Thanks to the efforts of Sequoia the Greeks are now listed in CMMODS. Evge , Sequoia! They are not complete in that they are still french speakers. I don't want to make any big statements but I am looking at ways to create voice files. As a greek speaker, not in Greece but with greek connections, it can be achieved. Also, they have french names. I'm told nothing can be done about this; they will come up with french names in QBs. However, names can be changed in the scenario editor. Speaking of which, I've been spending a lot of time there working on a project or two. As a former inhabitant of Rhodes I have a particular interest and some local knowledge of the few skirmishes in the Dodecanese between the Allies (w. and w/o Italy) and the Axis. So, a Greek island scenario's on the cards. Cheers! Evzone
  20. Truly exquisite, thank you John. Credit must be given to Mussolini's Italy, they were a most formidable force in fashion throughout the entire war
  21. You can fight by Iran was what the original poster had claimed. Thanks, Corvidae for the breakdown. It's all making more sense to me already. Evzone
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