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  1. UPDATE on SturmPanzer IV Brummbär (mid) "not selectable by clicking in the 3D model"...guess related, if you  you move away from it, at certain distance, more or less the same distance where some other models loose the shadow and become bright (or the other way around depending where the sun is), the Brummbär (mid) 3D model vanished, leaving just the commander floating in the air...

  2. 30 minutes ago, akd said:

    If you are seeing an issue with uniforms on specific soldiers, you will need to be much more specific on where you are seeing this in formations.

    1.-pzgr batt 44 (as I said is old) and Kampfgruppe (just check 1co 1st squad Hq)

    2.-all "pzgr" formations...weird enough even in the motorized, who don't take the appearence themselves, the team attached (AufK team) all change the appearance but one member who keeps the standar (same, checked on 1sco 1st squad)


  3. 18 minutes ago, MikeyD said:

    ??? That game has the working Opel Kadet? That vehicle was cut from the game almost a year ago! Originally it was meant to be HQ transport for Volkssturm but Steve decided nah, not gonna happen.

    maybe thats why the diver could not dismount...didn't check the passangers yet...

    tooo busy playing....

  4. 4 hours ago, Redwolf said:

    Here is a savegame showing a bridge bug.

    The Soviet halftrack is jojoing on the bridge, going forward normally, then space-warping backwards.

    It might be related to the T34 trying to go under the bridge and failing, but probably not because the tank later showed up at its destination and the halftrack was still jojoing.

    Savegame is a meeting engagement quickbattle, hotseat, empty password both sides.


    I think this is not a new one, happened to me before F&R...if on your side just delete waipoint and trace new ones (usually happens in my end if the crossing waypoint was too near the bridge) if on the enemy the only solution I did found was...save on command and load...but not always works on the first save, and sometimes didn't work at all


    talking of old ones:

    1.- Heer formation PzGr (never test on motorized)  the jr officer of the platoon decided to wear a NCO uniform but shows the Lieutenat rank on the ui. still with us

    2.- teams attached to a Herr formation (again PzGr) one (maybe more?) of the units decide not to wear the panzergrenadier appearence uniform and use the standar (on standar and mixed cammo it is unnotizable :) ). still with us

    3.- dont now if related to the above crossing bridge one and don't tested yet on F&R, also maybe related to a waypoint too near the bridge (thing that Ilearned to avoid but...sometimes..), if a infantry squad or team is ordered to cross, sometimes one of them refuses or starts running in opposite direction, same solution as above...never see it happening on the opposing side. as said...not tested yet on F&R

    and the new ones, all found on editor while looking at the beauties:

    4.- Already mentioned in another place. SturmPzIV early not selectable by clicking (icon and kb + -, working perfectly) 

    5.- hatch covers disconected from hull while oppened on various new vehicles and missing on PzIIIG (IIRC)

  5. the opel mdr from vehicles module works....you have to get its textures from the flavour objects folder...(even there is a heer one)

    I test exchange gaz for it, rides nicely, but somehow the crew is refusing to dismount...so I guess the Hiwi driver is wondering how to open the doors...or I messed sth.

    Waiting for all your good work!!! (Hungarians...a new life for the volksurm maybe?)

  6. @Battlefront.com all all the staff...This game is incredible...is amazing...it is the game I have always wanterd...brings me back does memories of when I do first discover some small company that got a game call CMBO and I decided to give it a try... on the time that any penny in my pocket counts...this is mind blowing..with the atmosphere, the big and small toys, the ANYTHING it get... I guess i'm becoming insane!! i have just found myself literally crying of joy...just thinking that even it can be improved with upgraded engine #5 and my brain goes nuts...

  7. Guderian: Panzer Pioneer or Myth Maker? By Russell A. Hart. Washington: Potomac Books, 2006. ISBN 1-57488-810-2

    After the Second World War, how the English-speaking world looked at the war was shaped by a number of influential memoirs penned by former German officers. Among the more notable of these were Erich von Manstein's Lost Victories (aka Boy, Was I Brilliant) and F. W. von Mellenthin's Panzer Battles. Few were more influential, however, than Heinz Guderian's Panzer Leader.

    Published in Germany in 1951 under the title Erinnerungen eines Soldaten, Guderian's memoir was translated into English and published the following year as Panzer Leader. The book proved remarkably influential in shaping perceptions as to how the German Army created its panzer arm, and Guderian's role in that process. This perception was aided by the publication, especially in the United States, of numerous books on the German Army and Air Force written by people who did not read German, or were unfamiliar with the German document collections at the U.S. National Archives.

    Over the past twenty years, however, the image of Guderian as the premier armor theorist in the interwar German Army has been attacked by a number of military historians in this country, including Williamson Murray, James Corum, Robert Citino, and this reviewer. The latest work in this effort is Russell A. Hart's monograph on Guderian. In its essence, Hart's book is a sustained attack on Guderian's reputation as a military theorist, field commander, and, especially, as a memoirist. Hart suggests that, while Guderian was an important armor theorist, he was by no means the only one and that Guderian's stature as Germany's premier armor theorist rested on his self-serving memoir. As a field commander, Hart argues that Guderian's successes from 1939 to 1941 were as much a matter of luck as of skill. Finally, Hart repeatedly shows where Guderian fibbed in his memoir.

    In regard to Guderian's relationship with the Nazi regime, Hart suggests that Guderian was less a Nazi than a "Hitlerite." While Guderian was very much an ardent right-wing nationalist, he never bought into Nazi ideology. Rather, he was personally beholden to Hitler, who was supportive of Guderian, and who gave him, like every other German general, sizeable bribes to insure loyalty.

    Hart uses contemporaneous documents to show where Guderian was putting forth outright lies in his memoirs. More commonly, he shows where Guderian conveniently forgot to mention any number of things, such as Hitler's bribes, that would have been rather embarrassing, to say the least. The monograph does have its problems. Hart's criticisms at times can be too sweeping. Granted, Guderian's career as a field commander was marked by sheer good fortune. This, however, can be said of just about every successful field commander. Likewise, Hart suggests that Guderian's criticism of the reorganization of German panzer divisions in 1941 has been uncritically accepted by "virtually every military historian." To back this claim, however, Hart cites only one work. This suggests that the book was written in a bit of a hurry.

    This monograph is certainly not the definitive biography of Guderian, and I do not think the author had that goal in mind. As a corrective to one of the more mendacious memoirs of the Second World War, Hart's work clearly hits the mark.

    Richard DiNardo
    U.S.M.C. Command and Staff College
    Quantico, Virginia

    25 minutes ago, ASL Veteran said:

    Okay so the text here says that the second Zug was sent to France and then subsequently withdrawn back to Warsaw which would leave the first Zug in Hungary to be attached to the FHH – well that doesn’t make any sense at all because if the second Zug was sent to France, then it wouldn’t be withdrawn to Warsaw leaving the first in Hungary.  Obviously if the second was sent to France, then the one that was withdrawn to Warsaw was the first Zug not the second Zug which leaves none in Hungary because there was only one Zug of two Sturmtigers sent to Warsaw (one of which was the mild steel prototype).

      😲...nope...the mild steel sturmtiger is the one in Pz.Erst.Abt.500 (the GuBeisem one, wich was used for testing, calibrating the new gun and so) not the ones in 1000 K.p or 1001K.p.

    5 minutes ago, Battlefront.com said:

    My point is, someone advocating for inclusion of a rare vehicle (this one or any other one) has to prove two things:

    1.  That it was present on a particular front during a particular timeframe

    2.  That it engaged in combat

    Proving #1 without #2 is pointless.  If #1 was all that was needed then we should include the Maus :D

    doubt I could prove with evidences nbr2 in my live...even if it is quite clear that you didn't send monsters like those at the Decebren front for shightseeing...so till here the discusion...enriching somehow...  

    By the way, there is some photo over  there showing the Kubinka sturmtiger on the train along the big one in their trip to russia

  9. if of any help I did found this...as some kind of source to reconfirm my undestanding of it being attached to 109Pz Brg... althought it refer the hungarians excursionists to 1000 K.p., which lost one before its Ardenes show...so consistent with the transport tracking...



    PS.- @ASL Veteran, now is only one...but remenber it has the value of more than two Elephants, why did i give up so quickly on the Warsaw one?...😋

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